Sexy Heroes, Smart Heroines, Killer Romance

What characteristics do you prefer in romantic suspense?

a) Sexy Heroes
b) Smart Heroines
c) Killer Romance
d) All of the above

If you answered all of the above, I have a treat for you. (And if you didn’t, what is wrong with you???)

Today I have not one, not two, but three sexy heroes for our Kiss and Thrill audience to drool over, three smart heroines for you to root for, in three killer romances that I hope will keep you reading late into the night.

3 Sexy Heroes

Behind the Mask

First up, Hugo Martinez. I think the cover tells you everything you need to know, but for the sight-impaired I can say this might be the most alpha hero I’ve ever read. He’s hot, dark, and all hard edges. Brawny, overbearing, and hot. Did I mention he’s hot? Look again at the cover. I’ll wait.

Cold_Fear_CoverNext, we have Lincoln Frazer. I’ve been looking forward to Lincoln’s book ever since reading A Cold Dark Place. Lincoln wields his brain as much as his brawn in his hunt for a vicious killer. He’s polished and professional on the surface, but underneath he has a burning intensity that is so very appealing.

If you are having trouble picturing Lincoln, this should help. You’re welcome.

CovertEvidence-FrontCover-final-72dpiFinally, we have Ian Boyd. Ian is dedicated to his job, which he’s very, very good at. His job is lying. Ian hides his dark, deceptive side behind the charming persona John Baker, but Ian’s true self slips out in raw moments, like when a thug with a knife threatens the woman he’s trying very hard not to develop feelings for.

This is the cover model from Covert Evidence, and he’s an excellent fit for Ian. Let’s pause for a moment and enjoy.

3 Smart Heroines

Zelda. A forensic botanist and former CIA covert case officer, she’s got brains, strength, and fierce courage.

Dr. Isadora Campbell. An ER doctor and former Army captain, she knows how to use her intellect to get out of trouble and protect those she cares about.

Cressida Porter. A PhD student studying underwater archaeology, it’s academic research that brings her to Turkey, and her knowledge of Byzantine sites might just save her life.

3 Killer Romances

Named a Desert Isle Keeper at All About Romance, Behind the Mask by Carolyn Crane is dark, sexy, and intense. I can’t wait to go back and read the first three books in the series.

With edge of the seat action and suspense, Cold Fear by Toni Anderson is another fabulous addition to the Cold Justice Series. I am a devoted Toni Anderson fan.

Because it would be weird to praise my own book, I’ll let another author chime in: “With a believable plot, an exotic setting, a smart heroine and a sexy hero – Rachel Grant’s Covert Evidence is the definition of fabulous Romantic Suspense.” – New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Toni Anderson

All three books are available now! 

Behind the Mask (Undercover Associates #4)

Cold Fear (Cold Justice #4)

Covert Evidence (Evidence Series #5)

Today from 4:00-10:30 Eastern / 1:00-7:30 Pacific, Carolyn, Toni, and I are hosting a Facebook party to celebrate our new releases. We have fabulous guest authors lined up and lots of fun games, excerpts, and prizes. Everyone is welcome. Stop by and comment for a chance to win ebooks and other prizes!

party banner

About Rachel Grant

Archaeologist Rachel Grant writes romantic suspense where archaeology, politics, and war collide.

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  1. Congratulations on the new releases! And thank you Rachel for adding to my summer TBR list. I can’t wait to go on vacation and read, read, read!!! 🙂

  2. Wow, I sure didn’t need that cup of coffee this morning, Rachel! I think this is our hottest blog to date (and also think we should do this A LOT more often!)

    I agree with Sharon, looking forward to reading all 3 novels and I do have the FB party on my calendar. Will see ya’ll there! Happy Release Day, off to buy.

  3. Happy Release, ladies!

  4. Thank you so much ladies!!! Toni and Carolyn’s books are AMAZING! You will LOVE them!

  5. Happy release day! Rachel, I loved Incriminating Evidence and I can’t wait to get started on Covert Evidence. I just finished reading my first Associates book–Off the Edge. I can see why it won the RITA last year. Carolyn has created some really unique heroes with her Associates team. Looking forward to reading the new books in all three of these exciting series.

  6. Ramona Kekstadt

    All of the above….Congrats on your new releases…Rachel, Carolyn, and Toni…See you at the party…xoxo

  7. I was going to say what Sarah said! Hawtest blog on K and T in recent memory! Congrats to Toni, Carolyn and Rachel! Have a wonderful release day!

  8. Happy release day, ladies! What awesome covers and stories. I cannot wait to read Cover Evidence. And, BTW, after all those fascinating photos, I mistakenly read Cressida’s area of study as “underwear archeology.” So many plays on that are running through my head right now… 😉

  9. Can’t wait to read CE Rachel! Congrats to you, Toni and Carolyn.

  10. LOLOL. Glad you like the pictures, Sarah and Carey! I’m a fan of man candy.

    Thanks for the congrats everyone. It’s been a fun day!

  11. What characteristics do you prefer in romantic suspense?

    All those mentioned but would add Smart Heroes and Hot sexy heroines LOL

    Actually I think that a smart heroine can be difficult to impress, even for a smart hero, so is more of a challenge. The resulting mind games can become almost erotic.

    An underwater archaeologist should fit the bill very nicely!

    Also just started Carolyne Crane’s ‘Undercover Associates’ series …. very impressed.

    • Completely agree with you Quantum!! I like smart heroes just as much as smart heroines, and I want to read sexy heroines too! I love the dynamic of equals squaring off and falling in love.

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