Inside the Actors Studio with VANISHED Author Elizabeth Heiter

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HAPPY (almost) NEW YEAR! As 2014 draws to a close, I’m thrilled to once again be ending the year with a new release by one of my favorite authors and people, Elizabeth Heiter. I’ve been a fan of Elizabeth’s work since I got to read an early draft of HUNTED years ago, and let me tell you, I’ve been waiting for today–the release day for VANISHED, the sequel to HUNTED, for a very, very long time!

As I often like to do for second visits to Kiss and Thrill, I’ve put Elizabeth in the Inside the Actors Studio hot seat. Read on to find out what her favorite curse word is and what noise she hates, but before she takes the questionnaire, check out the blurb for VANISHED:

Sometimes, the past can haunt you…

Eighteen years ago, FBI profiler Evelyn Baine’s best friend, Cassie Byers, disappeared, the third in a series of unsolved abductions. Only a macabre nursery rhyme was left at the scene, a nursery rhyme that claimed Evelyn was also an intended victim. Now, after all these years of silence, another girl has gone missing in South Carolina, and the Nursery Rhyme Killer is taking credit. But is Cassie’s abductor really back, or is there a copycat at work?

Sometimes, the past is best forgotten…

Evelyn has waited eighteen years for a chance to investigate, but when she returns to Rose Bay, she finds a dark side to the seemingly idyllic town. As the place erupts in violence and the kidnapper strikes again, Evelyn knows this is her last chance. If she doesn’t figure out what happened to Cassie eighteen years ago, it may be Evelyn’s turn to vanish without a trace.

Vanished_Front Cover

ElizabethHeiterWebAnd now, for the questionnaire…

What is your favorite word? Rollkragenpullover – German for turtleneck pullover.  I just like how it sounds when you say it.

What is your least favorite word? Can’t – I don’t believe in “can’t.”

What turns you on? Kindness.  I’m a total sucker for a nice guy.  Also, the trifecta: nice eyes, a good smile, and strong biceps.

What turns you off? Bullying.  Meanness.  Arrogance.  The wrong kind of trifecta.

What sound or noise do you love? The sound of ocean waves crashing into the shoreline.  That sound is just good for the soul!

What sound or noise do you hate? Traffic, and bees buzzing too close (I’m allergic, so that sound makes me do a not-so-flattering dance!)

What is your favorite curse word? Well, I’ve been told that all curse words sound “wrong” coming out of my mouth, but I have a tendency to use variations on swear words, like “frack” or “shite.”

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? FBI Special Agent.  I spend a lot of time researching the job and my fascination must show, because they keep telling me I’d be good at it and I should apply!

What profession would you not like to do? Cleaner at a by-the-hour hotel.  Hospital waste management.  Or really anything that involves cleaning something that you’ll still see under black lights years later anyway.

If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates? I’m happy you only used all that serial killer research for writing fiction! Otherwise, you’d be headed in the other direction!

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You can read Elizabeth’s first K&T interview here.

All of us here at Kiss and Thrill want to thank all the amazing authors who have been guests in 2014 and thank our readers for another great year! Best wishes to all authors and readers for a fabulous 2015!

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  1. Thanks for having me back at Kiss & Thrill, Rachel! I can’t believe release day is finally here! 🙂

  2. Great interview Elizabeth, loved your favorite word, that’s a mouthful, lol

  3. Happy new year, everyone! Welcome back, Elizabeth. I’m a total sucker for the sound of the ocean–just managed to get a short fix last week in Florida–and the good trifecta. And as someone who lived in Germany and studied German in school, I applaud your favorite word choice. 😉 I love how you can cram together a bunch of German words to make one long one. Thanks for joining us today. Happy release day!

    • Hi, Gwen! Oh, I’m so jealous of your Florida fix! I hope you got a lot of good ocean sound memories to fuel your writing! 🙂 And totally agreed on the German – also, now I know who to ask if my German sentences make sense!! 😉 Happy (almost!) New Year!!!

  4. Hi Elizabeth! You know already that I loved both your books, and I can’t wait for more from Ev and Mac. I’m a total FBI junkie so I’m impressed that they want to hire you:)

    • Thanks so much, Manda! I’m working on the third in the series now! As for the FBI, I’m hoping I can get back for another visit (or maybe a new field office stop!) soon – it’s so interesting!!

  5. Happy release day, Elizabeth!! It’s great to ring in the new year with you again!!

    I’m also a fan of German words…my favorite is schadenfreude, both for the meaning and the cadence.

    • Thanks so much, Rachel! It feels like forever ago that we were meeting for the Golden Heart finals, doesn’t it?!?! Thanks for letting me ring in release day here!!

      I totally agree with you on schadenfreude – that’s a great one!

  6. Congrats, on latest release, Elizabeth. Sounds like a great read. Super Cover, too. Loved what God said to you. Made me LOL Happy New Year to everyone at Kiss and Thrill.

  7. Oh, geez. I’m late to the party. But I don’t want to miss my chance to congratulate Elizabeth. I absolutely adored HUNTED and I’m downloading VANISHED to read as a reward after I hit this dang deadline that’s spoiling all my fun. I too would love to be a special agent…on paper 🙂 I’m afraid for me, that ship has sailed so I’ll have to settle for living through my characters. Congrats again, Elizabeth and Happy New Year!

    • Thanks so much, Carey! Good luck with your deadline (I’m on one too!!). And I hear you on the timing for being an SA – I’m going to hit that end age soon!! Guess I’ll have to settle for visiting “Castle style” with a bulletproof vest that says “Writer” on it!! 😉 Happy New Year!!

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