Go Ahead, Judge a Book By Its Cover: Rachel Grant’s Body of Evidence

That’s one awesome cover, right? And it captures the essence of the book so well. Smart. Sexy. Desperate. Political.

Body of Evidence is a fantastic read that will challenge you, inspire you, terrify you, and lift you up in the end. I always learn so much when I read a Rachel Grant book, but I’m entertained in the process and don’t notice. This is an unputdownable, intense romantic thrill ride that cements Rachel Grant’s place in the vanguard of new romantic thriller authors.

I won’t keep you in suspense any longer. Here’s the low down on


“Top-notch page turner! The perfect mix of suspense and romance.”~ Jill Barnett, New York Times Bestselling Author

And she thought facing a firing squad was bad…

When archaeologist Mara Garrett traveled to North Korea to retrieve the remains of GIs lost in combat, she never imagined she’d be arrested, convicted of spying, and sentenced to death. Her only hope is Curt Dominick, the powerful, ambitious, and infuriatingly sexy US attorney prosecuting her uncle, a former vice president of the United States.Diamond Head

What starts off as a rescue mission quickly morphs into a race across the Pacific. Someone is after Mara, and they’ll risk everything to stop her from reaching Washington DC. With betrayal around every corner, Curt and Mara have little reason to trust each other and every reason to deny the sparks between them that blaze hotter than the Hawaiian sun. Still, desire clashes with loyalty when they discover a conspiracy that threatens not only their lives but the national security of the United States.

Turnabout is Fair Play.

Now let’s ask Rachel some of the same questions she likes to ask her victims, er, I mean the authors she interviews.

Carey: What published author (any genre) turns you into a total fangirl?  Is there a particular book or is this based on their entire body of work?

Rachel: I think I could meet most if not all of the authors I discovered as an adult and keep my cool, but there are three authors I discovered in my teens, who, if I were to meet them in person, would turn me into a blithering, dumbstruck fool:

Dean Koontz – I read WHISPERS at age 12 or 13 (1983, I think) and was blown away. From that moment forward, I was done reading kids books.

Elizabeth Peters – it’s her fault I became an archaeologist. The first book I read by her was THE CAMELOT CAPER. Pure pleasure.

Mary Higgins Clark – I discovered her at the same time I discovered Dean Koontz, and started with THE CRADLE WILL FALL. Dean Koontz made me a reader, Elizabeth Peters made me want to be an archaeologist, Mary Higgins Clark made me want to be a writer.

Carey: Have you ever written fan fiction, and if so, what work was it based on?  If you haven’t, what would you be tempted to write fan fiction about?

Rachel: I’ve never written fan fiction, but I think my writing developed from the desire to take the kinds of books I enjoy—romance, mysteries, and thrillers—and write the kind of book I want to read—a suspense heavy romance, or a romance heavy thriller.

I’ve read my share of thrillers that I thought would have been better with the emotional impact of a romance, and plenty of romance that I would have loved if there were more focus on the suspense.

Carey: I’m with you on that front! Facebook or Twitter?

Rachel: Twitter.

Carey: Once again, I’m with  you! I love the instant interaction of Twitter. What is the strangest weapon you’ve used to kill off a character, either on or off-scene?

Rachel: I haven’t gotten creative in this area, although, in Concrete Evidence, my heroine does defend herself with a sharp Marshalltown trowel. Does that count?

(And yes, archaeologists do speak about trowels by brand name—as long as the brand is Marshalltown [Goldblatt isn’t worth mentioning in my opinion]. Also, I’ve been to the Marshalltown trowel company’s headquarters in Marshalltown, Iowa. Yeah, archaeologists, we’re that cool.)

After reading this to my husband he pointed out that in CONCRETE EVIDENCE a character is killed with a refrigerator.

Carey: LOL. Tell us about Body of Evidence.

Rachel: BODY OF EVIDENCE was a gift. From the moment the concept hit me—an archaeologist working for JPAC in North Korea sentenced to death by firing squad, her only hope for rescue, a US Attorney on the verge of prosecuting the biggest case of his career—I knew I HAD to write it. But the year following the initial inspiration was a difficult one on a personal level, and my writing was derailed for about ten months. Finally, when I got back to the story, writing was a way to process grief and move forward. I wrote the last half of the book (50k words) in 15 days, and found my voice again as a writer.

Writing this book was exactly what I needed. I got to escape into Mara and Curt’s problems. I got to write my favorite kind of hero and heroine—smart people who get caught up in an extraordinary situation—and give them the happy ending I wish we all could have.

I loved writing Mara’s understandable but conflicted hero worship of Curt, and Curt’s legendary control slowly crumbling. I wish every couple, every conflict, came to me this clearly.

Carey: Thanks so much Rachel. I loved this book and I know our readers will too!

Body of Evidence opens in North Korea and then races across the Pacific. What settings, exotic or otherwise are your favorites for romantic suspense? One lucky commenter will win a digital copy of BODY OF EVIDENCE!

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About Carey Baldwin

Carey Baldwin is a mild-mannered doctor by day and an award winning author of edgy suspense by night.

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  1. Carey, thanks so much for the cover love and your wonderful praise of Body!

    Everyone at Kiss and Thrill has been so supportive, and I am so utterly grateful to be a part of this amazing group. I don’t know how I could have gotten to this release day without you!

    • Body of Evidence is an awesome book, and I am honored to be part of your release day excitement! I think my favorite location for suspense is anywhere with sweltering heat. I love sweltering 🙂

  2. I am so proud of you, Rachel! And I love your cover (are you tired of hearing that yet).
    I am also a huge Elizabeth Peters fan and The Cradle Will Fall was the first MHC book I ever read. I was hooked on the genre from that point on.
    No wonder we get along so well!
    Happy Release Day!

  3. What a fun interview! And Carey, you have a way with reviews. Anyway, I couldn’t agree more. This book is everything I like in a romantic suspense. Smart, sexy, and exciting. Love the cover!

    • OMG – Carey writes the BEST reviews. I am so lucky!!

      So glad you enjoyed Body, Gwen. One of my favorite memories in writing this book was the all-nighter we pulled together in 2011.

  4. I like all different types of settings. My favorites are the ones where the author really brings the place alive to me.

  5. Hi Rachel,

    Congratulations on your release. I love the plot! This one is definitely going on my TBR list.

    I’m not sure I have a particular setting that I prefer. It’s a romantic suspense, I’m totally there. 😉

  6. Reblogged this on Rachel Grant and commented:

    To celebrate the release day for Body of Evidence, Carey Baldwin interviewed me at KissandThrill.com.

  7. I don’t think there is any setting that I wouldn’t enjoy reading in the hands of a good author. It’s all about the writing. 🙂

    I’m curious to hear more answers from readers, because today’s blog question stemmed from an email discussion between the K&T ladies, on the topic of foreign settings and whether or not readers enjoy them.

    If you like or don’t like foreign settings, we’d love to hear your opinion!

  8. Congratulations on your release day, Rachel!

    This third suspense had a whiplash-fast intrigue right from the first sentence. I loved the Hawaiian setting (3 islands compromised our honeymoon) and the irony that they are trying so hard to ESCAPE Hawaii! Nice twist, ‘cuz I’m ready to escape Houston for Hawaii…any day.

    Best of luck on sales!

  9. Rachel, I don’t know where to start commenting on all the awesome things you mention in the interview, so will start here: I love that Elizabeth Peters inspired you to become an archaeologist!!! And continue here: “I think my writing developed from the desire to take the kinds of books I enjoy—romance, mysteries, and thrillers—and write the kind of book I want to read—a suspense heavy romance, or a romance heavy thriller.” I love this idea of writing the books we like to READ, but can’t always FIND. I’m itching to read CONCRETE on my TBR pile, and now BODY! Both look AWESOME!!!

    Write ON!!!!

  10. I like Hawaii & Montana as settings for books.

  11. So happy it’s release day for BOE! It’s such a great combination of suspense and romance plus a story unlike any other I’ve ever read in either genre! Kudos, Rachel!

    Fab author spotlight, Carey 🙂

    I like unusual settings–catacombs under a city, an expedition down the Amazon, a race across Hawaii…:-)

  12. Sounds great, Rachel. I’ll be adding this one to my TBR pile. The setting of a book doesn’t draw me in — or keep me from reading. That said, I read a lot of historicals set in England (Victorian or Regency), and contemporaries set in quirky smaller towns.

  13. Congrats on your release day, Rachel. Sounds like a great read. My book that just released last month, VERMONT ESCAPE, is set would you believe, in Vermont. I love New England and especially Maine. Haven’t set a book there yet, but feel it coming. 🙂

  14. Congratulations, Rachel! I absolutely loved this book and am so very proud of you. I know it will rock the socks off of your readers.


  15. Can’t wait to read BOE. LOVE love LOVE the cover!! It’s awesome to see all your hard work and dedication paying off. I’m headed to add BOE to my TBR list on my iPad. Congrats!!

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