AVERY FLYNN, High-Heeled Wonder!

AFlynnMeet Avery Flynn, a petite fashionista with a larger-than-life attitude. Everywhere I’ve encountered her (workshops, Facebook, online writing chapters) she owns the venue with audacious fearlessness. Naturally, when I heard she had a new release out I jumped at the chance to interview her! Because basically I want to be her. (Too fan-girl-stalkerish? OK. Then let’s get to the interview.)

Welcome, Avery! Tell us how you got started writing?

There was a horrible industrial accident when I was stung by an irradiated spider. Wait. Oh you meant in real life? I got a baby blue typewriter as a totally-inappropriate-for-a-six-year-old gift in first grade. I couldn’t spell let alone write much of a sentence, but I wrote stories about my stuffed animals anyway. It turned out to be one of the best gifts ever.

This story is chalk-full of couture names and designer shoes (most of which, I’m ashamed to admit, were lost on me.) Are you a fashionista?

I have fashionista tastes on a Target budget … so yes and no. 🙂 I do love my shoes though. And purses. And dresses. And ….OK, I’m beginning to see why the Fab Mr. Flynn gives me the side-eye whenever I come home from the mall. Really? Mine gives me the stink-eye.

Are you a lingering window-shopper or do you shop for something specific and go home?

Oh my God. My mom is one of those lingerers. She does a whole slow sweep of a store and then goes around again to start her deliberations. It is mind numbing. I am more of a power shopper. Go in, grab it and beat feet. Meeee too! (My husband calls my focused trek through stores “Mall Walking.” I cannot power-walk that fast in any other part of my life–I’ve tried.)

In researching the back-stabbing, power-hungry and drug infested world of high fashion did you watch reality shows like “Project Runway” or “Americas Next Top Model”?


I love both of those shows (don’t judge). I’m not! 😉 I also interviewed fashion bloggers, read as much as possible about the industry and watched a ton of documentaries. Then there was the shopping. It was horrid. Ha! How we writers torture ourselves.

 Sylvie is a kick-ass heroine whose childhood was spent in an orphanage before being adopted by her 2 fathers. How did you come up with this fresh premise?

That is one of those muse-inspired, middle of the shower ideas when you get so excited you end up with shampoo in your eyes. I wish I could control it better—at least the timing. Then after I got the idea it was so perfect for Sylvie that it really helped to show how she was a real fighter. Parts of her backstory make me tear up even today.

Sylvie Bissette may be one of Harbor City’s youngest glitterati, but only her best friends know her most closely guarded secret. She’s the woman behind The High-Heeled Wonder, a must-read blog for fashionistas everywhere. Gossip, fashion advice, exposés. Too bad some people can’t take a little criticism. When an internet troll discovers her secret identity and escalates from stalking her to threatening her life, Sylvie turns to security expert Tony Falcon for help. The investigator from the other side of the tracks is the olive oil to her Evian water and aggravates her to no end, but it’s not just her temper he’s inciting…

Tony Falcon wouldn’t know a kitten heel from a tabby cat, but since most of the bad guys he tracks down aren’t wearing stilettos, it’s never been a problem…until he meets Sylvie. When a murder investigation leads him to the same place Sylvie works, he realizes the feisty fashionista may be his best chance at catching the criminals who killed his best friend. It all leads back to the cut-throat fashion world.

What is next in the “Killer Style” series and when can we expect it?

THIS YEAR’S BLACK is Ryder’s story and it comes out at the end of May. Ryder goes head-to-head with one of the big wigs at Harbor City’s most luxurious high-end department store and they have to work together to track down an embezzler who has hightailed it to a tropical island off the coast of Chile. It’s not just the climate that’s making things hot between Ryder and Devin.

In non-Killer Style news I have a fun novella coming out April 14, BETTING THE BILLIONAIRE. It’s all sorts of smexy fun with a car-loving heroine and a bad boy billionaire who is way too used to getting his way. 🙂 Car-loving? Bad boy? I’m pre-ordering!

AFlynnShoesDesigner you’d love to meet? (Hypothetical: can be living or dead.)

There are so many. Alive I’d have to go with Michael Kors, Victoria Beckham and Stella McCartney. Dead I’d have to go with Alexander McQueen and Coco Chanel.

Food you make a pig of yourself for?

Oreos. We can’t have them in the house. I will eat the whole bag.

Favorite movie?

That’s like asking my favorite book. How do I pick? If you force me, I’ll go with Usual Suspects. I love the twist. Love. It.

What question did I NOT ask that you’d like readers to know about you?

Um …. how I survive when my writing partner is a dog who is trying to kill me with poisonous farts? Seriously. It’s a murder just waiting to happen and you, Kiss and Thrill readers, will be the only ones able to solve the case. Just tell the cops, “Gravy did it.”

Snicker! Thank you SO much for visiting Kiss and Thrill today, Avery! ‘See’ you on your Facebook FRIDAY MAN WARS. (Readers: You don’t want to miss Fridays…go ‘like’ her page immediately.) https://www.facebook.com/avery.flynn.7

TWITTER: @AveryFlynn,  WEBSITE: http://www.AveryFlynn.com

Q of the Day: What style, pattern or era of clothing is an eyesore to you?

Comment below for a chance to win a digital copy of HIGH-HEELED WONDER.

(Check back Thursday to see the lucky winner.)

About Sarah Andre

Romantic Suspense That Keeps You Up All Night! I live in sunny FL, love daydreaming, reading and chocolate. I write in the wee hours of the morning before my helpless hubby and 2 male Pomeranian pups awaken with their demands. :) My debut LOCKED, LOADED and LYING is available now.

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  1. Avery, I could hear the whole interview in your voice. 😉 You guys both cracked me up. The book sounds great, even though I’m fashion challenged. (I’m sure you’ve noticed.)

    I think I’d have to agree with my oldest son that the 80s were not such a good idea from a fashion standpoint. Unfortunately, I have plenty of photographic proof from my youth.

    BTW, I loved THE USUAL SUSPECTS. And I LOVE Kevin Spacey, which is why I’m now addicted to House of Cards. 😉 Thanks for joining us today!

  2. Thanks for being here, Avery!
    I think the biggest fashion eyesore for me (and it’s coming back!) is the pastel shorts or pants on men that have tiny, embroidered whales, flamingoes, etc. all over them. You see these fashion horrors on golf courses and in country clubs and want to walk up and say, “Dude, WHAT are you thinking?”

    Agree, as usual, with Gwen…love anything with Kevin Spacey so HOC is a binge-watch show for us.

    Best of luck on sales and truly…I can HARDLY wait for BETTING THE BILLIONAIRE!

    • Ugh! I hate those pastel clothes on men too, Sarah. Why is it coming back? Ick.

    • The Fab Mr. Flynn and I started watching House of Cards. Kevin is awesome, but Robin Wright as his wife is AMAZING! And I’m so glad you’re looking forward to Betting the Billionaire. Just found out it will be arriving fashionably late on April 28. Hey, even diva books need their drama. 🙂

      • Been a RW fan since Princess Bride. 😉
        Thrilled she got the Emmy. Even as she strutted up to the podium I was green with envy. What a knock out…wonder what her exercise regime is…?

  3. What a wonderful interview, Avery and Sarah! I already have your book and it’s on my TBR pile. Maybe I’ll have to move it to the top!

    I used to be a wedding gown designer and spent hours in design school pouring through old fashion magazines. And I have to say I’m not a fan of the sixties styles. I never liked A-line dresses or shiny plastic boots. But compared to what some people wear (or don’t) wear nowadays, I may have to rethink that. 🙂

    • A wedding gown designer? WOW! Your talents continue to astound me! I shouldn’t be surprised any more. But I am saddened at your hatred of the A-line skirt. I lurves them.

      • Me too, A-line is the only dress that flatters me. (Hence questioning my 80’s drop-waist dress insanity period.)

        Sharon, you’ve mentioned that before and I think you owe it to us to post some of your creations!

  4. The 70’s

    • There exists a picture of me as a young girl in plaid pants and a Dorothy Hamill haircut. *shivers*

    • Ain’t much about that decade you can compliment, although my ex-hippie hubby would beg to differ. Yes, there are still tie-dyed t-shirts in his closet. Dust-covered, way too small now, but CANNOT be thrown out, or else…

  5. Love the photo of you with the shoes, Avery, and I also loved this book. Congratulations on another wonderful read! Lovely interview, Sarah, too.

    Hmmm, what I despise are people who look sloppy, as if they didn’t care. Right now my biggest beef is with this model look where the hair and makeup is a mess and they’re wearing a 20K gown. Like they just rolled out of bed and got dressed for the Oscars. So not right.


  6. The biggest fashion eye sore I’ve seen is young girls in tiny micro-mini skirts. Oh, can’t forget the too-big-for-leggins women that wear them anyway.
    I absolutely loved the interview. Avery, I like your power shopping technique – I also despise window shopping.

    • Power shoppers for the win! When it comes to the skirts, I must say I have a whole new appreciation for the fashion annoyances of the tall. Flynn Kid No. 1 is almost as tall as me and she’s 11. She puts on a skirt and her dad almost has a heart attack. The girl lives in leggings for that reason. Jean shopping is a nightmare.

    • Thanks for the laugh (and visual nightmares) msrh0nda!

  7. What a super fun interview. The book sounds amazing, and I can’t wait to read ALL the books in “Killer Style” series. Loved the description that he’s olive oil to her Evian water. So funny and gives you a real taste of their interests and differences in one second flat. 🙂 Great job, ladies!

  8. OMG. Welcome Avery! And Sara, what a fun interview. You two are too cute. Congratulations on High-Heeled Wonder! Looks fabulous!

    To me, clothes with designer names emblazoned on them are an eyesore – example, shorts with JUICY written over the booty 🙂
    Avery, we must meet …and go shopping. I’m fashion challenged. My goal in life is to match my shoes to my purse- just once!

  9. Loved “High-Heeled Wonder,” Avery! Hence the two snaps in Z-formation review. It was such a fun romp through the fashion world and…HELLO? Falcon hotness!!

    If you haven’t already watched it, I highly recommend Ru-Paul’s Drag Race, for sheer entertainment and fashions up the wazoo.

    Love, peace & soul grease.
    ❤ ya.

  10. Pat Walker Pinkston

    The 80’s was bad with the clothes and the BIG hair. But, today is pretty bad also. Our culture sexualizes our young girls at too early an age. The short, short skirts, bare midriffs, etc. I know I’m old (66), but children should be allowed to be children, not miniature adults. I’m done. (Getting off soapbox.)

  11. What a fun interview, Avery. I envy you all these comments, but who could resist with such a great topic to dissect. I plan to download the book soon and read it on my two-day road trip next week.

    As for fashion decades we’d rather forget, you all are too young to remember the 60s and 70s. Now there were some definite fashion no-no’s. My husband had a powder blue leisure suit in the early 70s and actually wore it to one of my class reunions. Worse yet, I let him and even thought he looked pretty good. What were we thinking? Bell bottoms, clunky-heeled shoes and bouffant hairstyles. Aw, the good ole days.

    Barbara Barrett

  12. Hello Ms. Flynn! Fun interview and glad to read about your next book in the series, too. High-Heeled Wonder is cued up in my iPad…and I’ll be reading ASAP so I can be ready for your next book. Great fun interview ladies!

  13. April 14th Marked on my calendar! Love you!

  14. What a great interview! And the TBR pile grows again 🙂

    I have the perfect accessory for the fashion challenged writer who prefers to live in sweats and flip flops–a pair of sisters.

    They take me to a store, allow me gather a few things I like and and head for a fitting room… then they start tossing clothes over the door saying, “let’s see what that looks like on.”

    After about an hour of trying on clothes I’d never glance at let alone take off the hanger, I find myself appropriately outfitted for an entire season (or Nationals :))

    AS for the era’s with the worst styles? hmmm, pretty much any era had jeans and t-shirts, so what’s not to like 🙂

  15. Avery, I have some catching up to do! I’m adding your books to my TBR pile–the one for fun reads! Since you are clearly an amazing shopper, I just have to ask–did you manage to acquire any of the Missoni line at Target a few years ago? In northern VA, the stores were sold out within a couple of hours. I had my eye on a trench coat and the a shift, but came away empty-handed. *sigh*

    Sarah, I’d have to go with the women’s power suit coupled with a bow tie blouse and the female version of a mullet for the worst fashion eye-sore of the last Millenium.

    • Ugh, the pussy bow! My mom must have had a dozen in various shades. Awful. Just awful. And, unfortunately, I missed the Missoni Target line too. There was a shift dress that I wanted bad.

    • IMO, you won today’s ‘name the worst fashion style’ the second you wrote mullet, Krista! Gag!

  16. Avery! Great Interview! I’ll play FC (fashion cop) and vote on worst clothing style is being forced on our poor, tired eyes each and every day: pajama pants as knock-around wear. And gangsta jeans are just as bad, with the undies blousing up over the belt line. Which nudges perilously close to the family jewels, ya know? The first makes me jealous that I can’t go take a nap. The second has me perpetually in a state of fear. Will the pants drop?

    • Susan, you crack me up! I recall one of the Sochi Olympic skiers doing aerial stunts wearing pants many sizes too big. The waist line literally was at his knees. I kept waiting for them to fall down around his ankles and he’d trip/flip while landing! I was so distracted I couldn’t watch his performances.

  17. Avery, what a fun day! Thanks again for being here, helping us diss bad fashion and talking about your novels. Best of sales, girl!

  18. That last answer was hilarious!! 🙂 Great interview — and great premise!

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