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Juliette Sobanet’s Murder, Suspense, and Time-Travel Romance . . . in Paris!

Today I’d like to extend a warm K&T welcome to Juliette Sobanet, bestselling Montlake author of Parisian-inspired romantic suspense stories. And in celebration of her latest releases, Dancing with Paris and Midnight Train to Pariswe’re chatting about Paris, romance, time travel, and, of course, murder. I am also honored to say that Juliette is my critique partner and one of my dearest friends. (But before we start, I have to pour the cafe au lait and serve the French pastries!)


JS: Thank you so much for having us on Kiss and Thrill!

SW (a little confused at the three beautiful women suddenly sitting in front of me eating my chocolate croissants): You brought friends?

JS: A funny thing happened on the way over here. Two of my heroines, Claudia and Jillian, heard you were serving pastries and just showed up!

SW (who didn’t need to eat three chocolate croissants anyway): Welcome, ladies. Before we get started, can you tell us a little bit about yourselves?

Sobanet FINAL-Dancing with ParisClaudia (sighing and looking bleary-eyed): I’m a marriage and family therapist from San Diego, and normally I’ve got it all together. But lately…not so much. I’m pregnant from a one-night stand, in love with a gorgeous French actor, and after a spill in my grandmother’s San Diego Dance studio, I woke up to find myself in a 1950s Parisian cabaret club. (And no, I haven’t lost my mind).

SW (slightly shocked): Wow.

JS: Well, if I had to time travel, 1950s Paris sounds pretty glamorous. What’s the problem?

Claudia (shrugging): Oh, I’ve got much bigger issues than the whole time travel debacle. When I woke up in the cabaret club, I was speaking fluent French, and I’m not me anymore. I’ve found myself in the voluptuous body of the star of the show—Ruby Kerrigan. Apparently, I was Ruby in my past life (still trying to wrap my head around all of this!), and it just so happens that Little Miss Ruby is under investigation for the murder of a fellow dancer. Apparently I have five days to figure out if Ruby (or rather, if I) actually committed the murder, or I’ll never make it back to my life in San Diego…or to my baby.

JS: I see why you’re a little freaked out about arriving in 1950s Paris! And I do hope you make it back to your baby–

Jillian (snorting): Stop whining, Claudia. At least you’re not on the brink of a World War.

SW (hoping to keep things peaceful): And who are you?

Sobanet_MidnightTrain_front_cvr_FINAL-1Jillian (nodding gracefully): Jillian Chambord from Midnight Train to ParisI’m a reporter for The Washington Daily, and I was just about to break the biggest story of my career when I found out that my twin sister was abducted from a luxury train traveling through the Alps. And as luck would have it, the lead investigator on the case is my ex…my smoldering, former CIA agent ex. Ugh.

Claudia (rolling her eyes): At least you haven’t time traveled to the past with no obvious way of making it back.

Jillian: Um…actually we have. As soon as we stepped on the midnight Orient Express train, something crazy happened, and we ended up in the middle of the Alps in 1937, on the same night that another mysterious train abduction took place. Now it looks as though we have to solve that crime before we have any hope of making it back to the present day and saving my sister.

JS: Looks as if you’re both in a pickle. Jillian, at least you haven’t traveled back in time to a past life, though.

SW: And it sounds as if Claudia may have it a bit worse.

Jillian: In the past twenty-four hours, I’ve had three people try to kill me. Please don’t tell me my situation isn’t serious.

Sobanet FINAL-Kissed in ParisSW (cringing): Sorry, Jillian.

JS: But you’re a tough reporter with kick-ass self-defense skills. And with that sexy investigator by your side, I think you can handle it.

Jillian (slamming down her coffee cup): I don’t want to talk about the sexy investigator.

Claudia (with one of those hidden smiles pregnant women are famous for): Sounds like you’re repressing some serious feelings for this man, Jillian. Are you still in love with him?

Jillian: Please don’t go all therapist on me, Claudia. Samuel and I are doing what we have to do to find these innocent women, my sister included, and once we’ve found them, we’ll part ways. That’s all there is to it.

Claudia: You’re stuck in the middle of the Alps with your gorgeous ex, and you’re telling me nothing is going to happen?

Jillian: Why don’t we turn the tables, Claudia? How about that mysterious French doctor who recently came to your aid? Why don’t you tell us more about him? Antoine is his name, correct?

Claudia (clears her throat): Um…yes, Antoine. He approached me on my first night at the club…and he happens to be the brother of the woman I’m being accused of murdering. Really not someone I should let myself fall for….but….

Jillian (glancing at Claudia’s still-flat stomach): Let me guess. He’s tall, handsome, with a super hot bod which you couldn’t possibly fall for? Because you would never do something like that.

Sobanet FINAL-Sleeping with ParisClaudia (blushing): I feel like I’ve known Antoine for my whole life, even though we’ve only just met. And there’s something about him that makes me all tingly and light-headed every time we talk. But I couldn’t possibly tell him the truth about who I really am, or that I’ve time-traveled here! He’ll have me committed.

SW (smiling): Sounds like true love, Claudia.

JS: If I’ve learned anything from creating the two of you, I’ve learned that nothing is impossible. Both of you—and your sexy men—gave me some serious problems (can we say re-writes anyone??) but I never gave up on you.

Jillian: Are you trying to say that you set us up in these impossible situations, Juliette?

419JaN5qbqLClaudia: And that you know how it’s all going to end?

JS (taking the last croissant): Before my characters try to kill me, I think we’d better call it a day! After all, Claudia and Jillian have murderers to catch, French pastries to eat, and sexy men to pursue.

Jillian: I’m in the middle of the French Alps in 1937. Where exactly am I going to find a pastry shop around here?

Claudia (smiling wide): The pastries in 1950s Paris are to die for.

Jillian: Oh, nice, Claudia. Rub it in, why don’t you?

JS: Ladies, ladies. You don’t have a lot of time to waste, remember? Now get back to your stories and keep my readers entertained!

SW: I agree! Juliette, can you please give us a short blurb for each story?

JS: Absolutely!

IMG_0511Dancing with Paris:

In Paris, a past life promises a second chance at love.

Straitlaced marriage therapist Claudia Davis had a plan—and it definitely did not involve getting pregnant from a one-night stand or falling for a gorgeous French actor. She thinks her life can’t possibly get more complicated. But when Claudia takes a tumble in her grandmother’s San Diego dance studio, she awakens in 1950s Paris in the body of Ruby Kerrigan, the glamorous star of a risqué cabaret—and the number-one suspect in the gruesome murder of a fellow dancer. As past lives go, it’s a doozy…especially when an encounter with a handsome and mysterious French doctor ignites a fire in Claudia’s sinfully beautiful new body.

But time, for all its twists and turns, is not on her side: Claudia has just five days to unmask the true killer, clear Ruby’s name, and return to the twenty-first century. To do so, she must make an impossible choice, one that will change the course of both of her lives forever.

IMG_0507Midnight Train to Paris:

When hard-hitting DC reporter Jillian Chambord learns that her twin sister, Isla, has been abducted from a luxury train traveling through the Alps, not even the threat of losing her coveted position at The Washington Daily can stop her from hopping on the next flight to France. Never mind the fact that Samuel Kelly—the sexy former CIA agent who Jillian has sworn off forever—has been assigned as the lead investigator in the case.

When Jillian and Samuel arrive in the Alps, they soon learn that their midnight train isn’t leading them to Isla, but has taken them back in time to 1937, to a night when another young woman was abducted from the same Orient Express train. Given a chance to save both women, Jillian and Samuel are unprepared for what they discover on the train that night, for the sparks that fly between them . . . and for what they’ll have to do to keep each other alive. Midnight Train to Paris is a magical and suspenseful exploration of just how far we will go to save the ones we love.

SW: Thank you so much, Juliette, for spending the day with us and for introducing us to Jillian and Claudia. And maybe next time we can meet Samuel and Antoine!

Now I’d like to ask our readers, if you had to time-travel to another city and time (with an incredibly sexy man, of course), where would you go?

And for two lucky commenters, Juliette is giving away one copy of Midnight Train to Paris and one copy of Dancing with Paris (Kindle or hard copy, depending on the winner’s preference)!  

IMG_1526Juliette Sobanet earned a B.A. from Georgetown University and an M.A. from New York University in France, living and studying in both Lyon and Paris. She worked as a French professor before turning a new page in her career, penning romantic women’s fiction with a French twist. She is the author of Sleeping with Paris, Kissed in Paris, Midnight Train to Paris, Dancing with Paris, and the upcoming novel Honeymoon in Paris. Today she lives with her husband and two cats in San Diego, where she devotes her time to writing and dreaming about her next trip to France. You can find her on her website, Twitter, or Facebook.

All photos of Paris courtesy of Juliette Sobanet.

Coming Soon: Why Dukes Say I Do Plus Thursday’s Winner!!!


Even in London society–where everyone knows what you did last season–you never know who’s next in line to walk down the aisle…

With her whirlwind social life in London, Lady Isabella Wharton has little interest in the customs of the country. But when her godmother asks her to pay a visit to her bachelor grandson in Yorkshire, Isabella can’t refuse. It behooves her to please the old dowager, since she harbors one of Isabella’s most scandalous secrets. So off she goes to see the newly-titled–and notoriously rustic–Duke of Ormond…

Trevor Carey doesn’t care about what goes on behind ballroom doors. He is content with the simple life–and isn’t ashamed to admit it to a society flirt like Lady Isabella. But the country air brings out a different side of Isabella–one full of longing and passion. Can her sophistication be hiding a desire for love? When a blackmailer from the city arrives to threaten Isabella, Trevor will shield her from harm–even travel to London. Can the duke tackle the ton on Isabella’s behalf …and manage to keep her all to himself?  

WHY DUKES SAY I DO is coming to a bookstore near you on July 30th!!




Congratulations, Jane! You’ve won a copy of CONCRETE EVIDENCE! Be sure to contact us with your email address and your ebook preference–kindle or nook–within 10 days.


Next Tuesday, Montlake author Juliette Sobanet visits to tell us about MIDNIGHT TRAIN TO PARIS, her newest mystery set in 1930’s France.


DC By The Book: A mash-up of literature, history, geography and technology

Capitol at nightMore often than not, when you’re reading about Washington DC, you’re likely to find words like dysfunctional, partisan, nuclear option, filibuster, and gridlock. But politics aside, there’s still plenty to love about this town, especially if you’re a fiction writer or a reader. Recognizing that DC is the go-to setting for tons of books from super serious to high octane entertainment, two DC librarians recently started a clever crowdsourcing project to encourage the exploration of the town’s social and geographic history by populating a database of excerpts from novels with DC scenes and mapping them:


Capitol Medallion

I love to read books set in my town so I couldn’t wait to explore the DC By The Book website. Once there, I found out that you can join the project as a contributor by recommending  novels with DC settings. Or you can help the librarians map the books that are already listed on the site by finding the excerpts set in the Washington DC neighborhoods, parks, government buildings, museums and so on. There’s also a cool map that shows you the locations where scenes from the books take place.

I couldn’t resist adding a couple of books with scenes set in some of my favorite places in DC to the website.

Allison Leotta opens DISCRETION Discretion-paperback-cvr-thumbwith a young woman, Caroline, dressed like a K Street lobbyist in an “ivory St. John suit, Manolo heels,” entering the Capitol through the Senate-side for a private, evening appointment with a congressman. Except Caroline is not a lobbyist; she is an expensive prostitute. A staffer walks her through the Capitol to his boss’s personal office. On the way, they pass through the magnificent Brumidi Corridors—“the most beautiful corridor Caroline had ever seen.”

Brumidi Corridors 2

Caroline pauses in the Rotunda—“the ceremonial heart of the Capitol”— to admire Brumidi’s masterpiece on the domed ceiling:  “The Apotheosis of Washington, a fresco painting of the first President depicted as a god among angels.”


The staffer ushers Caroline past a sign—“No Visitors Beyond This Point”—and up the stairs to the congressman’s personal office in the Capitol building.

No Visitors

Inside the congressman’s office, Caroline admires the view of the National Mall from the balcony.


You’ll have to read the book if you want to find out how Caroline’s night ends. Or visit DC By The Book to see if the excerpt has been posted and mapped.

FrontCover-Final-300dpiA lot of the action in CONCRETE EVIDENCE, by our own Rachel Grant, takes place in DC. One of my favorite scenes is a romantic moonlit walk through the presidential memorials along the Tidal Basin:

Holding hands, Erica and Lee “walked in the darkness around the basin. She managed to drop his hand before they reached the Jefferson Memorial, and he could feel her build a barrier between them until it was as solid as the marble columns surrounding the statue of the nation’s third president.”

Carol M. Highsmith

Carol M. Highsmith

Be sure to check out this mash-up of literature, history, geography and technology: DC by the Book

But before you go, dear Reader, share your favorite setting for fiction. And K&T authors, tell us about your favorite places to set the novels you write.

Comment for a chance to win


The lucky winner will be announced on Thursday!

Happy exploring!

Congratulations Sharon and Krista!!!

Last week was an exciting one for all of us at Kiss and Thrill, so you’ll have to excuse me for a moment while I pause to brag a bit about my brilliant blogmates.

photo-2First up, huge congrats the the amazing and talented Sharon Wray, who not only won the Single Title Romantic Mystery/ Suspense Daphne award for her manuscript ROGUE’S ESCAPE, but also won the overall unpublished Daphne for having the highest score!

Second, we are all thrilled and delighted that Krista Hall won the Golden Heart® for best Romantic Suspense for her fabulous manuscript BROKEN PLACES! Congrats Krista!!!


Last, because Krista couldn’t make it to RWA in Atlanta this year, special thanks go to Sarah Andre, who accepted the award
on Krista’s behalf. Sarah was stunning and wonderful as she delivered Krista’s touching speech. (And thank you to Lena Diaz, who recorded the speech so I could watch the excitement at home.)

Celebrating the Romantic Suspense Golden Heart® Finalists / Print ARC winner

While several of my Kiss and Thrill sisters are off having a blast in Atlanta at the national conference of Romance Writers of America®, I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight this year’s finalists in the romantic suspense category of the Golden Heart.

From RWA’s website:

The purpose of the Golden Heart contest is to promote excellence in the romance genre by recognizing outstanding romance manuscripts.

Approximately 1,200 romance manuscripts are entered in the Golden Heart each year by writers who have not accepted a publishing offer for a work of original fictional narrative prose of 20,000 words or more (by the contest entry deadline).

The contest is near and dear to all our hearts here at Kiss and Thrill, and this year we are especially excited to have two of our own among the finalists, Krista with BROKEN PLACES, and Sharon with two manuscripts, JULIET’S ROGUE and ROGUE’S REDEMPTION! To celebrate all the finalists’ achievement, we are sharing with our readers the finaling manuscripts’ first lines.

Broken Places by Krista Hall Krista HallLola Sanchez pulled the last hundred dollar bill from her waistband and stuffed it into a slit along the rim of the spare tire.
Crazy for Her by Sandra Owens Sandra Owens“Ambush!” Hissed with urgency, the word crackled in the SEAL Team’s headsets. Lt. Commander Logan Kincaid faded into the shadows along with two of his men.
Juliet’s Rogue by Sharon Wray sharon wrayJuliet’s house had disappeared.
The Predator by Chris Taylor Chris TaylorThe tomb-like darkness of the room was broken only by the light from his brightly back-lit computer screen.
Rampant Perfection by Laurie Cooper Laurie CooperIn a proficient machination of gears and balance, the robotic waitress slid breakfast onto the table then rolled away from the booth.
Rogue’s Redemption by Sharon Wray sharon wraySara Munro adjusted the hood of her field jacket and frowned at the hand-written sign nailed to the ancient oak. Trespassers will be shot. Then prosecuted. No kidding.
The Shadow Hour by Jacqui Nelson Jacqui NelsonBeing an experienced scientist was not enough to earn the patronage of the Royal Institution, pay the butcher or accomplish the one thing that mattered most to Pippa Marley–determining the difference between a loved one’s accident and murder.
Spies, Lies, and Debutantes by Miranda Liasson Miranda LiassonFor a man presumed dead, he was feeling quite chilly.

Huge congrats to all the finalists! All of us at Kiss and Thrill hope you have a wonderful time at the awards ceremony on Saturday night!


And now for Tuesday’s winner of the print ARC of BODY OF EVIDENCE: TrishJ

To collect your prize, within ten days please use the contact page and be sure to provide your U.S. mailing address.

Coming Soon ~ Body of Evidence!

BODY OF EVIDENCE is the second book in my series of romantic thrillers that explores the intersection of archaeology, politics, and war, and today I’m excited to share with our Kiss and Thrill readers an excerpt.

JPAC coin

Chapter One

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)

“Rise, Mara Garrett.”

Mara understood only a handful of Korean words, but she’d learned that phrase early in this farce of a trial and was on her feet before the interpreter finished speaking. Tremors radiated from her belly. This is just a formality. I’m one step closer to getting home. Her token lawyer had warned her she would probably be sentenced to ten years’ hard labor; then the real negotiation for her release would begin. With her conviction and harsh sentence, North Korea would be in a stronger bargaining position.

Of course, North Korea, the most secretive and unpredictable regime on earth, wasn’t known for negotiating. They would make demands, and the US would either meet them or not.

She’d traveled the world for her job with the Joint POW-MIA Accounting Command, conducting excavations to retrieve the remains of American servicemen who’d died in wars fought by the United States in the last century. Her work for JPAC was hazardous. She’d faced down poisonous insects, dug up unexploded ordnance, and suffered third-world diseases. But never, not even in her wildest imagination, did she think her work could lead to being arrested in North Korea.

But that was what happened when she ended up alone on the edge of the Demilitarized Zone.

She looked to her lawyer for some sort of reassurance and caught the glint of a camera lens. Cameras hadn’t been permitted in the courtroom during the trial; the presence of one now filled Mara with a foreboding chill. It seemed the North Koreans expected a dramatic, newsworthy reaction.

She stood straight with her head high so the camera wouldn’t see her clenched hands behind the table. She refused to give them the spectacle they wanted.

The judge spoke. She forgot to breathe while waiting for the translator. Finally, the man said, “Mara Garrett, you have been convicted of spying. The penalty is death by firing squad. The sentence will be carried out in twenty-four hours.”

The room tilted. A shriek built in her throat, while her bones turned to jelly. Sheer will kept her face blank while she battled dizziness. She’d been alone when she was arrested but had spent the last two months worrying her coworkers had been detained as well. For their sake, she needed to take the blame. If they were being tried in another courtroom, her admission of guilt could prevent them from receiving the same sentence. She pressed her nails into her skin and fixed her gaze on the lens. “This is my fault. My JPAC team is blameless.”

The judge spoke again, yelling now, and the translator matched his tone. “You are guilty and have been sentenced!”

“It was a mistake,” she said, desperation building in her voice. “I was separated from my team by accident.” But that wasn’t true, and she feared they saw through the lie.

Panic threatened as a guard grabbed her arm and tugged her toward the door. He wasn’t taking her to the firing squad. He couldn’t be. Hadn’t they given her twenty-four hours?

They’d almost reached the exit when the door swung open and slammed against the wall. The guard jerked to a stop. Framed in the opening was a portly, highly decorated military man.

A rapid-fire exchange between the judge and the newcomer ensued. Mara twisted in the guard’s grip and watched in horror as the judge angrily ejected the cameraman from the room.

Panic morphed into bone-melting fear. What the hell was happening?

The military official waved a magazine in the air. In a haze, she recognized the Asian edition of TIME magazine from the bold font and familiar red border.

At last the man looked away from the judge and addressed her, causing the translator to jump to his feet and race to her side to voice his words. “Our leader, in his infinite wisdom, has decided to grant you amnesty on one condition.”

Hope flared but was soon tempered with the fear that this interruption was a stress-induced fantasy, like the ones Mara had suffered years ago after her father’s death. Each time the fantasy faded, hope went with it, and she was slapped with grief as fresh and intense as the day he’d died.

Hope would break her, making it her captors’ ally. She knew that better than anyone.

“Our beloved Dear Leader once got your President Clinton to come groveling.”

No. Not again. This wasn’t a pathetic fantasy. It was an all too real nightmare. Cold sweat dripped from her brow. The idea of a rescue mission headed by a former president terrified her. She wasn’t a reporter dipping her toes in the Tumen River. She was the niece of a former vice president of the United States, and as such could be seen as a valuable bargaining chip.

The North Koreans knew exactly who she was. Because of her family connections, it was especially important she downplay her significance. A presidential envoy would open the door to other outrageous demands, and she was horrified by the thought that the unpredictable dictator could gain the upper hand with the US because of her.

Her situation wasn’t helped by the fact that her uncle was facing trial on ridiculous corruption charges. She could only assume her arrest had added to the ongoing media frenzy in the United States, further convincing her captors of her importance. She’d repeatedly begged her interrogators to tap a low-level politician as envoy, but each time her pleas were met with disdain.

“Our leader wants to meet the man on the cover.” The translator pointed to the magazine. “If he comes to P’yŏngyang before your execution, we will allow him to take you home.”

The man stood too far away; she couldn’t see the face on the cover. She had no idea who had been selected. But even more important, was twenty-four hours enough time for an envoy to fly to North Korea?

The official waved the magazine as if it offered hope, but there was no such thing as hope. She was going to die.


Want to know what happens next? I hope so, because I’m excited to announce this book will be published soon! Very soon. I can’t give an exact date, but if you sign up for my new release mailing list at you’ll receive an email the day the book is available and you’ll be entered in my drawing to win a pack of Department of Defense Legacy Resource Management Program playing cards. 

When archaeologist Mara Garrett traveled to North Korea with JPAC, the organization that retrieves the remains of GIs lost in combat, she never imagined she’d be betrayed, convicted of spying, and sentenced to death by firing squad. Her only hope is Curt Dominick, the powerful and ambitious U.S. attorney prosecuting her beloved uncle, a former Vice President of the United States.

With betrayal around every corner, Curt and Mara have little reason to trust each other, but the sparks between them blaze hotter than the Hawaiian sun, and fighting their growing passion tests both their will power and their loyalties.

What starts off as a rescue mission quickly morphs into a race across the Pacific. It’s not just Mara’s safety on the line anymore. They’ve stumbled into a conspiracy that threatens not only their lives, but national security of the United States.

I have a very special prize today to celebrate the coming release of BODY OF EVIDENCE. I’m giving one commenter a print Advance Reader’s Copy. This is your chance to read BoE in print before it’s available online. Check back on Thursday to see if you are the winner. Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

HUSH Winner!

Hush-by Carey Baldwin ebooksm

The winner of HUSH and a box of chocolates from the I Love Lucy Superstore is:


Congratulations!! You are going to love HUSH!

To claim your prize, please contact us within 10 days and provide us with your U.S. mailing address and preferred ebook format.

HUSH. Carey Baldwin’s CONFESSION is coming!

Hush-by Carey Baldwin ebooksm

Today is a special treat because I get to ask the amazing and talented Carey Baldwin about her new release, HUSH, and then put her in the hot seat James Lipton-style and ask her the Inside the Actors Studio 10 questions.

I loved FIRST DO NO EVIL, so when Carey told us her plans for HUSH, I begged her to let me interview her so I’d get to read HUSH before everyone else. I simply couldn’t wait.

HUSH didn’t disappoint. Charlie and Anna drew me in from the first page. Carey’s smooth voice, rich characterization, and deft plotting made the novella an absolute pleasure to read. I’m anxiously awaiting her next release and have a feeling it will be a knock-down drag out-fight between the rest of the K&T ladies and myself over who gets to host Carey then.

To celebrate HUSH, Carey is giving a copy and a box of chocolates from the I Love Lucy Super Store to one lucky commenter. Be sure to check back on Tuesday to see if you are a winner.

Rachel: Carey, I know HUSH started out as something different. Can you tell us about how the story changed?

Carey: Rachel, HUSH was truly a labor of love for me. I wrote the first version of this novella specifically for inclusion in a limited-time charity anthology, Three Weddings and a Murder. Between anthology sales and private donations Leigh LaValle, Tessa Dare, Courtney Milan and I raised over $10,000 for breast cancer research. So thank you readers!

The other novellas from the anthology have already been individually released for profit, and I had planned to do the same with mine. But the truth is, around that time, my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and he eventually lost that battle. I know everyone handles loss differently, but for almost a year, I simply couldn’t bring myself to write.

When I did pick up the pen (okay, keyboard) again, I decided to do a major rewrite of my novella. The inciting incidents remain the same, but the events behind them have changed, and it’s a significantly longer story. The title, HUSH, is also new. I absolutely loved telling Charlie and Anna’s story, and I hope readers will enjoy it too!

hush-titleReformed bad boy Charlie “Drex” Drexler returns to his hometown of Tangleheart, Texas hoping to make peace with his dark past and make amends to those he’s wronged. He’s also looking to reconnect with an old flame. But Anna won’t cooperate, new questions tear open old wounds, and his best friend’s wife and baby disappear. Can Drex and Anna mend their broken hearts while fighting for their lives and racing to bring mother and baby home safely?

Click here to read the prologue.

Rachel: I know you have more exciting news to share, so spill.

Carey: I’m so so thrilled to tell you that I’ve recently signed a two-book deal with Harper Collins for the new Witness suspense line over at William Morrow.

I’m excited to be part of this brand new line that launches in October with a mix of classic titles (Agatha Christie), best-selling authors and new voices. I fall into the “new voices” category of course!

To quote from Harper Collins’ press release on the new Witness line:

“It’s an exciting collection of brand-new content, international bestsellers not previously available in the U.S., and newly digitized backlist classics. It runs the gamut from police procedurals to literary suspense; historical mysteries to action thrillers.”

Of course I gotta sneak a little romance in there!

My first book, CONFESSION, releases March 4th, 2014. The story centers around a wet-behind-the-ears psychiatrist, Faith Clancy, whose very first patient confesses, while they are alone in session, that he is the twisted serial killer who’s been terrorizing the city.

Rachel: I can’t wait for CONFESSION! Okay, it’s Inside the Actors Studio time, where Carey answers the ten questions James Lipton asks at the end of the show.

iStock_000010605742MediumWhat is your favorite word? Mountain stream. Yeah, I know that’s two words. I’m like that!

What is your least favorite word? No!

What turns you on? Really? Geez. My husband and Brad Pitt.

What turns you off? Sardines. Big time.

What sound or noise do you love? Mountain stream. Hmm.

What sound or noise do you hate? I hate the sound of gossip.

What is your favorite curse word? Mother F****** Read my books, you’ll see. 🙂

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Dude, three’s enough!

What profession would you not like to do? Anything involving cleaning.

If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates? Come on in, your mom and dad are throwing you a welcome home party.

Now it’s our readers’ turn to answer a hot-seat question: What is your favorite word?  One lucky commenter will win a copy of HUSH and a box of chocolates!

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