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After the Thrill is Gone–or NOT! by Debra Webb

Debra Webb joins us today to talk about renewing the thrill of an old relationship. And take note, readers, she’s giving away a free copy of her latest book to EVERYONE who comments before midnight EST tonight!

DEBRA WEBB, born in Alabama, wrote her first story at age nine and her first romance at thirteen. It wasn’t until she spent three years working for the military behind the Iron Curtain—and a five-year stint with NASA—that she realized her true calling. A collision course between suspense and romance was set. Since then she has penned nearly 100 novels. The Faces of Evil is her debut thriller series. Visit Debra at or write to her at PO Box 12485, Huntsville, AL, 35815.

After the Thrill is Gone—or NOT!

The run for your life thrills are very much a part of the romantic suspense and romantic thriller genres. Equally important are the thrills related to the developing or ongoing relationship between the two main protagonists. Sometimes, like in real life, the thrill of the latter can fizzle. One of my favorite themes in romance is reunited lovers. That was the reason I chose to make Special Agent Jess Harris and Chief of Police Dan Burnett high school sweethearts who became lovers and ultimately lost each other somewhere along the way as their lives moved from those turbulent teenage years to the more stable era of adulthood.

Jess’s parents died when she was a kid and a carousel of foster homes greatly changed her outlook on life in general. Dan, on the other hand, grew up in a wealthy Birmingham family with his future mapped out with financial and family security. I know from personal experience that uncertainty fuels a different kind of determination in a person. Nothing in life is taken for granted, least of all the idea of financial security, when everything has been lost. Jess’s determination to ensure her future, financially and otherwise, became a kind of obsession for her—one she didn’t recognize until she was past forty. Dan, on the other hand, as one whose financial and relationship foundations were rock solid, soldiered forth taking the usual risks and making the normal assumptions. He, too, recognized as he passed that forty mark that his somewhat blasé attitude was off somehow. As her professional life unravels Jess must face the fact that she has sacrificed her personal life to attain a certain goal and that change is necessary. Dan becomes aware of the same only for completely different reasons. Owning the need for change is a challenge for these two driven characters.

OBSESSION, the debut in my Faces of Evil series, focuses on exactly that—obsession: that unrelenting compulsion to have or to accomplish a goal. The theme resonates through every level of the story. Dan and Jess are brought together again as aspects of both their personal and professional lives are coming apart in different ways and to different degrees. The thrill of that innate connection that once held them has fizzled but the spark remains, smoldering and threatening to ignite. It was and is too real to be lost or gone forever. But how will they find a way to reconnect fully and how can I possibly resolve the issues two decades in the making over the course of a twelve-book series? The dilemma I face as a writer is a bit like the Texas Two-Step. Two quick steps forward, then two slower steps forward. The problem is, when a couple does the two-step, one is moving forward while the other moves backward. The dance will at times be difficult for this determined couple but it’s the pull of that tiny spark—that smoldering thrill that never was completely gone—that will draw them through the steps like music.

With that in mind, I decided that each story in the series will resume where the last left off not only in terms of the development of the relationships between the characters but also time wise. IMPULSE, book two, starts right where OBSESSION ended. POWER, book three and my current work in progress, begins forty-eight hours after the ending of IMPULSE. My goal is to show the day-to-day evolution of the lives of these characters in real time. Can they ignite the fire that once burned between them and stoke it to a full blaze ultimately bonding their relationship? Only time and the triumph over obstacles along the way will tell!

What about you, have you experienced a reboot in an old thrill—whether related to a relationship or to a career?

Share your experience or just leave a comment and win a free copy, Kindle or Nook version—your choice, of OBSESSION!

Thanks for joining us Debra!

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