Fatal Series Author Marie Force Joins Rachel Inside the Actors Studio

Today I am thrilled to welcome Marie Force to Kiss and Thrill! Marie is the author of the intense and enticing romantic suspense Fatal Series in addition to the McCarthys of Gansett Island and other bestselling contemporary romance series.

Book 6 of the Fatal Series, FATAL MISTAKE, released in June to the great excitement of her fans, who launched the book onto the New York Times bestseller list, debuting at #20 on the ebook list.


A critical error.

A Cinderella season cut short.

A star player murdered.

D.C. is recovering from angry riots after one player’s mistake blew the D.C. Federals’ chance at the World Series, and Lt. Sam Holland is determined to unravel the twisted web of motives behind the star center fielder’s death. Was it a disgruntled fan, a spurned lover or a furious teammate?

While Sam digs through clues, her husband, U.S. Senator Nick Cappuano, fights for his political life in the final days of his reelection campaign as financial irregularities threaten his future. It’s a distraction Nick can ill afford with Sam in the midst of another high-profile murder investigation and both of them trying to help their adopted son, Scotty, cope with the murder of a ball player he admired.

 Determined to bring the killer to justice, Sam must root out the truth before another mistake proves fatal.

Marie has a special treat for our readers today, she is giving away the entire Fatal Series in ebook to 1 lucky commenter. If you’ve been dying to to read this series, here is your chance to nab them all. And to my Kiss and Thrill sisters – no fair to quit the blog so you’ll be eligible to enter the drawing. 😉

Marie chose my favorite type of interview for today’s blog, because I get to put on my James Lipton costume (Will Ferrell does him better, but since we’re not doing video I’m going to claim to come in a close second).

So now, without further delay, are Marie’s answers to my questions, unabashedly stolen from James Lipton, who adapted them from French television personality Bernard Pivot, who modeled his questions after the Proust Questionnaire.

1. What is your favorite word? Kerfuffle

2. What is your least favorite word? Lover

3. What turns you on? Intelligence

4. What turns you off? Ignorance

5. What sound or noise do you love? My kids’ laughter

6. What sound or noise do you hate? Rap music

7. What is your favorite curse word? Fuck. Is there another one?

8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? None.

9. What profession would you not like to do? Accounting.

10. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates? All your favorite people didn’t make the cut. Wouldn’t you rather be with them Down Under?

I have to admit, my answer is the same or similar to Marie’s for at least five of these (including #7). How about you? How many of your answers would line up with Marie’s?

One lucky commenter will win this:

Marie Force is the New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling, award-winning author of more than 25 contemporary romances, including The McCarthys of Gansett Island Series, the Fatal Series, the Treading Water Series and numerous stand-alone books. Her new series, The Green Mountain Series, begins Feb. 4, 2014 with “All You Need Is Love.”

While her husband was in the Navy, Marie lived in Spain, Maryland and Florida, and she is now settled in her home state of Rhode Island. She is the mother of two teenagers and two feisty dogs, Brandy and Louie.

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About Rachel Grant

Archaeologist Rachel Grant writes romantic suspense where archaeology, politics, and war collide.

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  1. Kerfuffle is my favorite word, too! Don’t you just love the way it sounds when you say it out loud? Maybe it’s that combo of hard and soft consonants. Hmm, that’s true for #7 too. Welcome to K&T, Marie! Fatal Affair is my favorite type of read–political intrigue, mystery, and romance. I’m going to enjoy reading through the entire series.

  2. I’ve been reading this series since the first book came out and have them all, so don’t enter me in the drawing… but I always look forward to the next FATAL book! The series just keeps getting better.

    Many similar answers– except I have no children, and ‘bollocks’ trumps ‘fuck’ any day 🙂

  3. These books are on my TBR pile and I’m waiting for the right time to read them because once I start a series, I have to read them all straight through without interruption. And I can’t wait to start!

    My answer to number 9 is different. The one profession I would never be is a lawyer. (my sister is a lawyer, but she’s different :))

  4. I can’t wait to read this series of books. They sound real interesting.

  5. Romantic suspense is a fave of mine and this series, plus the charming recreation, demanded my attention! I would love to read this!

    Ignorance definitely turns me off as well.

  6. that’s my favorite curse word too and no therre isn’t another lol

  7. I can honestly say that at least 6 answers are the same as I would answer, including 7 and I loved answer for 10!! Love this series, would recommend to anyone.

  8. Many of them! I will have to start saying kerfuffle out loud just for fun!!
    Great interview!!

  9. Love the series, keep on writing!!

  10. I match with 6 of her answers. I had to laugh at #9, b/c I was an asst. accountant for almost 5 years!!!!! btw, Marie Force is a new author for me. haven’t read any of her books YET, but I will !!!!!

    • I worked for the Association of Government Accountants for 16 years, so I know enough about accounting to be dangerous, and enough to know I have no business doing it. I just hired a CPA to work for me full time. That’s how great my needs are. LOL. Hope you enjoy the books!

  11. Reblogged this on Rachel Grant and commented:

    Today at Kiss and Thrill I’m hosting Fatal Series author Marie Force. Comment for a chance to win the entire series in ebook!

  12. Cara Materkowski

    Love love love this series and Marie Force in general is awesome!!

  13. There are other curse words than ‘fuck’??? That word comes outta my mouth more times than I care to count in a day! It’s so versatile! Oh, Mama sure is proud! 😉 And I HATE the word ‘lover.’ Abso-f*cking-lutely HATE it! I come across that word in a book & I groan (out loud) in annoyance.

    I love, LoVe, LOVE the Gansett series — read them all in a matter of days, (minus book 9 that hadn’t been released yet), then turned around & read them AGAIN! Then Book 9 came out & yeah, I was through it in less than a day! I’ve heard that the Fatal series is amazeballs, so I can’t wait to dig into it!

    • Last night, to my son’s great shock, I said, “I fucking hate spiders.” And then I said, “You didn’t hear that.” LOL! I try… Thanks Candi! Glad you enjoy Gansett and “amazeballs”? Love to hear that about the Fatal Series!

  14. Love Marie! I’m always so excited to read one of her stories.

  15. Angela Arrington

    I love all of Marie Force’s series. I stumbled upon the first fatal book, which was being offered for free and have been hooked ever since. I have now read all the fatal series books, all the McCarthy’s of Gansette Island series, and the Treading Water series. I am planning on reading the Green Mountain series and her single books.

    • Yay, thanks so much Angela! Delighted to have you as a reader. Can’t wait to get the Green Mountain books out there! About to finish book 2 today or tomorrow. 🙂

  16. I have yet to read this series and i would love to win these books..thanks for the giveaway…I don’t like the word lover either just does not sound right to me and there is nothing like the sound of kids laughter…keep up the awesome writing..you rock

    • Thanks, Jenn! I hate when someone refers to their significant other as their “lover.” Ewww, we get it already! LOL! Thanks for reading!

  17. I loved the Gansett Island series!! I’m sure the Fatal Series is just as awesome!

  18. Sheri Hartshorne

    I have loved all of your books. It would be wonderful to own the set. I usually get them on my kindle. Your books are always very enjoyable and entertaining. I don’t want to put them down.
    Keep writing.

  19. I’ve just read a few of these books and already love them. I admire the authors writing and I would love to win the whole series.

  20. I have a Fatal Addiction to all of Marie’s series as well as a deep respect for how she turned all those initial rejections into lemonade! Not to have moved forward on her own would have been a Fatal Mistake!

  21. Awesome books!

  22. I love “incognito” and dislike “packet” (for whatever reason). And #7 is my favorite, though outside of my car–or when home alone–I rarely use it. Of course, my characters are big fans. 😉

    What a great giveaway and fun interview. Thanks Marie and Rachel!

  23. Loved the Fatal Series…Sam is awesome, she reminds me of Jane off of Rizzolli & Isles…BTW Marie is pretty awesome too 🙂

  24. I absolutely love Marie! Her books are fantastic:)

  25. I love love love the McCarthy series. I just so happen to have started book one of the fatal series last night! I happened upon this post today…I think it was meant for me to see it! 😉

  26. As one of my favorite authors, Marie Force whets my appetite for mystery and romance…I devour every word she writes and “hunger” for her next adventure. As she says, we fans read faster than she can write. Keep up the great work Marie. I mark future release dates in my planner so I can plan ahead for my next “meal.”

  27. I absolutely LOVE Marie Force books! She is a phenomenal writer and I can’t wait to read more!

    • Thanks so much, Jessica! That’s so nice of you to say!

      • Absolutely the truth! When I start one of your books I am unable to put it down and read every free second I have! I have read the entire Gansett Island series, Georgia on my Mind, The Wreck,True North and the first two books in the Fatal series. I am impatiently waiting to be able to read the rest!

  28. Would love to win the Fatal Series ! Great interview! Love LOVE LOVE Marie Force !!!

  29. Love love love this author she is amazing great stories!!!

  30. Marie’s books are awesome! I was able to read the first book in this series and defiantly wanna be able to get my hands on the rest to find out more on Sam and Nick’s story. Happy reading…..

  31. I just recently found you Marie. I LOVED the McCarthy series and can hardly wait for the next book. Just finished The Wreck and have started the Treading Water series. The Fatal series is next up and then to the individual titles. You are a fabulous story teller. Keep those books coming!

  32. I have read the gansett island and treading water series. I loved all of the books in the series and would love to read the fatal series.

  33. I ended up with 5 answers matching Marie’s too. Kerfuffle is a fun word and not be you hear very often. I’ve enjoyed all the books I’ve read by Marie. Hope I win and get to lose myself in the Fatal series!

    • Thanks, Becky! It’s an awesome word, isn’t it? Fits a lot of occurrences in my life, too! LOL! Hope you get a chance to read the Fatal Series soon!

  34. Love Marie’s writing. I’ve been wanting to start the Fatal series…what better way than to win the ebooks!

  35. I agree with 4 of Marie’s answers. I definitely would not like to work in accounting. I worked for an accounting firm in their word processing department for about 8 months. It was SO boring! That is the least amount of time that I have ever been with a job since I started working over 12 years ago. Even my first job I stayed for 2 years! It was terrible!!

    • Sabrina, I spent 16 years with the government accountants and really loved my job–but I wasn’t doing anything with accounting. 🙂 Hope you have a fun job now! Thanks for stopping by!

  36. Have read everyone of your books absolutely loved everyone! Can’t wait for the next McCarthy book, stupid me read your new one way too fast now have to wait for next one next year. The fatal series is also fantastic can’t get enough of your books. Keep up the great writing I’m forever a fan and I get everyone I know to enjoy your books also. Sandy

    • Good news, Sandy–next McCarthy book will be out THIS year. I’m cranking it out as we speak! And I think no. 10 might be my favorite so far. Next Fatal book is March 24, 2014. Thanks for reading!

  37. I haven’t yet read the Fatal series, but would love to. I’m a huge fan of Marie’s. I’m currently enjoying the Gansett series.

  38. I have loved Marie Force’s books since the I opened “Maid for Love” I have read alomst all of her books except the Fatal series I have the first 3!!! They are all on my tbr list and are the next series on my nook!!!!
    I am hoping to someday have all of Marie’s books in paperback and all of the signed!!! Just a nice little thought!!!!

  39. It’s hard to say what my favorite word is. I love words, love playing with them, love reading them. I think they are powerful, healing,inspirational, and enlightening, but can also be hurtful and destructive.
    And, btw, I love, love, love Marie’s books.

  40. Marie, congratulations on your release…and New York Times Bestselling status. Great answers all. My favorite word is ‘indubitably’; hate ‘puke.’

  41. I am a huge fan of all Marie’s books, but the Fatal series, I mean Dr. Harry holds a special place for me.

    Thanks for the contest!

  42. Hello Marie! My wit, or the lack thereof, wouldn’t thrill anyone. I tend to be a blunt thinker and speaker. I TRY to be circumspect with comments though. 🙂 Marie, we share a lot of the same dislikes: ignorance, accounting and rap noise. But we have a difference of opinion about cursing as my fave curse word is “shit.” Love your stories ’cause I love romantic suspense…the best combo there is, bar none. I’m sure glad you like what you do ’cause that means you’ll keep doing it. 🙂 jdh2690@gmail.com

    • Thank you so much! Glad you enjoy the books and SHIT is a close second on my swear word list! That one I’ll say freely in front of the teenagers. 🙂

  43. Synchronicity is my favorite word, followed closely by serendipity. But kerfuffle is excellent too! I’d love to win the contest. Thanks for doing this!

  44. Love your books….this is the only series I have not finished. Would love to win the set. My favorite work is also fuck…learned it from my Mom..she was one of a kind!!!!!!

    • LOL Jane–that was my fear, that my kids would tell their shrinks that among all the OTHER things I taught them, Fuck was my favorite word. So I’ve kept that one for REALLY important occasions such as dropping the oldest at college with the advice, “Don’t fuck it up.” That kinda thing! Your mom sounds fun!

  45. Only 4 of my answers line up with Marie’s. One of those being about the rap music. That gets annoying very quickly.

    I first stumbled onto Marie’s books after downloading Maid for Love free on Amazon. After that, I was hooked, and I’ve been working my way through that series ever since. I also got a friend hooked on them as well. She’s already read the entire series, and is anxious for more.

    Thank you, Marie, for the opportunity to win this series.

    • Ugh that music that my adorable, sweet, baby-faced, soon to be 15 year old son LOVES and ADORES. BLAH! Hate it!

      So glad Maid for Love hooked you! Thanks for reading and hooking your friend. Hope you enjoy the Fatal Series!

  46. Awesome interview.. Awesome giveaway, Thanks for the chance to enter! 😉

  47. 4 of my answers are the same as Marie’s. My husband yells at me all the time “must you use that word” LOL

    • My husband loves it as much as I do! 😉 When we are by ourselves and funny bickering, there’s a lot of fuck you, no fuck YOU and then we giggle because we’re acting like idiots just because our kids aren’t around to hear us talking like that. Ahhh, 21 yrs of wedded bliss.

  48. I am currently reading the Treading Water series. In the middle of the second book I found out Marie was giving a talk at our local library! Last Thursday I went to meet her. Such a lovely woman! And her books… I can’t read fast enough!

    • Hi Pat! So nice to meet you last week and what timing when you were in the middle of the Treading Water Series! So glad you’re enjoying the books and hope you like the Fatal Series! 🙂

  49. 7 out of 10 line up … not bad, I think. I am a fan of Romantic Suspense and sorry to say I have not heard of this series, though it is now on my to-buy list. A writer friend recommended this blog interview and I cannot thank her enough. The chance to win and add to my literary collection is awesome. Thanks!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Cheryl! You’ll love the Fatal Series! And if you love RS you’ll want to visit Kiss and Thrill again – we showcase great romantic suspense authors. My TBR pile is HUGE. 🙂

      The winner for the giveaway will be announced on Thursday, so be sure to check back then.

    • Good luck, Cheryl! Hope you get to try the Fatal Series soon!

  50. Received my order last week, I can’t wait to start reading your books!

  51. I would definitely be hearing the same reply for question 10! Most of my friends favor the F or C words! Personally ‘bollocks’ and ‘cocksucker’ are faves of mine. I love Marie’s Gansett series and can’t wait to start on the fatal series!

  52. I agree with 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 & love #10. I have not heard of this series until now, but plan on getting “with it” as I love romantic suspense & would love a little bit more in my life. BTW, I am a 63, widowed grandma of 16 & great grandma of 4!!!

  53. Thanks for joining us Marie! I’ve just begun the Fatal series and am loving it! But I need to skip ahead because I love baseball. Would that throw me off to move directly from Fatal Affair to Fatal Mistake?

    Great job as usual Rachel. I’m afraid I’m O for Seven unless we can add a mother in front of Marie’s number seven 🙂

    • Yes, very much so, Carey. There’s an overall story arc to the series that you would miss out on if you skip from 1 to 6. Hope you enjoy the books!

  54. I have read all of the Gansett Island books and I really wanna start on the Fatal Series next. Just had hip surgery so I have had plenty of time to catch up on my reading.

  55. Wow – kerfuffle… I didn’t know that word (French being my maternal language). I just LOVE Marie’s books, writing style, humor – the whole package!!! I haven’t gotten around to read the Fatal Series yet so I would love to win this!

    • Thanks Elisabeth! Hope you get to read about Sam, who I think is the funniest character I’ve ever written. She cracks ME up. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  56. I loved all of the Gansett books! I found them, bought them all on my Kindle, and went to town. Uh oh, I just finished #9. Now what? Now I start more of Marie’s books. We do agree on some of your answers to the quiz. I love the sound of a child’s laughter. I guess that’s why we adopted 4 of our grandchildren when they were little. The youngest is now 17. While I’m reading one of your other books, I will be waiting for #10.

  57. ive read all your books except the fatal series. dont know why i have not completed this set. i did read the first one tho..maybe this will give me a chance to say i have read all of you!!!!

  58. Angela Oberholtzer

    Marie – you sold me on the Gansett Island series. It was such a wonderful addiction. My husband and I are planning a trip to Block Island next summer. Can’t wait purchase and start the Fatal Series and lose a little sleep.

    As for the answers to your interview questions – I would have to say if I had to answer #10 (the heaven question) – it would be: “Girl – you fought me so hard to get you here (I am a 2 x cancer survivor), I am going to have to let you in although you and I BOTH know where you belong….LOL!

  59. You can ask my mom. . .we have the same favorite curse word! ;)- Love the Fatal Series. . .and so do my friends.

  60. Love, love the McCarthy’s, I have them all! I love, love, love the Fatal series, I only have 2 and on a budget. Please choose me!

  61. I have not read this series as of yet. Though it does sound like it will be an excellent read.

  62. I have read the Gansett Island series and LOVE it. This set is on my to read list. I have to agree with about 5 of Marie’s answers as well. Great interview!

  63. I’m a FATAL addict — to be completely honest, I’m really a FORCE addict. I’ve read all Marie’s books, loved them each & every one, and am always waiting for the next one. Can’t recommend her books highly enough — they’re amazing reads! Whoever wins this fab giveaway will be a lucky reader.

  64. I love the Fatal series and Sam and Nick! Keep ’em coming, Marie! Hope I win!

  65. I am so enjoying the gansett series & would love to be the lucky winner. I helped Marie see better with her eyeglasses which she needs to continue her awesome writing!

  66. I have been reading Marie’s book for along time.I use to look up her name to see when she had another one coming out.Her writing is awesome and you fall in love with her characters.With all these independent writers coming out,you change and discover new authors.Not me,Marie will always be my go to author.Keep writing Marie,I love you.

  67. I’m a voracious and picky reader, especially hate typos and loss of continuity, etc., But I love Marie Force. Started with 1 bundled with another author (maybe Linda Howard?) and have since bought and read all of them. Some a couple of times. Curious as to why all the books show almost a thousand pages and pages jump 3-4 instead of 1 but just curious, it doesn’t interrupt a great read. Thanks for the hours of reading treasure!

  68. Fuck n ignorance

  69. You are a great author. I came across you by accident. I downloaded Maid for Love and feel in love with your books. I have read everyone in the last month

  70. I just Love Marie’s books and have read them all. I’m excited about this giveaway because this is the only series I read out of order, and only because I was being cheap and depending on the library so I don’t own them and cannot go back to them. I sooooo hope I win so I can go back and read them in order….would be sooooooo much better!

  71. Love, love, love Marie’s books. They are a great way to spend the day or sometimes the night. Just can’t put them down.

  72. I use to hate the curse word fuck until I started reading my romance novels again. Now like Marie it’s my favorite. Plus I’m older and more independent. Use to be shy and withdrawn

  73. Hi Marie,
    Love your Gansett Island series! Can’t wait to try your other series. Have a great day!

  74. Answers for 6, 8, and 8 would fit me to a tea! I am a teacher and wouldn’t want to do anything else! Love Marie’s books! I have read a couple of the Fatal books so I would love to get the whole series!

  75. I love reading how everyone’s answers compare with Marie’s! Thank you so much to everyone who has visited and commented today. Keep those comments coming because there is still plenty of time to enter the drawing.

    I want to remind everyone to be sure to check back here on Thursday, when the winner will be announced. The winner will have 10 days to contact Kiss and Thrill to claim their prize.

  76. I’m a HUGE fan of Marie and this is one of my favorite series that just keeps getting better and better!!! These were great questions!! I also HATE the word lover!! lol Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  77. Awesome! I would love to win this series as I haven’t started it yet! I love Marie Force and have read all her other books. Can’t wait for the new series and the next McCarthy book!

  78. I like # 5 & 7 as well. I just love your books. The McCarthy Series is my favorite. I LOVE the way you write the series and all the interactions with the characters. I haven’t read the Fatal Series yet but plan to this winter. Thanks again for all your great books. 🙂

  79. I would love to win these ebooks

  80. I haven’t read this series yet, but am looking forward to it. I like romantic suspense.

  81. Oh Marie and Rachel, forgive me for joining the party so late! My daily routine has been off for awhile and I just realized it was Tues. With 150 comments, I’m thinking you didn’t miss me!

    Wow, what a showing! And such a testament to how great your series is, Marie. I’m thrilled you are helping romantic suspense so much in a publishing world that keeps trying to tell us RS is dead. I LOVE the Fatal books and by our audience today zi am not alone.

    Rachel, I have such a blast reading your ITAS interviews. Let’s see which question I haven’t answered yet…least favorite career. I think a school bus driver. Don’t know why that popped into my head. 🙂
    Maybe a crime scene cleaner-upper.

    Best of luck, Marie! We can hardly wait to host you again…at which time I wil be the very FIRST commenter.

    • Thanks for having me, Sarah! If you ask me, the demise of RS has been greatly exaggerated. 🙂 Hope to come back again in March with a giveaway of Fatal Book 7!

  82. Love the fatal series and also the McCarthy series. Marie is one of my favorite authors

  83. Definitely can’t wait to read these! I’ve loved every one of Marie’s books so far!

  84. I never really thought about the word “lover” before, but the more I do, the more I agree with Marie. And I think the only time I’ve ever used it in a book was ironically, so it must have been in my subconscious. 🙂

  85. Huge thanks to Marie for joining us yesterday and tackling the Inside the Actor’s Studio questions! I so enjoyed Marie’s answers and all of the comments.

    Marie, we’d love to have you back here in March with a giveaway for Fatal Book 7!

    Big congrats on your success with this series, and I was thrilled to read the news that all the Fatal books will be out in print next year!

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