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Thanksgiving, two years, and a winner!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Kiss & Thrill!

It’s also a special week because November 29th is our two year anniversary—we can’t believe it. We’re thankful to all of our readers and the many wonderful authors who have joined us since we put up our banner in 2011.

We hope you’ll join us by celebrating with a virtual cupcake.

Thanksgiving cupcake

Let’s also celebrate this week’s winner: rw1010 (at 2: 26pm) won a copy of Brenda Novak’s historical romantic suspense, Through The Smoke. Congratulations! Contact us within the next ten days to claim your prize.

Here’s to many more years of kisses and thrills.

Enjoy the holiday weekend!

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BRENDA NOVAK: A Quiet Superwoman

IMG_4444Kiss and Thrill welcomes back one of our favorite authors: Brenda Novak! We’re all gushy fan-girls of her work here. To be perfectly honest, there was quite the squabble over who’d have this chance to interview her. (Luckily those 1990’s Tae Bo videos paid off and I arm wrestled the lot of ’em!)

When Kiss and Thrill started 2 years ago this week (see our anniversary post on Thanksgiving Day!) Brenda was our very second guest. We were honored then, and are honored now that she takes time out of her busy life as writer, mother and organizer-extraordinaire for her annual May charity: Brenda Novak’s Auction for Diabetes Research.

Given her frequent guest appearances and her down-to-earth personality, it’s easy to think you ‘know’ a famous best-selling author. So imagine our surprise when we heard Brenda’s new release was not a romantic suspense and not her Whiskey Creek contemporary series but a historical romantic mystery! Thanks to my arm wrestling skills, I got to find out why:

A shocking betrayal…

Riches. Power. An ancient heritage of pride. The Earl of Druridge wanted only for an heir. So when he learned that his wife was carrying another man’s child, he was filled with a thirst for vengeance.

But he wasn’t the one who caused Katherine’s death. Or was he? To his horror, he remembers nothing of that dreadful night, when their last confrontation ended in scorching flame and cold blood.

A forbidden love…

Rachel McTavish, the beautiful daughter of a coal miner, knows something about the fire that took Lady Katherine’s life. In secret, the strong-willed girl strikes a bargain with the desperate earl: he must send his physician to help her dying mother or he may go to the devil—and the scaffold. He agrees, but she is still unsure that her revelation will be enough to save him when so many wish him dead.

Passionately drawn to the nobleman, despite all the doubt and mystery that shrouds him, Rachel wonders if he can really be a murderer. Or if he is the only man who will ever own her heart… (Excerpt from Through the Smoke by Brenda Novak.)

   First of all, Brenda, WELCOME BACK! Secondly…wow! You’re right in the middle of your successful contemporary Whiskey Creek series. Why did you suddenly decide to write a historical mystery?

  This is a book that I started WAY back when I began writing, before I even knew I would write contemporary romance. My first book, published by HarperCollins, was a historical called OF NOBLE BIRTH. It came out in November of 1999. I expected to follow up with the historical I have since self-published–HONOR BOUND–and this one–THROUGH THE SMOKE–which I sold to Montlake. But that didn’t work out. My editor at the time indicated that we would go to contract when she returned from vacation, but because Harper was merging with Avon and didn’t need as many romance editors as they would ultimately have, she returned to a pink slip. That meant that I was cut from the list (at this point my first book wasn’t even out yet). ThroughTheSmokeCoverHighRes400

   Fortunately, I had already sold my first contemporary to Harlequin only five months previous to this, so all wasn’t lost. I simply segued into writing for Superromance (one of Harlequin’s category lines) instead. Harlequin has kept me so busy through the years that I haven’t had the chance to go back to the historicals, but when I got the rights to OF NOBLE BIRTH reverted, I decided to self-publish it (since that craze was just getting started), and to follow up with the historical I had that was almost finished (HONOR BOUND), as well as this one (THROUGH THE SMOKE), which was only in proposal form. So I actually planned on writing historicals in the beginning, detoured into other genres and am now returning.

   So you began with historicals, are famous for romantic suspense, and now the contemporary Whiskey Creek series. Which genre is hardest for you to write?

    They each have their challenges, but…the historicals might be the hardest because they are historical romantic suspense, so you have to create a credible puzzle while writing a great romance. So you’re doing double duty while throwing on the added stipulation that you have to remain true to a certain historical era. That means you have to do more research than you would with the typical contemporary novel. They are a lot of work, but I really enjoy a great period piece–hence my desire to try and create one.

   (I can hear Manda Collins, our historical romantic suspense author cheering!) Does your fan base follow you to different genres as far as you can tell?

   I think there is some crossover. I’ve had a lot of reviews for THROUGH THE SMOKE from readers who comment that they don’t typically read the genre but tried it because I had written it. As far as numbers go, however, it’s hard to compare because my two publishers are so different. Since Harlequin has a big print presence, and Montlake has virtually none (but has a huge digital presence), we can’t compare by sales. Even in the digital arena, we don’t know how much to attribute to certain publicity and promotion efforts and how much to attribute to my existing fan base.

   What can we look forward to in 2014-2015 from you?

When Lightning StrikesTake-Me-Home-for-Christmas-Cover-e13751643987252-189x300    I’ll have two more Whiskey Creek novels out–COME HOME TO ME (March 25, 2014) and THE HEART OF CHRISTMAS (November 2014).

I will also have another historical–A MATTER OF GRAVE CONCERN–that will be out October 2014.

   Who are some of your favorite historical authors (doesn’t have to be contemporary.)

    My favorite historical authors are Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Charles Dickens, Margaret Mitchell, Kathleen Winsor, Colleen McCullough, Philippa Gregory and Brenda Rickman iVantrease.

 Let’s switch gears and talk about your Diabetes charity. Sum up how much you’ve raised, in how many years and what your goal is for 2014.

 I can’t believe it, but so far we have raised over $2 million. When I first set out to raise funds for diabetes research, I used to daydream of someday breaking $1 million. I’m so grateful that, through the generosity of my donors and shoppers, I’ve been able to double that amount.

   Next year will be our big 10 year anniversary, and we are hoping to do it up bigger and better than ever before. As usual, it will start May 1st, and you can get to it at It would be smart to register now, for those who aren’t already registered so that we can send out various alerts as the time draws closer. Also, we are already starting to gather some great items.

   Is it my imagination or were the 2013 donated items bigger and more elaborate than in years past? (I used to think the majority of items were writer-related and this year it wasn’t so at all! Huge celebrity giveaways.) Is this a word-of-mouth phenomenon or are you expanding your promoting?

   This is a grassroots effort. I haven’t paid for expensive advertising. What advertising I do is donated (thanks to the generosity of Publisher’s Weekly, RT Book Review Magazine, Woman’s World, Writer’s Digest and many, many online places). I think it’s the power of social networking that has helped us grow each year, and the efforts of all the authors, businesses, artists and advocates who contribute.

  Are you accepting donated items already for May, 2014? How can our readers get in touch with someone in your organization if they would like to do that?

   You bet! We are taking things all year. It requires a great deal of time to build such a big event with a skeleton crew. We have four people on “staff,” but three of us are volunteers. We have only one part-time employee (for the sake of continuity from year to year) because I want to keep the overhead as low as possible.

You can donate through (, or the charity’s website ( or email Anna directly at

   When I go on your Auction site, your son is all grown up and looking healthy and happy! How have your family and your son adapted to his diabetes over the years? Do you see improvements in medical treatments since he was first diagnosed?

    I’m not sure I would say we have “adapted.” Like everyone else who has a family member with this terrible disease, we have had no choice but to get along as best we can. I am grateful for all the tools we have that help us to do that–the insulin, the needles, the insulin pump, the testing strips and meters. Improvements are being made–in that these tools are getting better and better at what they are supposed to do. My son will be getting a pump that comes with a continuous glucose monitor, for instance, and that should help control his sugars (because we will get many more readings per day instead of the six we get now by pricking his fingers).

  There is also hope in the cure-based research that has been going on. The DRI, which gets the money I raise, is trying to perfect their new Biohub (it should go into human trials soon). This might turn out to be the answer we have all been working/praying for.

   What advice do you have for people newly diagnosed and in a state of fear and confusion?

   It’s natural to go through a period of mourning. I think I tried to bounce back too soon and couldn’t seem to figure out what was wrong with me (when that wasn’t so easy). The regimen takes a great deal of getting used to, there’s a huge amount of worry (that never goes away) and there’s also a lot of frustration involved (because no matter how hard you try, you’re not going to be able to control human blood sugar all the time with the tools currently available).

   I would say to hang in there, seek out a support group so that you can share information and ask questions and make sure you have a good doctor. (Of course I would also say to get involved in the auction and help me fight back. There is great strength in numbers.)

   Thank you so much for being with us today, Brenda and I wish you and our readers a Happy Thanksgiving!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What are you thankful for? One commenter will win a copy of “Through the Smoke.”

The lucky winner will be announced on Thursday on our Thanksgiving/2nd Anniversary post!

P.S. Brenda just notified me that her novel WHEN SNOW FALLS just went on sale for $1.99 from now until Sunday! Click on the title to buy this and click on the cover of THROUGH THE SMOKE to buy her historical mystery.


Gravity Loses but Karna Small Bodman Wins!

Gravity is the latest in a string of spectacular films by two of my favorite actors, George Clooney and Sandra Bullock.  The cinematography is incredible and well worth seeing in 3-D.  My husband enjoyed it so much, that after seeing it by himself, he dragged me to the movies to see it with him a second time.  He knew how much I love everything to do with space travel — enough for the International Space Station to feature prominently in my third book.


Even she’s had enough!

So, before you start hurling things at me, why did I hate the film so much?

Well, without trying to reveal the entire plot (SPOILER ALERT)

the film is about a female physician/astronaut (Bullock) who, for some reason I couldn’t figure out, was installing a part on an orbiting telescope.  Things go terribly wrong and Bullock and Clooney end up in trouble in space.  The problem is that NASA-trained astronaut, Bullock, completely panics.  Male astronaut, Clooney, must get her to calm down and help her figure things out.  Of course, he is also much stronger, more adept, and unremittingly cheerful.

I am so tired of this kind of thing.  I have seen big brave men cower in dental offices and teeny women take on drug pushers on their kid’s playground.  Why then must females always be depicted as inept?  Why must women panic and be “saved” by the big hunky guy on the screen?  If this character is a physician, she would be the one to calm down those around her.  Her training would help her to improvise and seek alternatives.  She certainly wouldn’t need her non-medical partner to tell her that she is losing oxygen in her suit because she’s breathing too fast!

Yet, NY publishers love this kind of woman in peril plot line, too.  So many of my writer friends are being turned down because their suspense novels have women who save the day and/or have too much plot for a romance.  Don’t you love that one?  If we love romance, we must not like to mix that with complicated plots or our wee little heads might explode!

My observations impressed my husband enough for him to change his views about the film and to encourage me to write this post.  So, please tell me — would you like to see complicated plots in romantic suspense novels?  If a woman is the alpha hero (notice I didn’t say heroine on purpose) can her love interest still be sexy?

We’ve lost some pretty incredible female astronauts in recent years.  I like to think that during the tragedies that cost them their lives, they were every bit as brave, as collected, and as resourceful as their male colleagues.

My hat goes off to everyone who works in and toward the goal of space.  To me, you are all heroes.


Now for a real win — the lovely and wonderful Karna Small Bodman has decided to give away, not one as planned, but three copies of her ebook, The Agent!  The lucky three winners:  Kimberly MacCarron, Carmen Pacheco, and Kerryn Reid, will get a taste of the wonderful writing and clever plots that make Karna one of my favorite authors.  Please remember to contact us within ten days with your snail and email information or you may forfeit your prize.  For those of you who didn’t win, more information on Karna’s books is available on her website:  





Please join us this Tues, Nov 26th as our own Sarah Andre interviews the amazing and fabulous Brenda Novak.  We’re especially glad to have Brenda back because she’s been such a friend to our blog —  and with our 2 year anniversary coming up at the end of this month, it’s quite the happy occasion for us to host an author who’s so generously helped us in our  beginning days here.  I know you won’t want to miss it!ThroughTheSmokeCoverHighRes400IMG_4444

Why Karna Small Bodman Scares Me

Okay, I admit it, Karna Small Bodman intimidates the heck out of me.


She’s had more high profile jobs than anyone ranking under Secretary of State.  And to be honest, there are a few Sec’s that she’s run rings around.  This is a woman who knows first hand how the White House and National Security really works.  She’s been thrust into emergency situations and the assassination attempt against a President.  She’s met with Cold War leaders, popes, and prime ministers and anchored TV news.

You’d probably be intimidated, too.


Aboard Air Force One with President Reagan
With Gorbachev

So, if my voice starts out a little shaky on this interview, please forgive me.  Just trying to remember this lovely woman’s bio, and the alphabet soup of Federal agencies she’s served with takes the talent of someone more experienced than I.

Karna has taken all that real world knowledge and used it in her thrillers.  It’s so accurate, her book, Castle Bravo, had me shaking in my boots.  Funny thing is, this amazing woman, who writes such scary, fact-based fiction is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.  She’s  smart, articulate, and kind.

So, forgive me as I trip over my words and her accomplishments and join me as I interview Karna Small Bodman.  This is one interview, you won’t want to miss.

LEAVE A COMMENT and WIN a digital copy of Karna’s newest short, The Agent!  Leave a comment at, too, and get entered to win TWICE!




Congratulations to the winner of ANIMAL INSTINCTS!

The Kiss-and-Thrill ladies would like to thank author Patricia Rosemoor for being with us this week. Her paranormal romantic thriller, ANIMAL INSTINCTS, is on sale now!

Now . . . drum roll please . . . the commenter who has won a copy of ANIMAL INSTINCTS is . . . MAUREEN!  Congratulations!

To redeem your free book – please email your snail mail address to (or go to contact page for details). Remember, we must hear from you within 10 days. And you must provide a US or Canadian address to qualify or another winner will be chosen.

Thank you all so much for commenting! We hope you will bookmark KissAndThrill and visit often or better yet, subscribe!

What’s next on the Kiss and Thrill blog?

Tuesday, November 19th, Diana chats with KARNA SMALL BODMAN!

Patricia Rosemoor Thrills us with Animal Instincts!

Please welcome

Patricia Rosemoor.

Author of Animal Instincts.

Kiss and Thrill is delighted to welcome back author Patricia Rosemoor to celebrate her latest release, a paranormal romantic suspense — ANIMAL INSTINCTS — described below:

Luc Lazare doesn’t need more complications in his life.  And Skye Cross, the intriguing woman able to communicate with animals, is the last thing he wants.  Too bad his body disagrees. But he’s trying to save his shapeshifting family from being forced into the battle arena, and that means protecting the shifters responsible for stealing Skye’s brother’s soul. Even as she demands his help, he’ll have to resist the pull of temptation.

Skye’s most recent animal rescue assignment involves saving canines involved in primal battles.  Her investigation leads her to Luc, a man whose powers unsettle but intrigue her. Luc lures her into a dark encounter, and realizes that the animals engaging in these battles aren’t dogs at all, they’re wild predators. Skye finds herself caught in a dangerous world she never knew existed while relying on a man she couldn’t possibly trust.

In a world where everything–and nothing–is as it seems, can Luc and Skye find a way to overcome the odds that are destined to keep them apart?

PatriciaRosemoor-AnimalInstincts500 FINAL

Lena:  LOVE the cover. Yum! Patricia, you write romantic suspense and paranormal. Do you prefer one over the other? Plan to continue writing both? Which one was your first love?

Patricia:  I like both romantic suspense and paranormal romantic suspense, and I plan to continue writing both. I started with romantic suspense, because that’s all Harlequin Intrigue would publish for the first few years. I was the first Intrigue author to be allowed to add a paranormal element when I wrote Haunted. Then, a few years later, I got to write the initial three books in The McKenna Legacy, the first paranormal series at Intrigue. In coming to Entangled, I sold with a straight romantic suspense, but my latest, ANIMAL INSTINCTS, is all paranormal.

PatriciaRosemoor-Crimson Duet

Lena:  As you mentioned, you’re published with Harlequin Intrigue and Entangled. But you are also self-published. Do you have any lessons-learned while trying to write with a traditional publisher, a smaller press publisher, and Independent? Or challenges writing  all three that you’d like to share?

Patricia:  I’ve actually had 95 books published. Only SKIN was originally indie-published. The other indie titles are backlist, both Intrigues and others. I’m a computer person, so I enjoyed learning to turn files into digital books and uploading them. And then I got bored having to do it. I still love creating covers, the most fun thing in the indie process. When I wrote SKIN, I needed to find editors, both developmental and copyediting. I can’t stress enough how important editing is. The thing I hadn’t thought about was the sheer volume of promotion that an indie author needs to do. No support. Everything is up to the author. That’s the part I like the least. I want to write in a fiction world, not about myself. I know a lot of indie authors have no desire to write for a publisher. Truthfully, I prefer it, as long as I get to write what I want. 🙂

Lena: Tell us about your newest release? What inspired you to write it?

Patricia: ANIMAL INSTINCTS came from my volunteering at PawsChicago, a very successful animal adoption center. The Humane Society of Illinois held meetings there about anti-dog fighting legislation. Most people probably don’t think much about it, but hearing the stories, seeing the footage of the real thing–of children learning to make their dogs fight–broke my heart. I wanted to use dog fighting to spread awareness, but I quickly realized that books with dog fighting wouldn’t sell, so I made the fights shifter fights–shapeshifters fighting in their animal form. Then the fights took on a whole new, more interesting aspect.

PatriciaRosemoor-DA cover

Skye Cross, an animal advocate, goes to a fight with Animal Control, expecting that after the fight is broken up, she will see that the dogs are properly cared for. What she gets instead is to be thrown into a world she doesn’t know and doesn’t understand. And outside the arena, she meets a man she can’t possibly trust. Luc Lazare is half-human, half-Kindred. He’s a shifter (panther) caught between the two worlds of his parents. When Skye’s cop brother who was investigating murders linked to the fights is shot to death the next night, Skye is determined to find his killer, and Luc Lazare is the only man who can help her.

Lena: That sounds like a seriously intense story. Awesome. Would you like to share a call story with your readers? Either the “call” when you first sold (or got an agent) or perhaps were a finalist/winner in a contest?


Patricia: For me, both happened one after the other. I won the Golden Heart for best YA Romance from Romance Writers of America.  In those days editors were judges, and the Silhouette editor wrote to me personally and asked if I could expand the book. I did, sent it in and waited. I wasn’t able to go to the conference where the awards were announced and presented. Afterward, I learned I won the GH and that the editor was saying I was her author. But no call. No call the next week either. Finally, a full two weeks after the conference, she called and asked if she had made me an offer. I said no. She said she hoped I would take it because she’d already put the book into production.

Lena: Oh my gosh! Now that is an incredible (and a bit crazy) call-story. Amazing. Oh, and congrats on the GH win! And the 95 stories too. What an outstanding accomplishment! How do you research all those stories? Do you have some fun or interesting research tidbits or experiences (such as trips) to share?PatriciaRosemoor-India 082

Patricia: I don’t do vacations anymore. Now I do research trips. Once my late husband and I flew to Paris to see the catacombs, underground tunnels holding the bones of innumerable dead, which was an important part of an Intrigue. On a more cheerful vein, I’ve swum with dolphins, howled with wolves, ridden mustangs…all in the name of research. I went to India a couple of years ago with another author and her husband. I developed a novel using the India research. It’s on submission now.

Lena: Very cool! When you’re back home relaxing after these exotic trips, do you have any favorite television shows? Crime dramas? Paranormals?

Patricia: I watch quite a few crime dramas. The Closer was one of my all time favorites. The other being Castle, of course. Romantic suspense and great fun. The characters in both are wonderful, the touch of humor balancing the grimness of a murder investigation.

I try every paranormal show that comes on, but most don’t make the grade. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my all time favorite. I saw every episode of the show at least twice. Currently the ones I really like are Teen Wolf and Grimm. And Sleepy Hollow has possibilities.

Lena:   LOVE Castle and Buffy. Right with you on those! Now for a quick question/answer drill…

* Cats or Dogs? Cats (love dogs, too)

* Beaches or Mountains? Water! Not necessarily the beach, just the view.

* Favorite food? Ethnic Eastern European, which I grew up on.

* Favorite TV show? Dancing with the Stars…wish I could…

* Chicken or Steak? Rib-eye, bone in, medium rare, please

You can pre-order ANIMAL INSTINCTS or CRIMSON DUET (HOLIDAY IN CRIMSON and NIGHTMARE IN CRIMSON packaged together for $3.79), both going on sale November 25. And this is the launch week of DANGEROUS ATTRACTION, ROMANTIC SUSPENSE BOXED SET, ten romantic suspense titles by ten bestselling authors (including Patricia’s The McKenna Legacy: SEE ME IN YOUR DREAMS), for only 99 cents through November 16.

You can find Patricia Rosemoor…




Lena:  Thanks again Patricia! You’ve been a wonderful guest.

And now a question for our readers…Patricia would like to know–Which do you prefer: romantic suspense or paranormal romantic suspense? And why?

One lucky commenter wins an ebook copy of  ANIMAL INSTINCTS (via gift certificate) from Patricia Rosemoor. Don’t forget to stop by Thursday to find out if you are a winner!

Walker and Neggers Winners!

Special thanks to our amazing guest bloggers this week. Carla Neggers Neggers_Carla_11_col1-2

Julie Ann WalkerAnd Julie Ann Walker!

The winner of the first four books in the Black Knights series is: Jolene A The winner of the ten dollar Amazon Gift card is Jeanne Dotterweich Please contact us here with your email and snail mail address to claim your prize. 

This week’s featured K and T author is Gwen Hernandez, author of Scrivener for Dummies.

Looking to write the great American novel? You’ll need Scrivener and this book!

ScrivenerFDCoverHere’s what one Amazon reviewer had to say: “This book is a wonderful aid in understanding and navigating the software, and in making good use of its many features. The author is clearly very familiar with the Scrivener program and she writes about it with the confidence and authority of an expert.”
5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect book to accompany the software, October 26, 2013
By John M. (New York)

You can read the full review here.

Purchase on Amazon here.


Julie Ann Walker Celebrates Romantic Suspense!

Julie Ann Walker

Today I am thrilled to welcome Julie Ann Walker back to Kiss and Thrill! The eagerly anticipated 5th book in Julie’s Black Knights, Inc. series released Tuesday, and I’m pretty sure her wonderful fans have already devoured it and are deluging her with requests for the next book. Fortunately for all of us at Kiss and Thrill, Julie has compiled a list of favorite authors to tide us over until book 6!

If you haven’t read Julie’s series yet, but don’t want to start with book 5, here is your chance to get caught up – she’s is giving away print copies of books 1-4 to one lucky commenter!

And now, I’m delighted to hand the blog over to the fabulous and talented Julie Ann Walker!

Let’s Celebrate Romantic Suspense!

AKA: The Authors Who Inspired Me to Write in the Genre

I’ve been wanting to do a shout-out to my fellow romantic suspense authors for quite some time now.  And what better place to do that than here on Kiss and Thrill, the blog dedicated to, run by, and specializing in the RS genre.  (Hi, ladies!  *waves*  Thanks for having me back!)  Because, truly, those of us who write romantic suspense first started out reading romantic suspense.  We fell in love with the action, the mystery, the mayhem, the thrill and chills and, of course, the sexy times.  *wink*  And while I adore the work of all the ladies here on the Kiss and Thrill site – seriously, if you haven’t picked up their books, you’re truly missing out – I wanted to dedicate this particular blog to some of the authors who pioneered the way for us, those wonderful writers who’ve been plugging away in the genre for years, sometimes decades.  I thought I’d do that by listing my top five favorite romantic suspense authors – in no particular order – adding why I love their writing and how they inspired my own.

So, without further ado…

1.)  Sandra Brown

Sandra has been writing romantic suspense since before romantic suspense was even considered a sub-genre.  (Not to give away her age or anything.  It’s obvious she started writing as a fetus.  *winces*  Hi, Sandra!)  But, the thing that always intrigues me about Sandra’s books are her intensely flawed heroes.  I adore them.  They’re unique.  They’re angst-y.  And above all else, they’re real.

2.)  Elizabeth Lowell

Can you say delicious prose, boys and girls?  Because Elizabeth does it like no other.  Rich descriptions, tasty metaphors, scrumptious word choices.  I fall in love with her sentence structures.  Plus, Elizabeth’s books are always a like mini college classes in 400 pages or less.  Her research is phenomenal.  And to read one of her books is to get a crash course in everything from the emerald trade to the collection of old tintypes.  So. Much. Fun!

3.)  Linda Howard

Talk about a pioneer.  Linda’s  first single title was published in 1982!  Her books are always filled to the brim with adventure, intrigue, daring heroes, dauntless heroines, and intensely despicable villains. I like to say Linda writes romantic suspense in its purest, most distilled form. Her books epitomize the genre. I suppose that’s why she’s so long-lasting, eh?  Go, Linda!

4.)  Suzanne Brockmann

Oh, be still my heart.  Suzanne Brockmann’s Troubleshooter series is the entire reason I started reading the genre.  And the thing that most inspires me about Suzanne is that she’s a rule-breaker.  She writes from multiple points of view – something not done until recently.  One of her heroes is gay – something still frowned upon in some circles.  Her books usually have two love stories – something that editors will tell you is a no-no.  The list of ways she’s pushed the envelope goes on and on.  But my point is, not only does she break the rules, but she does it beautifully, eloquently, masterfully.

5.)  Lora Leigh

Oh, Lora, Lora, Lora!  *fans self*  Does she know how to write one smokin’ hot book, or what?  If you’re a Shades of Grey fan, but like some hard-core action between your titillating sex scenes, then Lora is the gal for you!  She takes romantic suspense to the next level on the heat scale.  Her characters’ chemistry practically sets the pages on fire.  Be sure to set the screen level brightness on your eReader to dim, or else the words might just burn out your retinas.  LOL!

So, thanks ladies, for not only giving me great books to read, but also for giving me the inspiration to pen my own works!  You all rock!

And with that, I’m outa here!  A resounding huzzah to the gals at Kiss and Thrill for having me back.  It’s always such a treat!

One lovely commenter will win print copies of the first four books in my Black Knights Inc. series!  Just answer the following question:  Who is your all-time favorite romantic suspense writer and what is it that you love about their books?

Born-Wild-Book-CoverNew York Times and USA Today bestselling author Julie Ann Walker dives back into action with the red-hot romantic suspense Black Knights Inc. series!  They claim they’re bad-boy bikers who own custom motorcycle shop, but these special-ops guys–a mix of Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, Marines, FBI and more–handle the jobs too tough for the government to tackle.


“Wild” Bill Reichert knows a thing or two about explosives. The ex-Navy SEAL can practically rig a bomb blindfolded. But there’s no way to diffuse the inevitable fireworks the day Eve Edens walks back into his life, asking for help…


Eve doesn’t know what to do when the Chicago police won’t believe someone is out to hurt her. The only place to turn is Black Knights Inc—after all, no one is better at protection than the covert special-ops team. Yet there’s also no one better at getting her all turned on than Billy Reichert. She has a feeling this is one blast from the past that could backfire big time…


One heck of a riveting plotline… Born Wild is definitely not to be missed!” —RT Book Reviews, 4 ½ Stars

A wild roller coaster ride of a story… Nonstop action.” —Fresh Fiction

“Drama, danger and sexual tension… Romantic suspense at its best.” —Night Owl Reviews, 5/5 Stars, Reviewer Top Pick

Julie Ann Walker is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Black Knights Inc. romantic suspense series. She is prone to spouting movie quotes and song lyrics, and prefers impromptu travel over the scheduled kind. You can find her on her bicycle along the lake shore in Chicago or blasting away at her keyboard, trying to wrangle her capricious imagination into submission. For more information, please visit or follow her on Facebook,, and Twitter, @JAWalkerAuthor

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