HUSH. Carey Baldwin’s CONFESSION is coming!

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Today is a special treat because I get to ask the amazing and talented Carey Baldwin about her new release, HUSH, and then put her in the hot seat James Lipton-style and ask her the Inside the Actors Studio 10 questions.

I loved FIRST DO NO EVIL, so when Carey told us her plans for HUSH, I begged her to let me interview her so I’d get to read HUSH before everyone else. I simply couldn’t wait.

HUSH didn’t disappoint. Charlie and Anna drew me in from the first page. Carey’s smooth voice, rich characterization, and deft plotting made the novella an absolute pleasure to read. I’m anxiously awaiting her next release and have a feeling it will be a knock-down drag out-fight between the rest of the K&T ladies and myself over who gets to host Carey then.

To celebrate HUSH, Carey is giving a copy and a box of chocolates from the I Love Lucy Super Store to one lucky commenter. Be sure to check back on Tuesday to see if you are a winner.

Rachel: Carey, I know HUSH started out as something different. Can you tell us about how the story changed?

Carey: Rachel, HUSH was truly a labor of love for me. I wrote the first version of this novella specifically for inclusion in a limited-time charity anthology, Three Weddings and a Murder. Between anthology sales and private donations Leigh LaValle, Tessa Dare, Courtney Milan and I raised over $10,000 for breast cancer research. So thank you readers!

The other novellas from the anthology have already been individually released for profit, and I had planned to do the same with mine. But the truth is, around that time, my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and he eventually lost that battle. I know everyone handles loss differently, but for almost a year, I simply couldn’t bring myself to write.

When I did pick up the pen (okay, keyboard) again, I decided to do a major rewrite of my novella. The inciting incidents remain the same, but the events behind them have changed, and it’s a significantly longer story. The title, HUSH, is also new. I absolutely loved telling Charlie and Anna’s story, and I hope readers will enjoy it too!

hush-titleReformed bad boy Charlie “Drex” Drexler returns to his hometown of Tangleheart, Texas hoping to make peace with his dark past and make amends to those he’s wronged. He’s also looking to reconnect with an old flame. But Anna won’t cooperate, new questions tear open old wounds, and his best friend’s wife and baby disappear. Can Drex and Anna mend their broken hearts while fighting for their lives and racing to bring mother and baby home safely?

Click here to read the prologue.

Rachel: I know you have more exciting news to share, so spill.

Carey: I’m so so thrilled to tell you that I’ve recently signed a two-book deal with Harper Collins for the new Witness suspense line over at William Morrow.

I’m excited to be part of this brand new line that launches in October with a mix of classic titles (Agatha Christie), best-selling authors and new voices. I fall into the “new voices” category of course!

To quote from Harper Collins’ press release on the new Witness line:

“It’s an exciting collection of brand-new content, international bestsellers not previously available in the U.S., and newly digitized backlist classics. It runs the gamut from police procedurals to literary suspense; historical mysteries to action thrillers.”

Of course I gotta sneak a little romance in there!

My first book, CONFESSION, releases March 4th, 2014. The story centers around a wet-behind-the-ears psychiatrist, Faith Clancy, whose very first patient confesses, while they are alone in session, that he is the twisted serial killer who’s been terrorizing the city.

Rachel: I can’t wait for CONFESSION! Okay, it’s Inside the Actors Studio time, where Carey answers the ten questions James Lipton asks at the end of the show.

iStock_000010605742MediumWhat is your favorite word? Mountain stream. Yeah, I know that’s two words. I’m like that!

What is your least favorite word? No!

What turns you on? Really? Geez. My husband and Brad Pitt.

What turns you off? Sardines. Big time.

What sound or noise do you love? Mountain stream. Hmm.

What sound or noise do you hate? I hate the sound of gossip.

What is your favorite curse word? Mother F****** Read my books, you’ll see. 🙂

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Dude, three’s enough!

What profession would you not like to do? Anything involving cleaning.

If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates? Come on in, your mom and dad are throwing you a welcome home party.

Now it’s our readers’ turn to answer a hot-seat question: What is your favorite word?  One lucky commenter will win a copy of HUSH and a box of chocolates!

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Amazon | B&N | iTunes | Goodreads

Amazon | Goodreads

About Rachel Grant

Archaeologist Rachel Grant writes romantic suspense where archaeology, politics, and war collide.

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  1. That’s a tough question. I would pick home as my favorite word.

  2. Love is my favorite word:)

    I can’t wait to read Hush. I love your writing, Carey!

    • Thanks so much, Rachel! I hope you like it. Okay, now you guys have me re-thinking my favorite word 🙂
      There’s love, home, family….but what do I come up with? Mountain stream 🙂 . I guess it’s because I always feel so connected with the universe when I’m out in nature.

  3. Ooh, Carey, CONFESSION sounds great. I’m not good at picking favorite anythings, but I do have a strong liking for the word “incognito”. 😉

  4. I love watching Inside the Actors Studio and I often skip to the end to the 10 question part.. I love your answer to favorite cuss word 🙂 I dont think I have a particular word i like overall. Its usually a phrase from a movie – that changes – my son has a form of autism and a long time ago I learned that was the best way to communicate with him – we thrown things out like “Your not afraid of the dark are you” ” We’re gonna need a bigger boat”

    • I am guilty of hitting that fast forward button to get the end and those answers, too. Unless the guest is Brad Pitt. Then I watch every second of the interview 🙂 . It was fun to get to answer the Actor’s Studio question myself.
      Cindy, that’s sounds like a great way you have developed to make communication easier with your son. I’m smiling at those phrases.
      Now, that I think about it, I think we have phrases in my family we use over and over again. The staple is “Love you more”.

    • Cindy, what a great way to communicate!

      We still quote Monty Python, The Princess Bride, and This is Spinal Tap at my house. Hmm. I think I need a new repertoire.

  5. Great interview, Rachel and Carey. Congrats on your awesome novella, Carey. As you know I LOVED HUSH!

  6. I was going to say melody and while I love the sound of the word, my favorite word must be the one I used the most. So my favorite word is love.

  7. Carey, so thrilled HUSH is out in the wild! I loved it so much!

    Favorite word… since I knew this question was coming, it seems like i should have come prepared. Right now, given my growing to do list, I think my favorite word is DONE. 🙂

  8. So glad to be introduced to you and your writing today, Carey. I love suspense and romance together. Makes for thrilling, quick reading. I think I love the word “sweetheart,” ’cause it’s what my hubby and I say to each other every night before lights are out…Goodnight sweetheart. But when I’m angry or frustrated or upset, the word is “shit.” What a contrast, huh? Janice

    • Janice, thank you. I have to say while I was reading your answer first, I was saying awww, and then I then l nearly spewed my coffee. That would’ve been an occasion for your second word.

  9. Mountain stream? Lol weird fave word Carey Baldwin.
    Mine would have to be love or family…… Aawww!! After that it would be= crazy (craycray) I use it a lot lately

    • I know. That does seem weird! But I love mountain streams and wildflowers. I had surgery a few years back, and (according to my son) when they gave me the happy juice before taking me off to the OR, I started saying “wildflowers” over and over and then drifted off. I was worried I would curse or say something naughty when I went under. But nope. It was “wildflowers.”
      Cray Cray, huh? Thanks, Risa!

  10. As usual, a wonderful interview to promote a great novella. I loved Hush and am so happy Carey has two more books coming out with Harper Collins. That is fabulous news and I am so happy for you!!!

  11. I have a lot of favorite words, but today my favorite one is: Malala. I was listening to an excerpt from Malala Yousafzai’s speech at the UN today and was struck by how lovely her name sounds and how wise her words were. “One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world.”

    Brilliant interview, Carey and Rachel!

    Carey, congratulations on your new release of HUSH. Not only is it an exciting read, it’s also beautifully formatted from the cover to the very last page. Can’t wait for CONFESSION! Is it too early to call dibs? 😉

  12. Malala is 16 today. It’s her BD.

    HURRAY Carey, so much good news packed in such a short space! Loved HUSH amd am very excited to read CONFESSION, what a cool premise.

    FAV word, not that anyone needs to read anything into this: CRAZY.

    I like the k and z sound and that you can use it to express good, bad, angry, etc., emotions. Very versatile word.

    Best of luck on sales for CONFESSION and the Witness line!

  13. Virendra Singh Bhanu

    I read about this new social site the other day. It’s devoted to favorite words. Would be so interesting to know your take on it. The site has a perfect name for it: What do you think?

  14. virendra singh bhanu

    I read about this new social site the other day. It’s devoted to favorite words. Would be very interesting to know your take on it. The site has a perfect name for it: What do you think?

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