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Corrupted by Kiss and Thrill

It’s hard living life as a prude — especially when you’re a member of Kiss and Thrill.  I admit, sometimes too much flesh on a cover makes me a bit uncomfortable.  Yes, I’m weird, but I like guys better in a tux than in the buff.

When you’re surrounded day after day by a bevy of fantastic writers with equally fantastic covers — that just happen to have half-dressed men on them — it’s too much to bear.  You find yourself bending around the edges.

I’m so proud of these gals!  Look at the wonderful books in the almost never-ending column to the right.

Yes, the ones over there.  The ones with all those hunky guys on them? ———————————————————————————————>


And look at this new cover from our own Gwen Hernandez, whose new book is debuting in a few short weeks.  Who wouldn’t be corrupted by that?

Before you know it, I’ll be sporting guys like this on my covers, too.  And I’m the gal who was once asked to send in a partially undressed hunky hero photo for a special blog.  Do you know what I sent in?  This:


A photo of my husband’s bare feet!

So, now that they’ve bent me to their will, and in honor of my dear friends here, I am posting this little video from Pride and Prejudice.  Jane Austen didn’t write it this way — but Lord, she should have.  LOL.

(If you don’t see the video, please update your Adobe.)

Honestly, this video clip makes me happy in so many different ways.  (Collin Firth, Collin Firth in a bathtub, Collin Firth in a robe — need I say more?)  But the main one is that we see through Mr. Darcy’s eyes why and how he is falling in love with Elizabeth.

Often I wonder why heroes in historical literature wanted to marry their heroines.  The men get so little air time to vent their feelings — and in certain books, such as Jane Eyre — okay I hear the protests already — it seems as if the hero falls in love out of the blue.  We know how little the heroine, in this case, Jane, thinks of herself, and how she has begun to worship her boss, but he gives both her, and the reader, almost no clue of his affection until it is sprung upon us.

I suppose that is why I love books with multiple points of view.  I want to know what the characters are thinking.  I want to feel how hopelessly in love the hero is falling.  For me, it’s the best part of the book.  Better than the abs on the front cover.

So, what do you think?  Do you prefer books with one point of view or with more than one?  Do you like half-dressed men on your covers? I really want to know.

Oh, and about the corruption thing — please don’t tell my husband!

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