Congratulations Sharon and Krista!!!

Last week was an exciting one for all of us at Kiss and Thrill, so you’ll have to excuse me for a moment while I pause to brag a bit about my brilliant blogmates.

photo-2First up, huge congrats the the amazing and talented Sharon Wray, who not only won the Single Title Romantic Mystery/ Suspense Daphne award for her manuscript ROGUE’S ESCAPE, but also won the overall unpublished Daphne for having the highest score!

Second, we are all thrilled and delighted that Krista Hall won the Golden Heart® for best Romantic Suspense for her fabulous manuscript BROKEN PLACES! Congrats Krista!!!


Last, because Krista couldn’t make it to RWA in Atlanta this year, special thanks go to Sarah Andre, who accepted the award
on Krista’s behalf. Sarah was stunning and wonderful as she delivered Krista’s touching speech. (And thank you to Lena Diaz, who recorded the speech so I could watch the excitement at home.)

About Rachel Grant

Archaeologist Rachel Grant writes romantic suspense where archaeology, politics, and war collide.

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  1. Rachel, the video cuts off in the middle.

    Lena Diaz

  2. Sorry, Lena, that’s all that got sent to me. Will upload more if I get more.

    Congratulations again Sharon and Krista!! We’re so proud of you.

  3. Congratulations to Krista & Sharon! WOW!

  4. Congrats! Undoubtedly well-deserved wins! Gotta get to reading as soon as I can get my hands on them 🙂

  5. So thrilled for Sharon and Krista! Sarah did a fabulous job standing in for Krista. Thank you so much, Lena for recording the speech, and Diana for adding it to the post!

  6. WOWOWOWOW Krista and Sharon!! You are so talented and so deserving. xoxoxoxo

  7. Congratulations to Krista for winning the Golden Heart! Congratulations to Sharon for winning both her individual category and the overall Daphne du Maurier! And Sarah, you were awesome giving the speech. I’m so glad I caught that on video (and Diana was able to hold my hand and help me figure out how to get the darn thing to her!). May we all be RITA nominees next year!!!!

  8. Wasn’t Sarah magnificent!

    Congratulations, Sharon!

    Thanks, everyone! The shock (and the huge smile on my face) still hasn’t worn off 🙂

  9. HUGE congratulations to KRISTA and SHARON!!!

    Lena, I’m also a bit of a nutcase today. What a frenzied week.

    Rachel, you’re so thoughtful for doing a special blog to draw attention to our special members.

    Diana and Amy, thank you for working on the video so everyone could see how touching Krista’s thank-you speech was. I won’t be watching it though…I lived it. 🙂

    And for what it’s worth: I beta read Krista’s story and it is SUCH a mesmerizing novel! I hope you all have a chance to read the published version shortly. (Hear that, Krista? Get cracking on those query letters, you GH winner you!)

  10. What a talented group of ladies we have here! I’m so excited for you Sharon and Krista! And Sarah, you rocked the stage on Krista’s behalf. Thanks for putting this up, Rachel!

  11. Thank you so much! What a great conference and I was so happy to hear Krista’s name called on Saturday night. And Sara did a great job accepting for Krista! I am very blessed to be a part of this group!

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