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Laura Griffin Exposed

EXPOSED Griffin (5)Writers often say their favorite book is the last one they wrote. My favorite Laura Griffin book always seems to be the last one I’ve read. In this case, it’s EXPOSED, the 7th book in her Tracers series, which releases tomorrow.

EXPOSED pairs an FBI agent with a forensic photographer from the Delphi Center Crime Lab for a suspenseful read that delivers on the romance too. If you’re already a fan of Laura’s stoic heroes and independent heroines, you’ll love EXPOSED. If you haven’t read her yet, you’re missing out.

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Laura was nice enough to stop by to talk a little about EXPOSED and the research she did for the story. Welcome, Laura!

LauraGriffinPic3Thank you for inviting me back to visit Kiss & Thrill! I love this blog and have discovered some wonderful new authors here.

This week is sure to be a roller coaster because it’s release week. Yay! The seventh novel in my Tracers series hits book stores Tuesday and, as usual, I’m feeling jittery. Launching the book is always the nervous part for me. Writing is when all the fun happens.

EXPOSED was especially fun to write because the heroine is a forensic photographer. As soon as I came up with the story idea I immediately thought “field trip!” I love going out to do research in the field. Maybe it’s because of my background as a news reporter, but any time I write a new book I always have to get out there and interview people. In the case of EXPOSED, I interviewed crime scene photographers and learned all about their fascinating job.

EXPOSED is the story of Maddie Callahan, who is a forensic photographer at the Delphi Center Crime Lab, where elite forensic scientists known as Tracers help detectives solve their toughest cases. Maddie is passionate about her work. She considers herself “the eyes of the jury” and makes it her mission to document every detail of a crime scene in order to help bring criminals to justice.

While interviewing crime scene photographers I learned just how important this job is. Photos can be key evidence at trial and an entire murder case may hinge on something as small as a wad of chewing gum or a shard of glass discovered at a scene.

Maddie has a stellar career, but her personal life needs work. Following a serious loss, Maddie is aloof from people and avoids relationships, especially with men…. until she meets FBI agent Brian Beckman. Brian takes an immediate interest in Maddie after one of her photographs becomes key evidence in his investigation. He’s determined to get to know Maddie and get past her defenses. He is also determined to protect her when it becomes clear that her life is in danger because of something she witnessed through her camera lens.

Writing Maddie and Brian’s story was an adventure for me, and I hope you will like it. People ask me all the time if they need to read the Tracers books in order and that’s not necessary. Each book focuses on a different mystery and a different romantic couple.

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Today Laura is giving away a signed copy of EXPOSED (U.S. residents only, please). Leave a comment for a chance to win!

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Laura Griffin started her career in journalism before venturing into the world of romantic suspense. Her books have won numerous awards, including a RITA, a Daphne du Maurier Award, and the Booksellers Best Award. Laura lives in Austin, Texas. Visit her Web site at

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