Darynda Jones: Snarky Sayings and Grim (Reaper) Secrets

Darynda Jones is giving one reader who leaves a comment below, here or at KissAndThrill.com, an ARC — yes that’s right — an ADVANCE READER’s COPY of her book number 8!  

Eighth Grave After Dark isn’t out until May, and though you might have to wait a bit to get the ARC, you’ll be in the know with reviewers across the country who get the book months in advance!   So leave us your best bit of snark, or tell us why you love Darynda, or why you want to read her book, and we’ll let you know who won next week. 

And don’t forget to click on the View Original link at the bottom of this post to see the VIDEO interview with Darynda! 

UPDATE: The contest is now closed. Congratulations to Nymerias, winner of Darynda Jone’s ARC for Eighth Grave After Dark. Please contact us within ten days to collect your prize.


Darynda Jones has a secret. On paper, her alter ego Charley Davidson is snarky, sex-mad, able to kick paranormal foes DJONES001-2in their paranormal behinds. In real life, Darynda is probably one of the sweetest people you’ve ever met. She has a humble, self-deprecating humor, she’ll tell you all her writing secrets as if they don’t amount to much, and she’s more likely to talk about her kids than her books.

Is it no wonder I love this gal?

Here are some things you might not know about her:

*Awards: Darynda has won 11 awards, including the Daphne du Maurier, the RITA, the Bookie Award (three times!), 2 HOLT Medallions, the Golden Heart, the GOTCHA, The PASIC, and the Rebeca (LERA).

*Genre: Darynda has written in a ton of genres, even though they’re not all published, including historical!

*Education: She’s a Summa cum Laude graduate and has a BA in Sign Language…

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I am an author, who won the Golden Heart for my suspense novel "The Spy in the Mirror" and was a Golden Heart finalist, once again, for my second novel, "The Spy in the Harem." I am also a triple Daphne Du Maurier finalist for three other books. Please follow me at my website: TopSecretWashington.com, or friend/follow me on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter or on my YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/DianaBelchase See you there!

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  1. I love your video interviews, Diana! This one looks like it was so much fun to do. 🙂

  2. By the way, I had trouble adding this to the post so I’ll announce it here. The winner of Angi Morgan’s book, The Cattleman,  on KissAndThrill.com, is KimK! Please contact us within ten days, Kim, to collect your prize.

  3. LOVE the Charley series, and am hoarding Darynda’s 7th for a time when I have no obligations and will not be interrupted!(Turned my sister on to the series too.)

    Every time I read a snarky saying I totally think of emailing DJ. 🙂

  4. would love an arc copy of eighth

  5. An early dose of Charley would be like Christmas come early – And every other gift giving occasion all wrapped into one!!

  6. I would love to read Eighth Grave!!!! I’m so excited and can hardly wait for it to come out!

  7. sylvia schneider

    Looking forward to #8… Love all the works Darynda has done so far!

  8. I LOVE the Charley Davidson series as well as Darynda! I tell everyone about these books.. I’ve got my mom hooked on them now too! Can’t wait for the next one!!

  9. PLease pick me!!! I love this series and can’t wait for eight to come out!!!

  10. I can’t wait for this book, thanks for being the wonderful/twisted minded person you are to come up with this series!

  11. I love Charley!

  12. I stumbled across the Charley series on Good reads and I read the current 7 books in a rush from Nov 16 through Dec 23!!! Waiting for 8 has been difficult even though its only been two weeks lol.

  13. Can’t wait for this edition to be released! Although, receiving an ARC from Darynda would be awesome!

  14. Pick me, pick me!!! Please please please!!! I’ve missed my book boyfriend Reyes Alexander Farrow and am dying to read this book!

  15. One of the best authors out there!

  16. “A wine, please.”
    “Ma’am, this is McDonald’s.”
    “Okay, a McWine, please”
    – McDonald’s drive through, 2am

    LOL!! Love Darynda’s books!

  17. Love this series! Thank you Darynda for writing it!!

  18. I have been a huge fan ever since First Grave. I work in a library and am all the time telling people who ask for a recommendation on a book about Darynda Jones. OK so now that I’m done brown nosing. I would love an ARC, just to rub it in my coworkers face that I’ve read it before her (to much?) 😉 j/k (not really).

  19. My favorite series of all time! I bought the audibooks also and listen to them whenever possible. I would love a chance to read this book early, it would seriously make my year!

  20. Yes, please?! It is ridiculous the love I feel for these characters. Always breathlessly awaiting the next book! 😊

  21. I love this series. I have read all the books, some more then once. I am looking forward to the next book in the series. I have been faithful about written good reviews about all the books on goodreads website.

  22. I love Darynda Jones! The world of Charley Davidson is a hot mess. That girl has so much going on most days she doesn’t know which end is up. And with no caffeine her brain is moving slower than ever. Thankfully with Cookie and Reyes she keeps her head above water most days. I love these characters so much and love that Darynda had shared them with us. Any book that can make you laugh out loud, cry, be angry, and fall in love is the perfect book! And that is what Darynda gives us!

  23. I can’t wait for the next book to come out!

  24. wearelikebutterflies

    Eee!! I love this series and Darynda so much! I would be so excited to win an ARC of Eighth Grave!

  25. Love Charley Davidson! I steal all her bumper sticker/t-shirt slogans for my work IM status… until I got in trouble. Apparently they are not work appropriate. : )

  26. 8th Grave ARC would be an awesome highlight to 2015.

  27. With each book release I get so excited! I so very love this series! Charley is so witty, and fits so well in herown skin (even though she second guesses that often); I love reading all about her. I can’t wait to read what comes next!

  28. Oh, winning would be beyond awesome!

  29. I LOVE Darynda’s stories! They were the first ones that i laughed out loud reading, causing my autistic son to look at me and ask “what so funny?”. High praise indeed.

  30. Janet Worley aka keatonkat

    I can’t wait for #8 ;)kk

  31. This is my favorite series. I’d love a chance to win!

  32. I love these books more than Charley loves coffee! And that’s a lot…

  33. I accidentally discovered the charley davidson series and binge read all of them. Love charley and especially Reyes. I would love to find out what happens next!!

  34. Wow. Thank youfor the chance! Definitely want to have it. Reyes and Charley are the best team ever! On anything! And I can’t still get over 7th grave and no body. It still leave my heart broke to bits. Charley Davidson series is the best! 🙂

  35. Awesome interview! Cant wait for the next book!

  36. Love Darynda! Have the first 5 books, can’t wait to get the next two, and getting the ARC of the 8th one would be great!

  37. Love this series!

  38. I can’t wait for the eighth book! Love this series! 🙂

  39. Christina Shirley

    I love these books!

  40. Leticia Robinson

    I am in LOVE with this series! Can’t wait for 8th Grave.

  41. I love the Charley Davidson series, it ranks in my top 3 series!

  42. I wants it…. my PRECIOUS!!!!

  43. Thank you so much! This is so exciting!

  44. Perhaps witlessness would be more appropriate…but I am witty enough to fully appreciate the chapter headings and bon mot scattered throughout these terrific stories….maybe Eighth, which I ordered on 12/9/14, will tell us about Mr. Wong.

  45. I love Darynda! She is hilarious and so nice as well! I just love her books so much! Not only is she able to make me laugh, but cry as well.
    I am DYING to read the next book.

  46. Thanks for sharing this interview!

  47. Maritza Robinson

    I love love love this Series. I am currently reading Seventh grave and no body. I will be crossing my fingers. Thanks.

  48. I’ve read all 7 and own 5 currently and Charley is the coolest character ever! Winning the arc would be so awesome!

  49. Maryellen Calderon

    Well all I can say is ever since I’ve started with the first book from this series people look at me like I’m cuckoo because I’m in a serious mood and then all of a sudden laughing my butt off then all of a sudden a little hot and bothered. So yeah who wouldn’t love Darynda Jones for her witty, seductive and mysterious series. What would we do without her she is simply an amazing Author.
    Love you Darynda Jones

  50. I am waiting (impatiently, like everyone else), for The Eighth Grave 😉

  51. I absolutely adore this series and Charley!! I can’t wait for the eighth book!

  52. I love the Charley Davidson series! Its my absolute favorite, I recommend to anyone looking for an awesome read!

  53. Nothing makes me happier than reading a book by Darynda! Her series was the first that propelled me into the PNR genre, and I’ve been hooked every since. I’ve told so many of my friends about Charley and Reyes and have gotten them all hooked as well.

    But let’s be real here. Seriously, Darynda? How do you expect me to find a husband when the only perfect man that exists in this world is….fictional? My unrealistic expectations have skyrocketed thanks to you. *Sigh*

    Still love you anyway!

  54. Heather Lansdale

    I am a huge Darynda Jones fan, not to mention Charley & Reyes stalkers, and an ARC would be an amazing birthday present & help me get through the horror of leaving my thirties behind just after V Day….

    Pick me pick me!!! 💜💛💜

  55. I love Darynda’s books! Thankfully my library has them. I hoped to get the series for Christmas, but that didn’t work out. I would love to get an ARC of any of the Grave books!

  56. Big fan of this series. Lots of fun to read!

  57. Oh, an ARC would be amazing! Please, please, please!!!

  58. I cannot wait for this book. So in live with this series and waiting to see if im right about all my ideas

  59. Awesome interview!
    I got a couple of friends now turn on to the books! They love Reyes…;)

  60. I love that this series is so light and fun. So many paranormals these days are just DARK.

  61. This is my favorite PNR series everrr. I need the next book in my life ASAP ;D

  62. Loved the interview and would really love to win an ARC of the 8th book! Always looking forward to the next in the series!

  63. Darynda is awesomesauce!!!

  64. Loved hearing Darynda in person, and am really looking forward to 8th Grave – ARC or not!

  65. Love this hilarious and sexy series. Waiting on 8!

  66. Ruth Lyons Mazur

    This is a completely new experience for me. I’ve always read contemporary romance and women’s fiction, but after seeing the interview, I decided it was time to broaden my horizons, and jump in with two feet. Thank you for the chance to win this giveaway.

  67. Can’t wait for the next book in this series, I am on pins and needles in anticipation of its release.

  68. Vanessa Villegas

    This was tHe first paranormal serie for me and can’t stop of read until finish all. my best gift for my birthday was the Seventh grave sign by Darynda. Andbuy the Eigth grave months ago. Really love charley and o course Darynda. Thanks for her story. Love to much

  69. Love Darynda’s books! Reyes is just sex on legs hot! Always enjoy Charley’s adventures and snarky wit ☺

  70. love, love, love this series. Charley’s wit keeps me rolling.

  71. I really need this ARC so I can rub it in my bestie’s face for a couple of months that I know what happens and she doesn’t. Maybe I’ll drop little hints, and when she asks questions, I’ll just tell her I can’t answer because I don’t want to ruin any surprises. Oh man, I seriously need this!

  72. I’m ready for 8th Grave. Charley and Reyes are the best. I’m hoping this little Davidson-Farrow combination comes out kicking butt and taking names later!

  73. Amazing series one of my top favorites. Waiting impatiently for the 8th book so I can find out what happens next. Thank you for writing such wonderful books.

  74. Darynda is an amazing author and I will always be forever grateful that she shared her world of Charlie, Cookie and Reyes with us. Whenever I turn a page in her life I grin as it reminds me of certain parts of my own life. For instance how my son is taking his own life in his hands if I don’t have my morning caffeine lol. The chemistry between Reyes and Charlie is hot hot hot and who wouldn’t want to have a best friend like Cookie. Their lives are full of twists and turns and colourful friends and family. Never knowing what will happen next. It would be a high point in my life if I was honoured with an advance copy but if not I still want to scream my gratitude that Darynda has shared her love and world of Charlie with us humble readers. Once again thank you so much.

  75. All I need is coffee and mascara…and to read #8! Love Charley and Cookie. Funny.

  76. I love Darynda’s books and would love to win this ARC. I read to distract myself from daily migraines and find that the Charley Davidson books work superbly well to take me away from the pain.

  77. Souls taste like peeps….

  78. No wit here as its too late for my brain to function but lots of love and respect to Diana and darynda!

  79. Rebecca Underwood

    The the Darynda Jones “Grave” series. Her snarky sayings before each chapter gets me laughing each and every time and I even repeat them to my husband who ends up laughing as well! (even though he won’t be caught dead reading them. )

  80. I love Darynda Jones, and am a die hard Grimlet.

  81. I LOVE this series so much I am so excited for the next one!

  82. Me, me,me! I’ve re-read the series too many times to hold me over. Put me out of my misery please 🙂

  83. Monique Gallegos

    I have the series and have pre-ordered #8!! I love this series and all of Darynda’s books. Spreading the love of this series and this author to anyone I can. 🙂

  84. Love this series

  85. I love reading books like this!

  86. I’d love an ARC. Pick me, pick me! 😊

  87. I would love an arc copy of the eight book. I love the Charley series, it is one of my favorite series. When I read the first one of the series, I didn’t want it to end.

  88. I firmly believe that Charley Davidson’s personality was directly modeled after my own, lol. I AM Charley! At least when I’m sleeping, lol.

  89. I would sell my soul to Reyes (and like any other part of my body, if I’m being honest) to read the next book. Me and the last book had a fight when it finished, we made up but im more than ready to move on!

  90. So excited to see I have a chance to win an ARC! I’m super excited for book 8, I can’t wait to find out more about Mr. Wong! I need to know why people are scared of him.

  91. I love Darynda. Her books are fun and interesting. I can’t explain how after a few books I get board. Im so excited that this set has never let me down.

  92. I love Darynda’s books! I’m a “newbie” to her Charley Davidson series but I completely fell in love with all the characters she created along with the the story!

  93. I think the name says it all really! I’ll cry myself to sleep every night until the release of the book without an ARC. You need to ask yourself… CAN YOU LIVE WITH THAT KNOWLEDGE?! No… no I don’t think you can.

  94. Charley has a way with words. I love her. And she can lie like a dog.

  95. Heather McDonald

    I love Charlie amd her witty snark. The opening chapter of book 2 has me in stitches every time I read it and it’s my goto when I need a laugh.

  96. if I had my way I would stay at home and read all the time jut can’t put the series down!!

  97. This is my go to for recommendations. She has such a sense of humor

  98. Too much pressure, not enough wit. Still, I love Darynda’s writings AND I love arcs! Well, the idea of them anyway as I’ve never actually had an arc, but maybe one day 😉

  99. Darynda Jones is an extremely talented author. Charley’s adventures are well worth the read to anyone who hasn’t started them. I recommend them. I would jump for joy if I am the lucky recipient of the arc.

  100. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win the ARC from Darynda Jones!! I have every single Charley Davidson/Grave Series book. The series is not only amazingly written but extremely addictive~ especially the characters. The way the books are written u feel as if u really know them. They’re all fantastic ~ ESPECIALLY REYES! YUMM! 💀

  101. Love the Charley Davidson series and can’t wait for the 8th snarky edition! Thanks 🙂

  102. I didn’t know all of the facts about Darynda, I absolutely love her personality. Someday I’ll meet her! (Positive thinking ) I am so excited about 8th. Thank you both for this!

  103. I dance and dance, can’t wait to read this book and I have to wait till may’15 ohh gosh. I have love this book (reyes, especially), why not, this book is the book you want to finish it because you will gonna miss all the characther and the story, and I defenitely don’t want it but I have too.. Now I’m fusing lol. Definitely the book that I will priority read beside all of other book (sorry) but that’s true 😀

  104. I’m so impatient to read this one, I love the series so thank you for the chance!

  105. Fingers crossed I’m lucky. Love this series

  106. I LOVE this series! Eagerly awaiting book 8!

  107. Darynda is on e of the best authors out there. I loved the way she described Charley. I love this series and can’t wait for the next to come out!

  108. Chantal Warfield

    I love the books. I would love an Arc. Mrs Jones is an awesome writer!

  109. I love Darynda’s work! She really has an amazing viewpoint, and a unique way of presenting paranormal characters and stories.

  110. Me, please, please, please! I discovered “the grave” books through a contest and absolutely love them.

  111. Kimberly Monnelly

    I love this series and can’t wait to read book 8! The books are such a joy to read with characters you can’t help falling in love with.

  112. Every detail she puts I to the series is why I love it. From the little sayings before the chapter to the way she writes the characters. You could pick it up never knowing there were previous and be fine but she doesn’t spend pages going back over details that those of us who know would be like ok get on with it. I love Charley’s world and I get immersed every new book there is. Right books in and I’m still not tired of it. Love her

  113. Amazing author! Love her books!

  114. I love this series! They are my favorite books ever!

  115. Cate aka absolutartist1

    This series is awesome! Charley is exactly my kind of heroine – smart, sarcastic, and capable! Thanks for the chance to win!

  116. Please pick me for the ARC copy of Darynda’s new novel Eighth Grave I’m a super fan! I have been waiting for this book since the day after Seventh Grave that’s when I finished reading it. Great Interview Diana.

  117. Corinne Bathurst

    I love her books. Can’t wait for #8!

  118. Darynda Jones is my fave author! Looking forward to book 8!

  119. Well I only just started book 4 (because I just got books 4-6 yesterday) however I only started book 1 about a week ago lol I’m loving this series and am busy writing reviews about them already. Would absolutely LOVE to get an arc copy of book 8!!

  120. I’m off to check out the whole article. Thanks for a shot at a much coveted arc!

  121. Love the books also would love arc

  122. The interview is great. I love this series. I cant wait for it to come out an advanced copy would be great.

  123. This is so awesome!! Love this series so much! Charley is hands down my favorite female heroine ever!

  124. Ooh I so cannot wait for this 8th book! Love me some Reyes and Charley!!

  125. I really enjoyed the interview. Darynda is my favorite author!

  126. Brittany Bishop

    Love this series. Darynda can make me laugh out loud like no other and I always know when I pick up the next book it’s going to be a 5 star read! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  127. I love this series! I always need more Charley and Reyes!

  128. I adore Darynda Jones and this series! I was lucky enough to meet her last year and she could not have been nicer!! Would LOVE to win!

  129. Crystal Muehleisen

    I love this series! I would love to get an ARC of book 8!

  130. I love your book and.would love to.win and read the 8th book.befor everyone ! 🙂

  131. Love this series of books with a not so “Grim” reaper and all the characters! Literally love the dialogue! Hope I win the ARC of #8 to add to my home library!

  132. Danielle Mowery

    Absolutely love Darynda’s style! This series is a must read! I recommend it to everyone who likes a little sass and a lot of steam!! Can’t wait for the release of book 8!

  133. I am so excited about the next book. I love the attitude of the books, so refreshing 🙂

  134. I would so love to read the 8th installment. Now that Reyes and Charley are married, I just could not be be any happier. I love Darynda’s books.

  135. I truly enjoy reading about Charley and her world. She tickles me and I love her for it. I giggle ridiculously often and force my mother to listen to particularly favorite parts (especially the chapter quotes). Just thinking about reading the book smooths out my frown lines and brings a smile to my face. Thank you.

  136. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this series!!! I have told everyone about these books! My daughter reads the ‘Death and the Girl Next Door’ series! Just can’t get enough of Darynda! I lived in Clovis,NM and got to meet her once. I am totally a fan girl! Sweet lady!

  137. I love the Charlie Davidson series. My fingers are crossed for the new book!

  138. Love Charley’s snark & the fact that she named her lady bits.

    Bookgoonie at yaho

  139. I love the series!! Can’t wait for the new book to come out.

  140. oooh so excited!!!! Can’t wait!

  141. I love Charley and would love this book early…I hate waiting for books to come out 🙂

  142. I love Daryn da because her writing is always consistent. I know if she had a new book coming out, it will be well written and entertaining. I love the Charley series in particular because it is dark and full of snark.

  143. Kimberly Wright

    I love Darynda Jones’s books. They always make me laugh, cry and swoon. May can’t get here soon enough.

  144. Love the series, so hot and FUNNY! A book that makes me laugh is always near and dear to my heart!!!

  145. I just want to be friends and hang out with her. I’m fun and funny too, really! And if had the ARC, I could totally lord it over my friend Becky. 🙂

  146. I love these books and always wait impatiently for the next installment. Thank you for the giveaway!

  147. Charlie is one of my favorite characters ever!! My daughters got me hooked on the series and one of them is even having a coffee mug made with Charlie Davidson quotes! 🙂

  148. I love this series and Darynda! Would love to win an ARC of the latest Charley book!

  149. Darynda Jones’s Charley Davidson Series is my one of my ALL time favorite Series! I love the snarkiness and the books just make me laugh and the characters are fun and SO endearing, its hard not to love them. Thank you for this chance to win! 🙂

  150. It’s so cool having an author so in touch and real with her fans! Been reading these since they first started and love them! Thanks for the contest!!!

  151. I love Charley! She says everything that I want to say. Love her sass and her wit. I knew Darynda Jones would be one of my favorite authors within the first few chapters of First Grave.

  152. Theresa Heldman

    I love Charley!

  153. Love Charley and Reyes! Actually all the characters. Darynda makes them real for me. Would love to have the ARC!

  154. Love Darynda’s wit and humor…cannot wait to read her next book!

  155. The waiting for the book is exhilarating and a road that goes straight to crazy bookworm planet or something like that! :S

  156. I’m a huge fan especially of the snarky sayings. In fact my husband, an avid home-brewer created a beer on my honor called the snarkator!

  157. I love this series! I’ve gotten several people started on it. Can’t wait to read book 8! =)

  158. Christina Greenawalt

    I love this series and I can’t wait for Eighth Grave 🙂

  159. Patricia Whitten

    Love these books. If you haven’t tried them you must!

  160. I just found this series AFTER book 7 released. I quickly read them all and fell in love with the series. Typically long series repeat the same thing and seem to drag on. But not this one. It just keeps getting better and better! I can’t wait for book 8 and would love the chance to win an ARC.

  161. I wish that the sayings and quotes at the beginning of the chapters were made as t-shirts and bumper stickers etc. that we can buy! Plowed through the series in about a week.

  162. I love Darynda books.i liked the interview

  163. Michelle Palmer

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Reyes 😉 He is the HOTTEST character around!

  164. Love your interview.

  165. This is my favorite series…. I am on pins and needles waiting for each new book.

  166. Great interview and great series!

  167. Darynda writes my life (if I were skinny…… and like 30 years younger….. and hot…. and a grim reaper….. in love with the son of Satan……).

    Sarcasm rules my life and my mouth…. I’ve tried to stop it, but there is just no filter… which mortifies most of my family and friends but amuses my husband (scored). He says he loves to be around me because neither one of us knows what I’m going to say next. Darynda makes me feel normal…. which might mean she needs a mental evaluation…. because she says exactly what I would say (almost always inappropriately) in her books. :)<3

  168. I absolutely adore Darynda! I love the Charley Davidson series! Can’t wait for Eighth Grave After Dark to be released… on my birthday!!

  169. I love this series and the characters. They are unlike any other!

  170. Love the Charley Davidson series, I got a chance to check them out on my friend’s Nook & have been hooked ever since…had to buy my own set for my kindle 🙂

  171. Haven’t read any of Darynda’s books yet. Sounds like a good series.

  172. I love this series. I can’t wait for #8.

  173. Emily Griffiths

    Can’t wait for the next installment! Love artemisia and obviously Reyes!

  174. Darynda Jones is an amazing wrighter. When I read her grave books I am in a new world! I can’t wait to read 8th grave. I’m so excited!

  175. Someone recommended the books via a book club I’m a part of. What I love about the series is Charley is her own person…as messed up as her life can get, she has the BEST best friend someone like her could use, she speaks her own language and doesn’t give a rat’s a$$ who doesn’t like it, and she always tries to do the right thing even when it all goes to hell faster than she let loose with one of her snarky comments.

  176. I’m absolutely in love with Charley and Reyes! The trials they overcome and still like each other (somewhat) at the end of the day is simply awesome!

  177. This is killing me! I wanted Eighth Grave right after reading Seventh Grave… Darynda is a most awesome author. Thanks for this chance.

  178. I’m so excited for this book!

  179. Mercedes Prizmonte

    Love the series cant wait to read.

  180. Darynda is one of my most favorite authors. She has such a way of giving me real laugh out loud moments. I can’t wait for her next book to come out and would to read it early!!

  181. She is my all time favorite! Please please please!!! i love how she connects to her fans and is so warm and loving of her fans!!

  182. Thank you so much for the interview, nice to learn a few things about Darynda. I love the series, listen to it on audiobooks; I have laughed out loud, cried and been engrossed in her machinations!

  183. I love the Charley Davidson series. Charlie and Reyes wow!! I have been addicted to this series since number 1. Darynda Jones is such a sweet and amazing person!!!

  184. I love this series!!! I’m a book geek from way back and would Love to receive a copy 🙂

  185. Darynda Jones-brilliant writer, wonderful books! Bring on the snark!

  186. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this series. I love Darynda’s style of writing. Who knew a grim reaper could be so cool? And the son of Satan…SMOKING!!!

  187. Would love an ARC. This could be a new favorite series.

  188. I live for my Charley fixes as a natural red head snarky is my middle name. To save the lives of all who live in my world please allow me the opportunity to win a ARC. Thanks

  189. I discovered this series last year in which I immediately glommed books 1 thru 6, then I was stuck like the rest of the world waiting for book 7 which I consumed in one sitting. If you’ve read book 7 then my immediate need for book 8 should be obvious.

  190. I’m hooked on Darynda’s books because the Charlie’s snark keeps me laughing and the paranormal is fun instead of scary.
    Thanks for the contest.

  191. I am absolutely in love with the Charley Davidson series. I’m going to go crazy until the next book comes out! These books have everything I enjoy in a book. A strong woman, a little mystery, great sense of humor and a hot guy, although from hell like most, this one has a sweet side! Waiting apatiently for the next one! (anyone get that, lol)

  192. Can’t wait to read this, I love all her books!

  193. I enjoy reading Charley Davidson so much. I can’t wait to read the next book.

  194. I love Charley and Darynda! I pee myself everytime I read her books I cant stop laughing!

  195. You can never go wrong with a Darynda Jones book. She has a way with words which make you compelled to read the entire book in one sitting. It doesn’t matter if you have use the bathroom, clean the house or feed the cat. You can’t get up till you’re done with the whole thing. Wish I could win this ARC – it’ll make my year! *fingers crossed*

  196. Love all Daynda Jones books!! Can’t wait for the next one!

  197. No wit! I leave that to Darynda! I love her books and h as ve followed this series from the start. I’m listening to 7th Grave now and can’t wait for 8th Grave!

  198. Just started this series & immediately fell in love with Charley & the gang.

  199. I am absolutely in love with these books!

  200. Jessica Schlehuber

    Wining isn’t everything, unless you get a Charley Davidson book. Then it’s the only thing.

  201. Just finished 7th Grave, can’t wait on 8th Grave. I always tell friends & even strangers @ the book sore bout Darynda books. If family or friends want to barrow mine say “Are you crazy? Not mine.” Then i go buy them 1st Grave to get them started. Lol. Love the interview.

  202. Absolutely love Darynda Jones! Having an advanced copy of Eighth Grave would be absofreakingloutely amazing!

  203. I would LOVE to get an ARC of Eighth Grave After Dark. I fell in love with the series.

  204. The reason I love the Charley Davidson series is the combination of snark and emotion. It keeps me laughing at the most smart ass things all the whole tugging at my heart strings. I know it’s a good series when I love the side characters as much as the main characters. And I love all the characters is this series! Getting an arc copy would be amazing!

  205. I would love love love to read the arc. Your books are amazing. Probably my favorite series ever. Thanks for providing such an amazing world to lose myself in over and over again.

  206. Unfortunately I have no wit, that’s why I enjoy this series 🙂

  207. Trayce (@lemonamour)

    Would be absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G to win.

    Thanks for hosting this contest.


  208. Love this series!! Can’t wait til May!!

  209. Love love love this series! I am so glad I came across First Grave on the right when it first came out! So excited to see what’s next for Charley!

  210. Coffee, Reyes… Coffee, Reyes… Coffee, Reyes… yes, a good combination! Love this series… sooooooooo much… 🙂

  211. Geraldine Meléndez

    OMG! Darynda is a wonderful an gorgeous woman, with a big big heart ! I’ve never doubt that. I really love that ARC because in my country don’t sell these amazing books. I just turn in love with Charley Davidson series, on the first chapter! Thanks Darynda for being a fantastic writer, you deserve the best in this world and even if I didn’t win this, I will waiting with emotion eighth grave after dark! Kisses from Venezuela xxx

  212. Love Charley…. She’s my favorite heroine :-* Can’t believe that there are almost 8 books about her 😀 Darynda is one of my favorite authors ❤

  213. I absolutely love love love love this series! Pleeease, keep IT going — I love the characters, humor, EVERYTHING! ❤

  214. I would love to win an ARC of book 8 because I just LOVE this series, it is one of my all time favorites!

  215. Carrie Modreski

    I can’t wait for 8th grave!!!!

  216. I could say I love Charley but that would be a lie because I find her 2nd best to Reyes! I love him!!!! Alot! I mean I have some super major serious like for Charley and find her witty and fun but I would do her in to get to him!!! Just saying!

  217. Love, love, love Charley. And Darynda too, of course. My addiction is tea. So I sympathize with the no caffeine addiction.

  218. I am a Charley addict. Love all the snark! All the characters are great. Love me some Cookie too. I have to say, I may just love this series more than coffee. 🙂

  219. I love Charley and company. In fact I got a friend hooked on the series. 🙂 The books are so much fun to read. 🙂

  220. michelle tippets

    I loved your video interview! Love the grave series!

  221. Kristen Steedman

    I love this series, reading one early would be epic, Charley is my spirit animal lol.

  222. I would so love to win this
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  223. Jessica Stirrett

    If only I had the courage to speak and act as freely as Charley! I’m nowhere near as snarky, but I do pull out some gems every now and then (especially when I’m road-raging, although I’ve had to become more creative with my name calling since ‘asshat’, ‘douchcanoe’, and ‘twatchi’ aren’t exactly child-appropriate for my little ones in the back seat. Sigh.). Oh well- keep ’em coming, Darynda, and I’ll keep reading ’em! Thank you!

  224. I work at Barnes and Noble, and I’ve turned several of my customers on to Charley and Reyes! I DESERVE the Advance Reader’s Copy!!

  225. I work at Barnes and Noble, and I’ve turned several of my customers on to Charley and Reyes! I DESERVE the Advance Reader’s Copy!!

  226. I’m a snarky, bodacious, names-everything New Mexico girl who married a Brit, moved to a gray and rainy corner of Hogwarts, and has been in Albuquerque withdrawal ever since. Darynda is like a girlfriend from home, telling me all the best stories about all the almost-forgotten places, not to mention she finds all the best sassy t-shirts and she knows the *hottest* guys, seriously. 😉

  227. Christy olarinre

    Much love for the charley Davidson series from Nigeria, Africa!!!!!! Can hardly wait 😁😁😁…

  228. Hi Can’t wait to read your new bool looks awesome

  229. I’m hooked!! I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

  230. I don’t know how witty I am, but I do love DJ and her books. I own them all in Kindle & audio formats, plus #1 in print. I’m looking forward to the new book!

  231. What do you call half past dead?…… The moment he grabs you. (get it? Like you’re walking by Death…)

    A cowboy, a prostitute, a preacher, and Death walk into a bar. Only Death walks out…

    Okay, Okay, not really funny. That’s all I got.

  232. Darynda, your are one of the loveliest ladies I have met! Now if you’ll only move to ruidoso, then we can be friends! (But I’d settle for an ARC of Eight!)

  233. I am terrible with snark on demand. I am no Charlie Davidson. You should probably pick me so I can study up on the snark!

  234. I would love to receive an ARC of Eighth Grave After Dark. I absolutely love this series!

  235. I adore Charlie Davidson as a character. I’ve taken to naming my furniture too. Can’t wait for the eighth book to see what new craziness happens in her world. Will we ever find out about her mysterious monk roommate?? 😊

  236. This is a deviously delightful series with a little dash of sugar and a whole lot of spice. Can’t wait for book eight!

  237. Hi
    I hope to have a chance to win this arc.
    This serie is in my blood , I cannot have enough 🙂

  238. I’m a fan of darynda’s book Im hook on her grave series. I would like a arc copy of her eight book

  239. Totally love this series!!! It would be awesome to get an ARC copy of #8!!!

  240. I started reading the charley davidson series 2 years ago because my sister handed me the first one and told me I wouldn’t regret it. I finished the book in one day and was so upset because I thought it was the only book I had no idea there was a series. So I did some googleing and I was instantly addicted. I tracked down every book most recently the 7th in audiable and was kinda upset with that version because the characters didn’t sound like they should to me so I went and bought the hardback too. When I found out that the eighth one wasn’t out yet I wasn’t completely sure what to do with myself and it would be amazing to get to resd the 8th book exclusively before anyone else. I love this series and the way they are written you feel like you’re right there with Charley watching this all happen before your eyes. I honestly hope this series never ends.

  241. Darynda totally Rocks! I have read all her published books and would treasure an ARC of Eighth Grave!

  242. Absolutely LOVE LOVE The Charely Davidson series! I just finished Seventh Grave and No Body and would be extremely happy to have an ARC of the eighth installment. Darynda Jones, keep them coming!

  243. Love this series

  244. Mercedes Prizmonte

    Love the interview
    Love Charley & Ryes

  245. I can’t wait! I have read all the books already and am waiting on pins and needles for the next one! I am about to re-read them all again.

  246. What a great series! I always look forward to the next one!

  247. Stephanie Cullers

    I can’t wait for the Eighth Grave After Dark! Look into my post eyes….you want to give me the ARC. 🙂

  248. I would love to win an ARC of Eighth Grave After Dark….I love the series and look forward to each new installment! 🙂

  249. Darynda, Charlie, Reyes and the rest of the crew RULE! Please let me read #8 early!

  250. Charlie & Coffee-my two favorite things. Coincidence they both are addictive & start with C? I think not.

  251. love these books they are great

  252. i just love darynda she is sucha great author.. i just fall more in love with every new book she writes in the series

  253. Oh how I adore Charley Davidson. She is exactly what I want to be when I grow up, personality wise- I have no illusions that I could be a grim reaper. Although at 33, that whole growing up thing is anybody’s guess. So I will endeavor to read about all of her shenanigans instead. An ARC of book 8- I would love it so much. I would love to post reviews as well!

  254. Taichet Rosario Reyes

    Sooo amazing. The Charley Davidson books rock!

  255. Love this series. Can’t wait for book 8

  256. I never can get enough of Darynda, I love the world that she created with Charlie, Cookie and Reyes. It brings a smile to my face every time I think of them or pick up her books.

  257. I absolutely love this series and I would love to get my hands on an ARC of book 8!

    Snark and sarcasm are staples around my house in fact, they’re probably more readily accessible around here than coffee is at Charley’s. My kids learned early on that when I said, “you go right ahead,” I wasn’t really giving them permission (especially to run through walls like Harry Potter- yes my daughter tried- twice).

  258. I love everything Charley. I love her whole world. I find myself seeing something and thinking to myself “Charley would love that!” I tell everyone that I can about this series.

  259. This is one of my absolute favorite series, and I just love Darynda Jones. She is a funny, snarky, WONDERFUL author, and one of the nicest women on earth.

    I love the headings to each chapter in the Charley Davidson series, they always make me laugh.

  260. My friend recommended this series to me and I am so glad she did! The humor, the wit, how Charley always gets into one pickle after another is awesome sauce! Reyes is a dream/sex boat from hell and so hot he makes a reader’s mouth water! ARC or no ARC, I can’t wait to get my hands on this book!

  261. Charley Davidson series is my drug…Please pick me

  262. Samantha Kraupner

    I can’t wait for the next book! Need my fix of new snarky T-shirt sayings! I love this series sooo much!

  263. Truly I have never laughed at a book so hard in my life, but even more amazing is the fact that Darynda continues to keep up the comedic pace throughout the whole Charley Davidson series! By now my neighbors must groan every time I get my hands on her newest release due to my loud, incessant cackling!

  264. I can’t die yet. I have waaaayy too many people to piss off.

  265. Omg, I would LOVE a copy of this book! i cannot wait until it comes out!

  266. I just finished the sixth book. Can’t wait to see what happens!

  267. I absolutely love the Charley Davidson series. They never fail to make me laugh or brighten my mood when I have had a rough time. I’ve reread the books several times and I probably will continue to reread the books throughout time.

  268. Mercedes Prizmonte

    Love the series can’t wait until May.

  269. One of my all time favorite series and a terrific author to meet when at signings. So friendly kind and welcoming 🙂

  270. LOVE this series… I totally relate to the coffee addicted Charlie… and, Reyes is an AMAZING character!

  271. Alexandria Stratford

    I love this series! When the 7th book came out I wanted to take a day off just to read it!

  272. I soooooo look forward to reading book number 8….love Charley Davidson and Darynda Jones is amazing….my fav author!!! Can not wait 🙂

  273. I just started the series last week and I’m already on book 3! I love Charley, her humor and her coffee addiction and and, well everything about her! Reyes? Did someone say Reyes? *sighs dreamily*

  274. I just love the books, they are so entertaining. I love the little shirt and sticker sayings at the beginning of each chapter. Funny. Love Charlie

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