Diane Kelly Profits From Tax Evasion!

Author Diane Kelly is actually making money from tax evasion! Death-Taxes-and-Peach-Sangria-115x188 Writing about tax evasion — that is.  Her books are murderously funny, the plot twists keep you dying to get to the end — where everyone gets their just desserts.

I sat down with Diane and found out her ideas come from her real life as a tax attorney.  Please enjoy this short interview, and remember to comment at the end.  Diane is giving away the first book in her IRS series:  Death, Taxes, and a French Manicure  to three lucky people!

Trust me, with April 15th looming in two short weeks, we can all use a laugh about now.

Her latest book in the series, Death Taxes, and a Peach Sangria just came out two months ago, and in honor of St. Patricks Day, she released a non-tax book called Love, Luck and Little Green Men.  As usual, they’re both hysterical.

 So, to win a copy of Diane’s Death, Taxes, and a French Manicure, please remember to answer this question:  What is the funniest or most romantic thing about your taxes? (or leave a comment below).  You can earn an extra chance to win by commenting at DianaBelchase.com, too.  

And when you’re done with taxes you can sit back, think of the joys of spring, and the release of Death, Taxes, and Hot Pink Leg Warmers this June 4th!

About Diana Belchase

I am an author, who won the Golden Heart for my suspense novel "The Spy in the Mirror" and was a Golden Heart finalist, once again, for my second novel, "The Spy in the Harem." I am also a triple Daphne Du Maurier finalist for three other books. Please follow me at my website: TopSecretWashington.com, or friend/follow me on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter or on my YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/DianaBelchase See you there!

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  1. Another awesome video interview by our own Diana Belchase! Diane Kelly – so nice to have you here. Your books sound fun and I’m going to have to start my mom on your series. I know she’ll love it because she used to work for the IRS. She was one of those really high up people who worked with Congress to help resolve issues with some of their constituents. I always thought it was funny that my mom called the people on the cases she worked ‘tax payers’ when the whole reason she was working on their cases was because they did NOT pay their taxes.

  2. I don’t think you can say taxes and funny in the same sentence. Years ago we got a letter from the IRS saying our tax return was incorrect and we owed about $600 more. Of course I freaked out since I had prepared them. But “funny” thing, it was their mistake. They used the wrong line in the chart, should have used a ruler. So I highlighted the right amount and mailed them a nice letter. They mailed a nice letter back saying sorry. I would love a chance to read a book that can mix funny and taxes. 😉

    • See, I think for causing you that dreadful shock (upon opening their letter) they owe you SOMETHING beyond sorry. Perhaps: ‘gee, we’re really sorry, and you are 100% tax free next year.’

    • dianekellyboks

      I always say my books make taxes and the IRS funny in the same way that M*A*S*H made war funny, or that Scrubs made working in a hospital funny, or Roseanne made being broke and struggling funny. Glad you got out of your tax bill! : )

    • I always hate that sick to your stomach feeling whenever you get a letter from the IRS. Glad to know you won! Great story.

  3. Doing you r taxes means that you can spend alot of time with your better half.

  4. Good morning, Diane and Diana. FUN video and your novels sounds so creative. How you can make accounting, taxes…math of any sort…humorous, well, I have deep admiration!

    I have no funny or romantic stories about taxes. It’s in the top 5 reasons I got married. He kills spiders, takes out the trash, does our taxes… 🙂 Did I mention I’m a princess in my own mind?

    • dianekellyboks

      I suppose I’m some sort of princess in my own mind, too. I don’t cook or clean, and I drag in every stray animal that comes along, but I figure doing the taxes is the least I can do to contribute to my marriage. I’m lucky my husband has such low expectations of me and doesn’t complain about clutter and frozen dinners. : )

    • Well, Sarah, that makes it romantic — you married him and he kills spiders AND does taxes? That’s a hunk in my book any day!

  5. Great interview, ladies! Diane, welcome to K&T. We just finished our taxes (yay!), and the one thing I like about it is that my husband and I do them together. Not exactly romantic, but I can’t be too picky these days. 😉

    • Better together, Gwen, than apart. I’d say it’s romantic when you do anything together as a couple — even taxes — because you’re not in the fight alone.

    • dianekellyboks

      My hubby and I have “dates” going grocery shopping. Does that make you feel like you aren’t alone? ha ha. If we are feeling extra romantic, we might fold laundry together. Ooh la laundry!

  6. Another wonderful video interview, Diana! I wish I had some funny/sexy stories about taxes, but I don’t. The only thing that seems to occur year after year is that we do our taxes on the first snow storm of the year when he has a day off of work. So some years (like this year) we file in January, and other years in March. I don’t know what we’d do in a year without snow!
    I can’t wait to read your books, Diane. They sound marvelous!

  7. Diane, thanks so much for joining us! Your books look like a hoot! Great interview, Diana!
    The most romantic thing about my taxes is that I married my CPA last May! How’s that?
    Okay….he wasn’t my CPA until I married him. But now he is!

  8. What a fabulous–and hilarious–interview! As a recovering attorney, I can’t believe I’ve never read your books, Diane, but they’re on my list now. I’ve always prepared our taxes. My husband never even looks at the completed returns, just signs them. I suppose that might show how much he trusts me, which I guess is kind of romantic. However, I suspect it’s really that he’s afraid that if he shows any interest, I’ll make him help me with them next year!

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