2014 RITA® nominee: Toni Anderson

Welcome 2014 RITA® romantic suspense nominee Toni Anderson!

Her nominated novel is: THE KILLING GAME

HER FIRST LINE: Dmitri chewed a piece of dried meat, then swallowed a lump of gristle.


ToniAnderson_TheKillingGame1400Wildlife biologist Axelle Dehn isn’t about to let anyone harm her endangered snow leopards—not the poacher intent on killing them, nor the soldier who wants to use them as bait. But Axelle is unknowingly entangled in a conflict that stretches back three decades, a conflict that could spark a war between two of the world’s great nations.

British SAS soldier, Ty Dempsey, is on a mission to hunt down an infamous Russian terrorist in a remote region of Afghanistan. Dempsey hasn’t failed a mission yet, but when Axelle is kidnapped by the Russian, he is forced to choose between duty and his heart.

He risks everything to save the determined, prickly woman he’s fallen for, but in doing so sparks a deadly series of events that threaten to expose the most successful spy in history. A spy who will destroy anyone who gets in his way.

ToniAnderson1Toni Anderson is a New York Times & USA Today best-selling author of Romantic Suspense. A former marine biologist, Anderson travelled the world with her work. After living in six different countries, she finally settled down in the Canadian prairies with her husband and two children. Combining her love of travel with her love of romantic suspense, Anderson writes stories based in some of the places she has been fortunate enough to visit.

Toni donates 15% of her royalties from Edge of Survival to diabetes research–to find out why, read the book!

She is the author of nine novels including Dark Waters, Dangerous Waters, and The Killing Game. Her latest release is the first book in a new FBI series called A Cold Dark Place.

For more information on Toni and her books please visit:

Website: www.toniandersonauthor.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/tonianderson

Toni is generously giving a digital copy of her book to one lucky commenter.

Please check back on Friday to see if you won!

About Sarah Andre

Romantic Suspense That Keeps You Up All Night! I live in sunny FL, love daydreaming, reading and chocolate. I write in the wee hours of the morning before my helpless hubby and 2 male Pomeranian pups awaken with their demands. :) My debut LOCKED, LOADED and LYING is available now.

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  1. Welcome to K&T, Toni. Congratulations on your RITA nomination! The Killing Game sounds fascinating, and I’m really excited to see an indie effort final in the RITAs. 🙂 See you in San Antonio!

  2. Hi Toni! Congratulations on your Rita nomination! I adore your books and this one is on my TBR pile and has just moved to the top. Now I can’t wait to find a spare moment and start it!

  3. Welcome Toni!
    One of our biggest charity efforts goes towards Diabetes, so I applaud your 15% proceeds from “Edge of Survival.”

    Wow, this RITA nominated story has it all: endangered snow leopards, big, bad Russians (ripped from the headlines) and a yummy SAS officer. Now, what would SAS be in correlation to American forces? Or is it like the CIA?

    • Sarah, I did so much research for Edge of Survival (whose heroine has type-1 diabetes) that I was a bit freaked medical science hasn’t been able to find a cure yet. About 2 years ago my dad developed type-2. It’s a terrible thing that I think can be fixed for many people.

      The SAS 🙂 Charles Beckwith is a US soldier who spent time in the 60s on an exchange with the British Special Air Service. He took what he learned and turned it into America’s elite DELTA FORCE. So the SAS and DELTA probably have the most in common. The Brits also have the SBS which is the naval equivalent.

  4. Congratulations Toni on your RITA nomination. The Killing Game sounds like it deserves the award. I don’t think I’ve ever read a story power packed with everything from snow leopards to an SAS agent. I look forward to reading it and seeing how the story plays out.

    As always, you Kiss and Thrill gals are book junkie enablers. You’re killing my vow of no new books…. and I love it! 🙂

  5. Congratulations, Toni! Sounds like it deserved the final!! Good luck!

  6. Carmen Pacheco

    “Determined, prickly woman” already implies wicked banter — I’m so in!

    Cats of any variety are my favorite. Throw in a hot British SAS officer and The Killing Game needs to find its way to my Kindle! :D. Congratulations on your amazing RITA nomination.

    • Yeah, ‘prickly’ caught my eye as well!
      Thanks for stopping by, Carmen. Your enthusiasm is always infectious. 🙂

    • LOL–she is prickly. There’s an exchange in the book between H/h that goes something like this,
      “I was a bitch yesterday.”
      “Is that an apology?”
      “More of a reminder.”

      But she’s not really a bitch. Obviously 🙂
      Thanks so much for the congrats. It’s pretty incredible 🙂

  7. Congratulations, Toni! We’ll be cheering you and all of our fantastic Romantic Suspense finalists on in San Antonio! Thanks for your excellence!

  8. Congratulations on your RITA nomination! Your book sounds fascinating. Can’t wait to read it! 🙂

  9. Welcome to Kiss and Thrill, Toni and huge congrats on your RITA nomination! The book sounds fabulous, can’t wait to read it!

  10. Toni,
    Where are some of the exotic places you’ve lived?

    • That’s a great question, Sarah! I was wondering that too 🙂

      Toni, congratulations on the RITA nomination! Adventure and romance in a dangerous place sounds like a perfect combination for an exciting read. Good luck in San Antonio.

    • Did I say ‘exotic’? LOL. I was born and raised in England, then I spent time in the Isle of Man, Scotland, Australia, France, and Canada (Ontario and Manitoba, and yes we emigrated twice from Scotland to Canada). I think I need to add something really exotic to the list…like Hawaii 🙂

      • Oh, my personal trainer is going to the Isle of Man in May, for the annual motorcycle race. YouTube clips of it look awesome!

        • Oh, the TT? It’s quite the spectacle 🙂 Tell them to drive on the LEFT!! 🙂 If they take a trip to Port Erin they’ll see the old marine station at the end of the peninsula. They closed it down but it was a great place to spend a year.

  11. Thank you so much for having me. Sorry I’m late I had to go see the optometrist but clean bill of health so Happy!! I’m about to go through the comments 🙂 Thanks again for having me!

  12. Of the five romantic suspense authors that I have looked at recently, four have a ‘scientific’ background:
    Carey Baldwin ….. Psychology ….. science of the mind
    Rachel Grant ….. Archaeology ….. science of uncovering past civilisations
    Toni Anderson ….. Marine Biology
    Michael Palmer ….. practitioner of internal and emergency medicine

    I’m wondering if this is a trend or whether my personal bias as a professional scientist has influenced my choices.

    Toni, I wonder if you can you tell us whether your science has had any influence on your choice of genre as an author. You locate your novels in places that you have visited and your heroine is a wildlife biologist so it would seem that your pre-writing career has influenced your stories. I am wondering whether the cut-throat competition and pulse raising excitement of scientific discovery has had any influence in choosing to write romantic suspense?

    I like the sound of ‘Killing Game’ but its not available at audible UK yet so have added the audio of ‘Edge of Survival’ to the TBR.

    Really looking forward to reading it 🙂

    • You always ask such interesting questions, Quantum.

      Too bad (and strange) that novels can’t simultaneously roll out internationally at once. But then again, you get the new Downton Abbey months before us.

    • Hmm… good question.
      I suspect your own background might effect what you are drawn to in some ways :). And it’s always hard to categorize people, don’t you think? I’m trained as a scientist but I also dabble in art. I was forced to choose between the science and art stream at school when I was 14. I’m sure you’ve experienced the art/science divide and probably find it as frustrating as I do.
      I don’t think my science background is what drew me to RS specifically although I do like things to be a little more complex than a straight romance. I like having problems to solve, and try to make people look beyond the obvious. I like knowing/describing what’s happening from a biological perspective even if I don’t state it to the reader. I’m a big plotter when I write and I suspect this is a trait I learned from science.
      What I like about using science in my books is that I understand it can have ‘cut-throat competition’, and ‘pulse raising excitement’, and that scientists aren’t these cold logical beings that writers often put in their stories. Research is rarely definitive and usually raises more questions than answers. My husband is a prof now and so I’m still surrounded by the science world and like to think I can make it authentic. Often writers are looking for things they know to hang a story off–mine is often a character with a scientific background, although my latest couple of books have strayed away from that recently. I hope to get back soon 🙂

  13. Congrats on the Rita nomination, Toni. I’ve read your first three books and thoroughly enjoyed them. I’ll be adding The Killing Game to my TBR file.

  14. Thanks for visiting, Marsha!

  15. Congrats on the RITA nomToni. VERY happy and excited for you

  16. I can’t wait to read this book. It sounds very interesting!

  17. Congratulations Toni! Putting your book on my TBR pile right now. Thanks for joining us and good luck with the Rita Award.

  18. Toni, we may have a few more comments trickle in, but I wanted to formally say THANK YOU for spending your day with us! It was wonderful to meet you and learn more about THE KILLING GAME. We wish you the very best of luck in San Antonio this July!

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