Kathryn J. Bain’s Beautiful Imperfection

Today I’d like to introduce you to one of my chaptermates from First Coast Romance Writers, inspirational romantic suspense author Kathryn J. Bain!


Kathy began writing more than twelve years ago. Her fifth book, Beautiful Imperfection was released on September 29.

She is the former President of Florida Sisters in Crime and is currently the Public Relations Director for Ancient City Romance Authors.

To survive and pay bills, she has been a paralegal for over twenty years and works for an attorney who specializes in elder law.

She has two daughters and a dog named Gretchen. Her first grandchild, Hope was born in May, 2013.

Kathryn grew up in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. In 1981, she moved to Boise, but it apparently wasn’t far enough south, because two years later she headed to Jacksonville, Florida and has lived in the sunshine ever since.

Below is the gorgeous cover for her newest release, Beautiful Imperfection, along with the back cover copy.


When witnesses to a mass murder start dying, breast cancer survivor Teddy Federline must push aside her anger and trust an ex-boyfriend to ensure she lives long enough to testify against the killer.

Detective Sloan Michaels still has deep feelings for Teddy but realizes that after the way he left her years ago, he has a lot of making up to do. Now, he must keep his focus on the case and off the woman he loves. If Sloan doesn’t keep Teddy safe, he’ll never get a second chance. 

Lena:  You write inspirational romantic suspense. Can you tell us a little about that? What can a reader expect when comparing your stories to mainstream romantic suspense?

Kathy:  Inspirational fiction has certain rules. No curse words, no sexual content, and Christian faith has to be worked in or present in the story.  However, in Beautiful Imperfection, there is what might be considered a partial nude scene. My character Teddy Federline looks at herself in the mirror, naked from the waist up. She’s gone through breast cancer and feels deformed. I thought people had to see what she was seeing. Of course, it’s minor and there is nothing sexual about it. The scene is more to let the reader get a feel for what Teddy was going through.

Lena:   Tell us about your newest release? What inspired you to write it?

Kathy:  Beautiful Imperfection features Teddy Federline who is going through depression after having gone through breast cancer. While out with a friend, she stops a mass murder in progress.  Witnesses to the murders start  getting killed so Teddy is put into protective custody with an ex-boyfriend who dumped her years ago. And of course he’s even more perfect than she remembered.

I chose to use breast cancer as my “scar” because I wanted something that wasn’t considered a “normal” mark. For readers of suspense you know that the hero might have been shot and has the scars to prove it. A woman was attacked and has the scar of the knife across her throat. These are considered “cool” scars in this genre. They are very common. I wanted something not so common and that only Teddy could see. I also wanted it to be more internal than external. Teddy wears a sweater to “cover” herself, though no one can see the scar with her other clothes on. It’s her emotional baggage that comes more into play than the breast cancer.  

Lena:   In addition to inspirational romantic suspense, you write “humorous fiction”. Again, tell us what that means. Do you prefer one genre over the other? Does that humor come through in your inspirational stories too?

Kathy:   Humorous fiction is where you have to make people laugh from page one to the end. Too many times a story will bill itself as humorous but halfway through the book the humor stops, and the book takes a serious turn.

Too be honest, my favorite genre to write is suspense, but after a couple of serious books, I need a break. I try to put humor in my inspirational stories. I have a character in my Lincolnville Mystery Series that adds a lightness to the books.

One reason I write secular in addition to inspirational is no inspirational publisher would have let me use the line, “It’s hard to keep a secret when you have nipples.” (from Knight & Day)

Lena:  (chuckle) What’s the next project readers can expect from you?

Kathy:   I have a suspense book Repent that I’m shopping around. (Someone is tossing people off tall buildings in Jacksonville). I’m also finishing my third Lincolnville Mystery Series titled One Last Breath.

Lena:  Sounds cool! Remind me to stay away from tall buildings when I go downtown. How do you research your stories? Do you have any fun or interesting research tidbits or experiences to share?

Kathy:   I do a lot of research online. For Beautiful Imperfection, I got a lot of information from Abigail Sharpe (author of Who Wants to Marry a Cowboy) who has gone through breast cancer. She was a wealth of wonderful information for my character.

Lena: Do you watch any crime dramas on TV? If so, what are your favorite shows and characters from those shows?

Kathy:   I love Castle and NCIS, though I’ve gotten behind on NCIS. I love the camaraderie of the characters with each other. They come across real.  

Lena:  LOVE NCIS. Or, more precisely, Mark Harmon. Yum! What would surprise readers the most about you?

Kathy:  Nothing. I live a pretty dull life. Other than writing, I’m a paralegal for an elder law attorney. I live with my dog, have two daughters, and my first grandchild was born in May. 

Lena:  Congrats on the grandchild! Now it’s time for a verbal fire drill. Think fast.

* Cats or Dogs?
Definitely Dogs. I just don’t get cat people.

* Beaches or Mountains?
I moved from Idaho to Florida. That should answer this question pretty well.

* Favorite food?
Chili-cheese fries (Mudville at St. Nicholas in Jacksonville has the best!)

* Favorite TV show?
Judge Judy. Love her, love her, love her

* Chicken or Steak?
Steak, medium rare. Any other way is just bad taste.

* Favorite book ever?
Too many to choose one. I’m a fan of Janet Evanovich and Dean Koontz. Impossible to choose just one of their books. And don’t get me started on C.J. Box, John Sanderson, Tess …

Thanks for joining us Kathy!

Kathy is gifting one lucky commenter with an ebook (Nook or Kindle) copy of Beautiful Imperfection. Just answer the following question.

What is the most courageous thing you’ve had to come through so far in 2013?

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  1. Thanks for being here today, Kathy! And congrats on your latest release. The cover is incredible and the story sounds so emotional and exciting.

  2. Welcome to K&T, Kathy! I like the idea of using breast cancer as Teddy’s emotional scar. It’s a subject a lot of authors won’t touch, but so many women face it. Good luck shopping Repent. 🙂

  3. I love that cover! Beautiful and touching.
    The most courageous thing I’ve come through so far in 2013? After losing my sister to breast cancer in 2012, everything in 2013 has seemed easier.

  4. Watching my sister battle breast cancer. She has finished all treatment and is doing well. Here’s hoping & praying it stays gone.

  5. It’s so touching to hear these personal comments about the impact of breast cancer in people’s lives. Thank you for sharing and hugs.

  6. sherry gladden

    Burying my puppy who had been with me for four of the roughest years I have seen. She was my co-pilot when I traveled here to my son’s from Utah after my husband of 40 years died. She rode back home with me from Illinois to Utah when I decided it was time enough. She turned around and made the same trip when I decided to relocate back there a year later.Never a complaint from her except when we were’t next to a tree! Yes she was the greatest sidekick you could ever want for your trips, even at a minute’s notice. After we lived here a year, she was so happy to have some neat company from the Church, she ran into the road & was hit. She is buried under the back yard where her partner checks on her ever day.

  7. can’t think of anything

  8. Welcome to K&T, Kathy! I see that you have the iconic pink ribbon on Beautiful Imperfection’s cover. How brilliant of Lena to invite you in October which is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s so interesting to read how you craft an inspirational suspense story. Earlier today, I was listening to Terry Gross interview Elizabeth Smart and was really struck by how her strength to survive such an ordeal was rooted in her deep faith.

  9. Hi Kathy,
    So sorry to be chiming in late. I’m coordinating 2 categories for a contest and the deadline was last night. (Oh writers! Why do you always wait until the last minute!) 🙂

    The hardest challenge of 2013 is seeing my mother’s physical decline. She was given an antibiotic last Dec and 4 months later was diagnose with C-Dif (even the doc agree that particular ATB probably caused it.) But the intestinal disorder had become so bad (and of course she didn’t tell anyone) that in April she needed to be taken to the ER, blood transfusion and hydration/different ATBs for a week.

    It’s taken months to get her well and just when we thought we’d turned the corner, last month she suffered a TIA (transient ischemic attack, or mini stroke that disappears.) So for awhile she couldn’t talk and was back in the hospital where they’ve become very concerned about controlling her BP to minimize the risk of a full blown stroke. (Which is very prevalent on her side of the family.)

    My degree and license is in speech pathology, specializing in stroke patients, so I am realistic and ready. But its still hard seeing aging parents decline.

    Your novel sounds intriguing and heartfelt, what a wonderful combination, Kathy! Best of luck on sales and thank you for visiting with us today.

    • Thank you for stopping by with all you have on your plate. It’s always hard to watch a loved one decline. It’s a helpless feeling. I pray for you strength in the coming months, Sarah. And know, that no matter what happens, God always has a plan.

  10. Such amazing stories today. Thank you all so much for sharing. Hugs to Sarah about your mom. And thank you so much Kathy for being our guest!

  11. My father couldn’t get out of bed one morning due to extreme back pain. He spent the night at the hospital then was sent to a nursing home. His mind went goofy overnight and within a week I was faced with putting him on hospice, two weeks later, he stopped dialysis….As medical power of attorney, I was faced with making those decisions. That was 5 months ago, while still goofy, though he has good moments too, he is still with us! Those decisions were so scary and tuff…….but they were the right ones…..

    • Karen, that is a tremoundous decision to have to make. I’m also a paralegal for an Estate Planning attorney and we encourage our clients to sign a Living Will so their children don’t have to make such decisions. But even when the time comes, it’s hard. I’m glad to see your father is doing better. I’m praying for more heeling and strength for you while you go through this.

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