Diana Miller Braves the Actors Studio Questionnaire

Today is a special week here at Kiss and Thrill as we celebrate three fabulous romantic suspense authors with a special connection: all three are 2011 Golden Heart® finalists.

FatalTrust_final-200x300We host a lot of Golden Heart finalists here at Kiss and Thrill, but there is something really special about hosting women from the same year (and six of our K&T ladies finaled in 2011 together), because everyone who has finaled in the GH discovers that the true prize in this contest is the friendships that form with the other finalists. Diana Miller, Krista Hall, and Shelley Coriell are the best example of why—incredible authors and wonderful people I am honored and thrilled to know.

You may remember today’s guest, Diana Miller, from her visit to Kiss and Thrill with her debut novel Dangerous Affairs. I loved Dangerous Affairs and gave it five bubbly bathtubs for being a perfect sink-in-the-tub-and-enjoy read. Today I’m so thrilled to have Diana return so I can tell our readers how much I enjoyed her latest release, Fatal Trust, another wonderful 5-bathtub read.

5 bathtubs

Fatal Trust has everything I love in romantic suspense: a smart heroine, a strong hero, wonderful chemistry, and lots of surprising twists. It’s a rare book that will keep me up until two AM, and Fatal Trust was one of those. I will read anything Diana Miller writes and am eagerly awaiting her next release. (Seriously, Diana, send it to me. Now. I’m not above offering bribes.)

For this interview, Diana opted to face down my James Lipton impersonation and answer the questionnaire from Inside the Actors Studio, and she gives one of the best answers to the last question I’ve ever heard, on or off the show.

Today Diana is giving away a $25 Amazon gift card to one lucky commenter. Please check back on Friday to see if you are our winner!

Diana MillerWhat is your favorite word?  “Schokolade” (pronounced “shok-oh-lah-dah”) which is one of the few words I remember from high school German. It’s fun to say—actually sounds a little sexy—and it means “chocolate”.

What is your least favorite word? Phlegm.

What turns you on? Kindness (preferably accompanied by great pecs and a tight butt).

What turns you off?  Assholish behavior.

What sound or noise do you love? My daughter’s voice, although now I hear it mostly over the phone since she lives 1500 miles away and is getting married this summer, so she won’t be moving back. Trust me, they really do grow up too fast!

What sound or noise do you hate? Microphone feedback, especially from a microphone I’m using (public speaking is already painful enough without adding that).

What is your favorite curse word? At the risk of sounding like a writer, I think the perfect swear word depends on the circumstances and setting and how upset/angry/agitated I am (which is another way of saying that now that I no longer have young, impressionable kids around, I swear too much, especially when I’ve got a deadline).

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? I always wanted to be a soap opera star—you get to wear great clothes and shoes and spend your time with hot men, and you’ve got writers who make sure you never suffer the frustration of thinking of the perfect comeback five minutes AFTER the conversation ends. Unfortunately I have no acting ability, so I had to be satisfied making the heroine of my debut novel DANGEROUS AFFAIRS a soap star.  As a  (slightly) more realistic career option, I’ve always thought it would be fun to be a luxury hotel and resort critic.  Getting paid to stay in, enjoy, and evaluate places I can’t afford (preferably ones that feature fabulous restaurants)—how great would that be? And how do you get a job like that?

What profession would you not like to do? I’m claustrophobic, so my idea of hell is working as a coal miner or at any other job that requires being underground or in tight, windowless quarters.

If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates? “I’m so happy you’re here. I want you to write my memoirs.”  FINALLY I’ll write something no publisher will dare reject!

To enter the drawing to win a $25 Amazon gift card, tell us what profession other than your own would you like to attempt, and don’t forget to check back on Friday to see if you are Diana’s winner!


When she was eight, Diana decided she wanted to be Nancy Drew. But no matter how many garbage cans she dug through, conversations she “accidentally” overheard, and attics she searched, she never found a single mysterious letter, hidden staircase, or anything else even remotely mysterious or suspenseful. She worked as a lawyer, a soda jerk,a stay-at-home mom, a hospital admitting clerk, and a conference host for events ranging from Lutheran music to the International BB Gun competition. She spent long hours volunteering in a nineteenth century mansion allegedly full of secrets and a few ghosts. Still no luck.

Diana ultimately decided the only way she was going to inject any mystery or suspense into her otherwise satisfying life was by writing about it. A five time nominee for the Romance Writers of America Golden Heart award, she’s thrilled to be releasing her Golden Heart winner Dangerous Affairs, a romantic suspense novel that shows not everyone in her home state is Minnesota Nice.

As a way to avoid avoid housework, Diana mastered gourmet cooking and once roasted an entire turkey for her daughter’s kindergarten class. She now works out while watching the Food Network as motivation. In addition to food, Diana loves music, history, old movies, and traveling with her Norwegian-born husband.

Diana lives in the Twin Cities with her family and a Wheaten terrier puppy. She’s still on the lookout for some real life mystery and suspense.

About Rachel Grant

Archaeologist Rachel Grant writes romantic suspense where archaeology, politics, and war collide.

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  1. I love hearing success stories from GH sisters, especially from the 2011 Starcatchers!
    I am so happy for you, Diana. I loved your first book and can’t wait to read this one.
    As far as other careers go, I’d go back to being a librarian (If I could find a job!) since running libraries was one of my all-time favorite jobs. 🙂

    • My sister-in-law was a librarian and always loved her job. I actually considered becoming one, but decided against it because I was in love and couldn’t get a masters where my husband-to-be lived. So instead I went to law school. I have a feeling practicing law wasn’t nearly as much fun as working in a library, but it did give me the background to write FATAL TRUST, so I guess it wasn’t all bad!

  2. Woot! Really enjoyed FATAL AFFAIRS, so I’m looking forward to this one!

    I’m presently switching from research science & teaching to investing (go figure!), but I’d love to be a feature writer for a scuba diving magazine. Getting paid to travel the world and dive in exotic places? I’m totally in 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by, Cris. Research science to investing is a major switch! Good luck. I’m not big on scuba diving (although I’m a heck of a snorkeler!) but I agree that getting paid to travel to exotic places would be the best!

  3. So glad to hear from my GH sister!! Congratulations on the second book, I know it must be fabulous. I’ll put it on my TBR pile right away.

    I personally love being a writer — it means I can have a different career with every manuscript and every new heroine. 😉 Besides, I’ve had enough career changes to make sticking to this one a luxury.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, Diana. I’ve always appreciated the support of all my wonderful GH sisters! And it’s nice to know that other writers live out their dream careers through their heroines–I’m writing a sequel to DANGEROUS AFFAIRS featuring yet another soap opera star!

  4. It’s so great to reconnect here and keep track of your career, Diana! (And there’s always room for one more at K&T, are you sure you won’t reconsider joining 3 years later? LOL!)

    I plan on snapping up Fatal Trust today, after my long To Do list is finished. Congratulations on another release!

    Profession I would like to attempt: Hmm. If it means we have the skills necessary, my answer still stands as: Champion Long Board Surfer.

    If it’s the skills I hold now…a travel-writer for Conte Nast, where I’d have to VISIT the exotic places I write about.

    Best of luck in sales, Diana, great to ‘see’ you again!

  5. I’m thrilled to be part of such a special week–and to have gotten yet another 5 Bathtub review! Thanks so much for hosting me, Rachel. I really appreciate it.

  6. Woot! A new to me author the K&T gals endorse… I can’t wait to get to know you Diana (through your books of course… my “dream” job is NOT master stalker) 🙂

    Right now I’m a dietary tech for adults with developmental disabilities. I teach them how to follow their dr. ordered diets, kitchen safety and cooking/baking. Its a great job and I love my clients. But, if I could go back in time I would become a National Geographic photographer.

  7. Welcome, Diana! Nice job, Rachel and congratulations to Diana on all those bathtubs!! Diana, I loved these answers- snappy comebacks and God’s memoirs. So fun! Lovely to meet you!

    • It’s great to meet you, too, and thanks so much for your nice comments. Since–like Rachel–I read a lot in the tub, I consider five bathtubs very high praise!

  8. Welcome, Diana! I wanted to be Nancy Drew too.

    Congrats on your latest release. Or, “Glückwünsche!” 🙂

  9. Diana! I’m so thrilled you could join us today! I also wanted to point out for people like me – who love to read in the bathtub but are afraid of dropping their eReader in the water, Fatal Trust is also available in audiobook download, so you can safely listen using an mp3 player with speakers. This has become my new solution for bathtub reading. 🙂

  10. As far as a career other than my own… I think I’d like to be a travel writer’s companion. Because I’d love to travel, but I don’t want to actually have to do the write up afterward. (If I did, I’d be likely to throw in a few dead bodies and a hot romance…)

    So basically, I want my husband to become a travel writer. I really think this is a solid plan.

  11. MORE books for my TBR pile…can’t wait to read your books, Diana. You were cool under fire, Diana…great answers to these tough questions. A soap opera star, hmm? Good choice. I want to be a leader in a think tank with a hand-picked staff. We’re highly paid to deliver out-of-the-box solutions to vexing problems.

    • What a a cool dream career–just think of all the great things you could do for people (and way more admirable than my love of great clothes and hot guys!). You’d definitely deserve to be highly paid!

  12. Nancy Drew was my all time favorite when I was young. I think I read all her books. I would love to be a computer forensic expert if I could do anything besides what I do now.

    • Thanks for stopping by–I always love meeting fellow Nancy Drew fans! Just think of how much more brilliant she would have been if she’d had access to computers! Although she probably uses them in the new books–I’m a fan of the old ones myself.

  13. I no longer work, just a stay at home housewife. I always wished I could be a singer, rich & famous… I am tone deaf and can’t hold a note, but I love to sing anyways in the privacy of my home & car.
    I love your witty answer as to what heaven would say to you. I enjoyed reading you answers to all the questions. The Germans make chocolate sound so sexy!

    • Trust me, being a stay at home housewife is TONS of work (I practiced law for years, then gave it up to stay home with our daughter–I’m not sure which was harder. I do know I worked shorter hours practicing law!)

      And chocolate should sound sexy–there’s a reason that it’s the main ingredient in every “Better than Sex” dessert!

  14. Hi Diana.. One thing not mentioned was what is upcoming from you?

    Cindy O.

  15. Welcome back to K&T, Diana! I’m looking forward to reading Fatal Trust. I love locked-room mysteries (or in this case, mansion) 🙂

    One of the things I love about writing suspense novels is researching different professions. Recently, I’ve been interested in Master Sommeliers.

    • Thanks for the welcome–it’s great to be here again. I don’t know much about Master Sommeliers other than it’s tough to achieve that status. However, as a major wine fan, I’m looking forward to reading your book so I can learn more about them.

  16. Mona Kekstadt

    Hi Diana,
    I grandmother always brought the best schokolade from Germany. I love the mystery, suspenseful, romance all tied into one. Congratulations on your new release. I’m new to this blog since I’m just following, and following some new authors on this page I look forward to reading your books. I didn’t realize I was claustrophobic until I had to have an MRI..I couldn’t go into. So I had to go for the open one.

    • Thanks for visiting, Mona! You’ll love Diana’s books!

      My kids’ favorite German schokolade treat are the Kinder eggs with the toys inside, but they’re illegal in the US (choking hazard) so we’ve been known get them from Canada. I recently heard they’ve started confiscating them at the border and hope that’s just an urban myth.

      Of all the things to get in trouble for smuggling, that has to be the most harmless… 😀

  17. An occupation other than the one I’m doing…As I am a full time house wife and caregiver, I think I’d love to work in a big city (cuz, I live in one of those, don’t blink or you’ll miss it towns) and work in a club, maybe bartending. I know it doesn’t sound like much fun, but I love music and people and I am a great listener. Oh, and I also hand out advise very readily. So I think it’d be fun.
    The book sounds like a great one.

  18. I would love to be a costume designer for movies. It would be fun to make pieces for period drama or a superhero movie.

    • Oh, Jane, that does sound like fun! The only sewing I do is Halloween costumes for my kids, which is a blast! My daughter does most of the sewing herself now, but she lets me help her because I enjoy having a big project we do together every fall.

  19. “Thrill us with your wit”? Oh, those are challenging words!
    I’m a day late here (darn digest), but thanks for the great post. It’s exciting to hear what Diana is up to.

    Rachel, this was our Halloween strategy in our big family: at some point my mom made pj suits out of animal-print flannel. There was a tiger, a leopard, a zebra, etc. The suits were all different sizes. Every couple of years we’d move up a creature (and I guess the older kids did something else). The funny thing was, the shape of the suits (the hoods and tails) didn’t necessarily match the actual creature. The tiger, for example, had a bushy tail like a fox. But we were very identifiable for the neighbors! (And in Minnesota, the nice thing was long underwear worked very well under flannel pjs.)

    • Never too late, Greta! It’s great to see a pixie sister here!

      Love the Halloween pajamas! I wonder if I could convince my kids to try that. When my daughter was in 5th grade we made a her a big fuzzy teddy bear costume. Warm and adorable – and far better than the “sexy pop star” costumes they sell for tweens. O_O

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