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12 Authors, $100, Free Books!



How would you like to win a $100 gift card from Amazon or Barnes and Noble? Plus, have a chance to win a book from one of your favorite authors? THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!

There may be a chill in the air, but your favorite romance authors can take that away by Warming Up Your Winter–from the inside out! I’ve teamed up with some fantastic writers to give you the chance to win a $100 gift card to Amazon or Barnes and Noble…and to introduce you to books you’re going to love!


Participating authors include:

Julia London

Maureen Child

Debra Webb

Lena Diaz (Hey, that’s me!)

Sharon Hamilton

Jill Sanders

Dana Marton

Kendra Elliot

Melinda Leigh

Cristin Harber

B. J. Daniels

Jean Brashear


Enter right away at


Debra Webb’s Winner!

vicious-dwdotcomThanks so much to the awesome Debra Webb for joining us this week! The lucky winner of  Debra’s Faces of Evil tote bag and a copy of Vicious is….Michelle Larson!

Michelle, please contact us here with your snail mail and email address to claim your prize. 

Next up: The lovely Diana Belchase and one of her trademark video interviews. She’ll put Ellen Byerrum in the hot seat and discuss fashion, murder and lifetime movies.  Don’t miss this one!eb_website_november_28_2013001023

Debra Webb and The Faces of Evil

debra webbToday I’m thrilled to welcome USA Today Best Selling author Debra Webb. We’ve got a fascinating interview followed by a giveaway for you, but first I’d like to turn my spotlight on Vicious, the latest in Debra’s Faces of Evil series. I LOVED Vicious! So often we talk about a book that you just can’t put down, but in reality, those books are hard to find. Vicious grabbed me from the first page and I found myself putting off many other things, like say…eating and bathing…because I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next. This story weaves a fascinating, dark tale involving a very strange definition of art. Find out what’s really on this serial killer’s canvas in Vicious. Here’s the official blurb below, followed by the interview I promised you.

Serial killer Eric Spears is far from done. He has chosen his next victim and Deputy Chief Jess Harris knows it’s only a matter of time until he comes for her.

The murders are vicious, the killer relentless. Has Birmingham’s major crimes team run into its most baffling and deadly case yet?

Carey: Debra first, thank you so much for joining us today. It’s such an honor to have you with us. Your Faces of Evil series is an amazing journey for readers. What inspired the series?

Debra: Thank you! It’s great to be here! The Faces of Evil was inspired by a study I watched several years ago about the scale of evil by Dr. Michael Stone. I was so enthralled. I couldn’t get the concept out of my mind. I decided to write a series where the same heroine solves cases that climb the scale of evil! I started with Obsession and Vicious is the most recent release. Vile is coming in March, Heinous in July and Depraved in December!

Carey: You have two protagonists who appear throughout the series, Jess Harris and Dan Burnett.  Please tell us what makes these two tick.

Debra: Jess and Dan have a long history. They were high school sweethearts with big dreams who went off to college together. But not all dreams come true and four years later Dan returned to Birmingham while Jess went on to become a celebrated profiler with the FBI. (You can read interviews with both Jess and Dan at Faces of Evil) Her return to Birmingham, along with an obsessed serial killer determined to haunt her, has turned both Jess and Dan’s lives upside down. No matter, the fact that they have always loved each other continues to triumph. I’ve really enjoyed watching their relationship evolve over the past seven books.

Carey: Is there something you can tell us about Jess that she’d never want Dan to learn, and vice versa?

Debra: We’ve been through some of that in the first six books! Jess is very independent and determined. I think she wouldn’t want Dan to know how much it really bothers her that his mother dislikes her. She doesn’t like anyone to see her weaknesses. Dan is the epitome of a good guy. But he has a few secrets of his own. A couple of those secrets are about to start haunting him and he would rather not have Jess learn about them.

Carey: Okay, you’ve got me determined to find out what Dan’s secrets are! I can’t wait to find out. Which of the Faces of Evil series was the most difficult book for you to write and why?

Debra: Ruthless, definitely. A serial killer known as the Man in the Moon abducted and murdered many, many children before he was caught. The abductions took place in the past so I didn’t have to put any of that on the page, which made it a little easier. I cried all the way through the scene where the remains were found. It was a very emotional story for me.

Carey: I can imagine how difficult that must’ve been. Sometimes the most powerful subjects are the hardest to write (and read) about. What’s up next for you?

Debra: I’m working on a follow up book to BONE DEEP. The story was so well-received, I decided to write BONE COLD which revolves around Special Agent Tom Cuddahy, a secondary character from BONE DEEP. Don’t miss my Faces of Evil short story in the My Evil Valentine thriller collection available now!

Carey: Has anyone ever given you a great piece of advice? What was it?

Debra: As long as you love what you do it will show in the work.

Carey: Your passion for storytelling certainly comes through in your books, so I’d say that was good advice. I’m sure many authors have inspired and supported you along the way. Can you tell us about one of them?

Debra: There are so very many! How about I name a few instead of one.

Vicki Hinze for her undying determination and sage words.

Peggy Webb for her incredible insights into life and invaluable friendship.

CJ Lyons, Cindy Gerard, Toni Magee Causey and Allison Brennan for being the best cheerleaders!

Regan Black for always having my back.

Kathy Carmichael and Rita Herron for always being happy to just listen.

Carey: A wonderful list! Ready for the lightning round? It’s easy- just name your favorite:

Fast Food Joint – Sonic

Vacation Spot – Anywhere in New England

Television Show – Rehab Addict

Song on your iPod (what’s the most played?) – Make a Memory by Bon Jovi

Valentine’s Day Gift – Roses

What’s the last book you read on your e-reader? Down and Dead in Dixie by Vicki Hinze

Carey: Ha! Debra, believe it or not Make a Memory by Bon Jovi is the second most played song on my iPod!

Connect with Debra: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Mailing List.

Readers do you have a question or comment for Debra? She’s giving away a Faces of Evil tote bag and a copy of Vicious to one lucky commenter. Fire away and good luck!

Debra’s Winners

Everyone’s a winner!

If you left a comment before midnight EST on yesterday’s post be sure to email Debra through her website ( and let her know your preference, Kindle or Nook version, for OBSESSION!

Robin Perini

And don’t forget to join Diana on Tuesday when she hosts Montlake and Harlequin Intrigue author, Robin Perini!

After the Thrill is Gone–or NOT! by Debra Webb

Debra Webb joins us today to talk about renewing the thrill of an old relationship. And take note, readers, she’s giving away a free copy of her latest book to EVERYONE who comments before midnight EST tonight!

DEBRA WEBB, born in Alabama, wrote her first story at age nine and her first romance at thirteen. It wasn’t until she spent three years working for the military behind the Iron Curtain—and a five-year stint with NASA—that she realized her true calling. A collision course between suspense and romance was set. Since then she has penned nearly 100 novels. The Faces of Evil is her debut thriller series. Visit Debra at or write to her at PO Box 12485, Huntsville, AL, 35815.

After the Thrill is Gone—or NOT!

The run for your life thrills are very much a part of the romantic suspense and romantic thriller genres. Equally important are the thrills related to the developing or ongoing relationship between the two main protagonists. Sometimes, like in real life, the thrill of the latter can fizzle. One of my favorite themes in romance is reunited lovers. That was the reason I chose to make Special Agent Jess Harris and Chief of Police Dan Burnett high school sweethearts who became lovers and ultimately lost each other somewhere along the way as their lives moved from those turbulent teenage years to the more stable era of adulthood.

Jess’s parents died when she was a kid and a carousel of foster homes greatly changed her outlook on life in general. Dan, on the other hand, grew up in a wealthy Birmingham family with his future mapped out with financial and family security. I know from personal experience that uncertainty fuels a different kind of determination in a person. Nothing in life is taken for granted, least of all the idea of financial security, when everything has been lost. Jess’s determination to ensure her future, financially and otherwise, became a kind of obsession for her—one she didn’t recognize until she was past forty. Dan, on the other hand, as one whose financial and relationship foundations were rock solid, soldiered forth taking the usual risks and making the normal assumptions. He, too, recognized as he passed that forty mark that his somewhat blasé attitude was off somehow. As her professional life unravels Jess must face the fact that she has sacrificed her personal life to attain a certain goal and that change is necessary. Dan becomes aware of the same only for completely different reasons. Owning the need for change is a challenge for these two driven characters.

OBSESSION, the debut in my Faces of Evil series, focuses on exactly that—obsession: that unrelenting compulsion to have or to accomplish a goal. The theme resonates through every level of the story. Dan and Jess are brought together again as aspects of both their personal and professional lives are coming apart in different ways and to different degrees. The thrill of that innate connection that once held them has fizzled but the spark remains, smoldering and threatening to ignite. It was and is too real to be lost or gone forever. But how will they find a way to reconnect fully and how can I possibly resolve the issues two decades in the making over the course of a twelve-book series? The dilemma I face as a writer is a bit like the Texas Two-Step. Two quick steps forward, then two slower steps forward. The problem is, when a couple does the two-step, one is moving forward while the other moves backward. The dance will at times be difficult for this determined couple but it’s the pull of that tiny spark—that smoldering thrill that never was completely gone—that will draw them through the steps like music.

With that in mind, I decided that each story in the series will resume where the last left off not only in terms of the development of the relationships between the characters but also time wise. IMPULSE, book two, starts right where OBSESSION ended. POWER, book three and my current work in progress, begins forty-eight hours after the ending of IMPULSE. My goal is to show the day-to-day evolution of the lives of these characters in real time. Can they ignite the fire that once burned between them and stoke it to a full blaze ultimately bonding their relationship? Only time and the triumph over obstacles along the way will tell!

What about you, have you experienced a reboot in an old thrill—whether related to a relationship or to a career?

Share your experience or just leave a comment and win a free copy, Kindle or Nook version—your choice, of OBSESSION!

Thanks for joining us Debra!

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