What’s in your beach bag? Summer reading with K&T…

Fourth of July week kicks off one of my favorite annual rituals: summer reading. There’s something about the hot days and slower pace that has me eagerly sliding books off my TBR pile and into my oversized beach bag along with the towels and swimsuits. This summer I’ll be reading the first book of a mystery series that’s been on my TBR pile forever, re-reading an old classic, and trying something completely different.

Here’s a peek at what’s in my bag:

Krista's Pool Bag

Baltimore Blues (The First Tess Monaghan Novel) by Laura Lippman

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

The Book of Rhymes: The Poetics of Hip Hop by Adam Bradley

But that’s not nearly enough for the whole summer so I asked my K&T blogmates to help me out by sharing their summer reading plans. To get a more complete picture, I also wanted to know about their favorite summer reading spots. Hope you have a pencil and paper handy to jot down these great suggestions 🙂


Criminal by Karin Slaughter

Fifth Grave Past the Light by Darynda Jones

When Lightning Strikes by Brenda Novak

Sarah’s fav reading spot: on the back porch in the morning (before it gets too hot) or sofa after dinner instead of TV.


Hush by Carey Baldwin

Ghost Planet by Sharon Lynn Fisher

Rush by Joan Swan

Rachel’s fav reading spot: usually in bed, but I’m looking forward to trying out the hammock my husband thinks I bought for him.


The White Princess by Philippa Gregory (July 2013)

Shadow of the Crown by Patricia Bracewell

Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel

Bringing Up The Bodies by Hilary Mantel

Sharon’s fav reading spot: any place where I can be alone, and during the summer that means in the car waiting for kids to finish their activities. But when I was a teenager, I lived on a lake and had a sunfish sailboat which I would take out in the morning, anchor in the middle of lake, and read for hours by myself. It was Heaven!


Unseen by Karin Slaughter

The Ninth Girl by Tami Hoag

Lost by S.J. Bolton

Manda’s fav reading spot: piled up in bed with my cats and dog!


Unlawful Contact by Pamela Clare

Aftershock by Jill Sorenson

Moonshell Beach by JoAnn Ross

And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini

Gwen’s fav reading place:  under a tree by the water on a mild, sunny day.  Usual reading spot: either standing at the kitchen table during my lunch, or–when I can grab a few minutes–sitting in my favorite chair in the extra room at the front of the house that no one else uses but me.


Grave Danger by Rachel Grant

The Cursed by Alyssa Day

The Kill Room by Jeffery Deaver

Games People Play by Shelby Reed

Lena’s fav reading spot: on the couch with a pillow, a blanket, and a glass of ice-cold Diet Dr. Pepper.


The Heiress Effect by Courtney Milan (July 15, 2013)

 Six Years by Harlan Coben

 Ashes, Ashes They All Fall Dead by Lena Diaz (September 2013)

 Why Dukes Say I Do by Manda Collins (July 30, 2013)

Carey’s fav reading spot: on the treadmill, with my ears. I’m turned on to audiobooks now and I can’t go back. 

DIANA BELCHASE recommends….

(Check out DianaBelchase.com for reviews)

Under His Nose by Candice Gilmer

Hush by Carey Baldwin

Last Refuge by Marcia Talley

All the books by K&T authors (check out the book covers on the right)

Diana’s fav reading spot: on the swing that hangs from the giant sycamore in my front yard.

Still looking for more titles? Check out the RITA Award nominees for best romantic suspense of the year: 2013 RITA Nominees

BTW, my fav reading spot: sprawled on the wicker couch on my screened porch with the fan blowing full blast, the cicadas kicking up a ruckus, and an ice cold popsicle in my hand.

What book is in your beach bag? And where’s your fav reading spot?

whitehouse 119Happy summer reading!!

About Krista Hall

Author of RWA Golden Heart ® Award for BROKEN PLACES

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  1. I love it when we share reading lists. I always get great ideas to add to my stack of books I want to read. Thanks Krista! I’d also like to add WHO WANTS TO MARRY A COWBOY by Abigail Sharpe to my list. This is a fun read and perfect for a day at the beach.

  2. Thank you Krista for putting this list together! I’l be spending most of the summer on the road, but I’m sure I can find a few hours to run away, hide, and read. And what a great list to choose from!

    Lena, I forgot about Abigail’s book. I can’t wait to read that one either!

  3. Great list of books everyone! Krista, thanks for pulling this together — especially with all of us so busy right now. And good luck in Atlanta in two weeks you Golden Heart Finalist!! Bring us home the gold. 🙂

    • Just being nominated is a thrill. Sending good luck vibes to Sharon. Has there ever been a tie? Hope everyone has a fab time in Atlanta.

      Diana, you have some great summer reading reviews on your website! Thanks for sharing them here too.

  4. Love seeing everyone’s list! Krista, great post and I’m totally intrigued by your reading list.

    • Rachel, I’ve heard great buzz about Ghost Planet and you can’t go wrong with anything by Joan Swann. Thanks for reminding me to add those to my TBR pile.

      Super excited about our own Carey Baldwin’s HUSH!

  5. Thanks for putting this together, Krista! There are some great suggestions here. I would add Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn ( I just finished this one) as a recommendation- but only for those who like DARK reads and no happy ending. It’s no romance. But it’s bone chilling. I’m still quivering!

    Thanks, Krista! I’m super excited about HUSH too!

    I want to add good luck wishes to our Golden Heart finalists, and let you know you are winners in my book!

  6. My TBR pile is growing, just as I was getting caught up! Sharon, I envy that little sailboat on the lake. How heavenly.

    Good luck to Krista and Sharon in the GH!

  7. Hi girls!
    Just got back from golf and am about to go wine tasting. No book reading today, LOL! I picked up a novel on impulse while shopping yesterday and so far it’s sensational (I’ve read several of her works) BEAUTIFUL DAY by Elin Hilderbrand. Kind of a romance.

    Thanks for the list Krista, and happy 4th everyone!

  8. The current book in my beach bag is : The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom. Love so far. My fave summer reading spot is at the park under a tree, where I can glance every now and then at my kids playing in the playground. Gets us all out of the house.

  9. My favorite reading spot by far is (indoor choice) my brown leather couch with my favorite green blanket or (outdoor choice) by the water… any water will do 🙂 I always try to read lighthearted “feel good” books during summer. I leave my heavy, deep and real reading for the fall and winter months. My summer recommendation is “The Facebook Diet” by author Gemini Adams (http://www.unplugseries.com/). In The Facebook Diet the author presents 50 hilarious cartoons clearly indicating Facebook addictions and ways to overcome this habit and Unplug with a “Digital Detox”. The cartoons are in-your-face-funny and the text accompanying them is witty and oh-so-true that I was grinning, laughing, and nodding my head at each page as I thought, “Yes, I do this…..” Hope you will give it a read!

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