What Readers Want in Female Protagonists

Jess Lourey and Shannon Baker are thriller and mystery writers who have, between them, published 19 books. When they realized Jess’s thriller, Salem’s Cipher, and Shannon’s mystery, Stripped Bare, were set to launch on the same day, September 6, they joined forces for the Lourey/Baker Double Booked Tour.  Doesn’t that sound delicious?

Today this phenomenal duo are discussing whether female sleuths need to be alpha-heroes for today’s readers or if the old-fashioned, Ms. Marple-type character still works? We hope you readers will chime in and let us know what you think, too! Take it away Shannon:

Jess and Shannon are giving away a copy of Salem’s Cipher and Stripped Bare. For a chance to win tell us your favorite women protagonist or leave a comment.



Shannon: Thanks, Diana, for letting us drop by. I hear a lot about the “kick-ass” woman detective or sleuth when people talk about women protagonists in crime fiction — and while I’m glad the crime writing world has progressed far beyond the idea of women protagonists only knitting and sipping tea — I’m not sure all women crime fighters need to be tough, gun-toting mamas. So today Jess and I are going to answer the question about our women protagonists—Miss Marple or V.I Warshawski?


Shannon and Jess

When I started writing about Kate Fox, the star of my new series, I didn’t set out to write a tough crime fighter in the Nebraska Sandhills. In fact, Kate walked right into my life, and like meeting a new friend, I’ve been getting to know who she is. Kate is a person, who happens to be a woman and accidently falls into a new career. One she never expected, or wanted.

For me, writing a character is a lot like raising a child. You give them guidance and discipline, love them and nurture them, and maybe prod them along, but they come out of the womb already loaded with who they are. I can push Kate into situations that test her mettle, but she’s going to react according to who she is, with very little help from me. (I know, writers are crazy, and explaining how would take much longer than we have space for in this blog.)

Diana: I love that Shannon! How would you characterize your heroine, Kate?

Shannon: I don’t think of Kate as kick-ass. She doesn’t go looking for trouble. In fact, she goes to great lengths to avoid it. She’s smack in the middle of eight brothers and sisters, so there’s always some crisis brewing. Her MO is to duck and weave.

stripped-bare-2 (2)

But she doesn’t run from a problem. She might clench her teeth and bow her neck and barrel in reluctantly, but … READ THE REST OF THE POST BY CLICKING HERE

About Diana Belchase

I am an author, who won the Golden Heart for my suspense novel "The Spy in the Mirror" and was a Golden Heart finalist, once again, for my second novel, "The Spy in the Harem." I am also a triple Daphne Du Maurier finalist for three other books. Please follow me at my website: TopSecretWashington.com, or friend/follow me on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter or on my YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/DianaBelchase See you there!

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  1. Thanks for joining us at Kiss and Thrill, Shannon and Jess!

  2. What a wonderful interview about compelling heroines. Thank you for sharing and good luck on your releases!

  3. While an ‘alpha’ male is ok, it is great to see the women coming into the forefront over the past few years…seems it was only Miss Marple & a few others who were the ‘stars’.

  4. Howdy all you Kissers and followers. Thanks, Diana, for giving us space on your virtual sofa. My favorite heroine of all time is Scarlett O’Hara. I don’t want to have mimosas with her ont he patio, but I do love to watch her work!

  5. Lena, Jean, and Sharon, you are goddesses to drop by and hang out with us! Diana, you are the queen of it all! Thank you for being such a lovely and gracious host!

    (and apologies for mixing my lady rulers; I’m just all caught up in the thrill of the kiss!)

  6. And in honor of the great energy of this blog, Shannon, would you like to talk about the romance quotient in Stripped Bare? Salem’s Cipher has the rumblings or romance, but it isn’t going to explode until Mercy’s Chase, the second book in the series.

  7. Sorry to be so late to all the fun! What a great blog about strong heroines, Shannon and Jess, best of luck with the releases and Double Booked Tour!

  8. Diana, thanks for introducing us to these kick-ass authors! Ladies, these stories sound amazing. Congrats on your upcoming release!

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