Krista Hall’s Cover Reveal! Broken Places

I’m so excited to share the cover of my debut romantic suspense novel BROKEN PLACES, winner of the 2013 Golden Heart® Award!


She’s on a mission to change lives

When one of her students becomes the latest victim of a D.C. gang-slaying, sociology professor Trevy Barlow is determined to protect the other girls in her literacy class for at-risk teens—even if it means compromising her own safety.

He’s on a short clock to find a killer

FBI gang task force agent Cruz Larsen isn’t about to let Trevy endanger herself or sidetrack his investigation with her do-gooder meddling. But when a key witness refuses to talk to anyone except her, Cruz has to find a way to earn her trust so that she’ll play by his rules.  

Now a sadistic predator is after them

For Cruz, keeping Trevy safe has become more than a duty—his heart is involved too. But all of his leads have flatlined. And he’s beginning to suspect that a hidden third party has rekindled the gang rivalry for reasons far beyond a D.C. turf war. Caught in the crossfire, Trevy will have to risk it all to give them a fighting chance to survive.


BROKEN PLACES will be available next week! I hope you’ll come back to K&T on Tuesday for the release day celebration!

Tomorrow Shelley Coriell visits K&T to tell us about the first book in The Apostles, her debut romantic suspense series.

In the meantime, tell us about your favorite romantic suspense covers. What covers are too compelling to resist?

About Krista Hall

Author of RWA Golden Heart ® Award for BROKEN PLACES

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  1. Congratulations Krista! LOVE the cover.XO

  2. Mona Kekstadt

    Congrats Krista..the cover is amazing..and I can’t wait to read. Will your book be in PB?

  3. This sounds fantastic, Krista, and Congrats on the release!!! Very exciting…as for RS covers I love: Kiss and Thrills very own Carey Baldwin’s Hush & Confession are top of my list. I love Debra Webb’s Faces of Evil’ series covers, too. I must be into grayscale right now! : ) just some of the many though…best wishes on Broken Places!

    • Aren’t Carey Baldwin’s covers just the best! My cover designer Naomi Raine also designed the cover for HUSH.
      And Debra Webb’s FOE covers are so unique with that film reel motif. Love them. Thanks for the well-wishes! Hope you’ll come back next week 🙂

    • Aww. Thanks Jenna! We’re working on the Judgment cover now. (Yup, that’s a title change). It’s fun to watch books come to life on the cover. Great to see you!

  4. Great cover, Krista!

  5. Love the cover, Krista, and I can’t wait to finally read this one! You know me, I’m a fan of man-chest covers, but I’m drawn by all types. Yours reminds me of a Suzanne Brockmann TSI cover, so I was sold immediately. 😉

    • Suzanne Brockmann! Wow! Thanks, Gwen! Any day my name is mentioned along with hers is a great day 🙂 And we all love your man-chest covers! BLIND FURY is an awesome read for any of you who haven’t added it to your TBR pile.

  6. OMG, the cover is awesome–the colors make it really striking. And the book sounds terrific. I can’t wait to read it!

  7. I’m intrigued. Is this up for pre-order anywhere??

    • Intrigued! Excellent! That’s exactly the reaction I was hoping for, sns! BP is not up for pre-order, but if you check back here next week you’ll find the buy links for Amazon, etc. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. LOVE the cover Krista!!! I can’t wait for your debut!!

  9. Squee! Krista I am so excited for you!! I LOVE this cover. It’s looks dangerous! Guys, I’m reading BROKEN PLACES now, and I can tell you….it’s interfering with my deadline because I can’t put it down!

    • *blushing* Thanks, Carey! I’m thrilled that you like BP! Now go back to your writing please, because I can’t wait to read your next book! Congrats to you on hitting the Amazon and Nook bestseller lists with CONFESSION!

  10. Huge congratulations, Krista! I’m so thrilled for you! It’s a gorgeous cover for what I know is a fantastic read! *\o/*

  11. Your cover is TERRIFIC, Krista and so is your novel! I am beyond thrilled that you are standing at the precipice of realizing your dream and I know how hard you’ve worked on the story even AFTER it won the 2013 Golden Heart.

    Since I gave your acceptance speech last year, it’s only fair I interview you next week when you launch BROKEN PLACES into the universe.

    I am captivated by covers that are dark, dramatic and clearly show it’ll be both a suspense and yet feature a couple (or a bare chested guy) to indicate romance. Kinda like yours, come to think of it! 😉

    Off to share your cover on FB!
    Congratulations again!!!!!

    • Sarah, I’m so thrilled that you enjoyed reading Broken Places! That means a lot! Thank you for being an early reader 🙂 I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful and poised representative last summer at the awards ceremony. I can’t wait for our interview on Tuesday! I’ll bring cyber Champagne.

  12. I am so happy for you, Krista! I can’t wait to see this out in the world!!! Your cover is wonderful and I know the story will be as well. I have no doubt you will be wildly successful!!!

  13. Congratulations, Krista !

    • Thank you, Angi! And thanks for stopping by! Hope you’ll come back tomorrow for the interview with Shelley Coriell. She has an awesome new romantic suspense series that debuted last week.

  14. I don’t know much about romantic suspense, but this looks great! Looking forward to reading your debut, Krista!

  15. Yah, Krista! Awesome cover and the story sounds great. Love romantic suspense (good thing since I write it 🙂 ), so I’ll definitely be reading Broken Places.

    • Thank you, Sandra! I’m so happy to see all of my Lucky 13 sisters here! Sandra was also a romantic suspense finalists and her book CRAZY FOR HER is out in September. Can’t wait!

  16. Reblogged this on DIANA BELCHASE and commented:

    Please join me in celebrating the release of my golden heart sister, Krista Hall’s, new book. Today she revealed her fantastic cover.

  17. Hi Krista! I’m member of the 2014 GH class. So awesome to see previous winners release books! Love the cover and excited to read!

  18. Congratulations Krista!!


  19. Yay Krista! What an exciting cover! It really gives a good feel of what your wonderful book will be like. Can’t wait for release day!

  20. Hi, Krista! I’m a member of the 2014 GH group, just stopping by to share some love. 🙂 Such a great cover for a suspense title! It’s so exciting to witness your dream coming true. I can’t wait for the release!

    • Hey, Marni! Congratulations on joining the ranks of the 2014 Golden Heart authors! What an amazing group. Thanks so much for stopping by to check out my cover. I hope you enjoy reading Broken Places! Are you going to San Antonio?

  21. Congratulations, Krista! Love your cover and your blurb. Very intriguing story!

  22. Woefully late to the party, but chiming in my congrats and cover love, Krista! Looks fabulous! 😉

  23. I am so excited about Krista Hall`s new book. i already downloaded it and have read it. It was so amazing and I enjoyed the conflict Trevy has over her feelings for people like Bandit. I also enjoyed the interview with Krista Hall.

    I remember the Hemingway quote and thought it extremely powerful and it really resonates in Krista Hall`s book. I have another quote that I think is incredibly powerful and empowing “The “word timshel—‘Thou mayest’—that gives a choice. It might be the most important word in the world. That says the way is open. That throws it right back on a man. For if ‘Thou mayest’—it is also true that ‘Thou mayest not.’”Steinbeck East of Eden. When I read this I found it extremely empowering, my life and my choices are up to me. I think Krista Hall captures the Thou Mayest in her book debut.

    Please hurry and write the sequel. I also would love to read the political thriller.
    You GO GIRL!!!

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