Limos, Champagne, and Bestsellers: Robin Perini’s Golden Year

National Bestselling and award wining author, Robin Perini, gave me a behind the scenes scoop on her first year as a published author.  While her experience is far from ordinary, it’s beyond delightful that someone who is as nice as Robin, and has worked as hard as she, finally was able to reap her just rewards.  So enjoy the interview, and remember Robin is giving away both a copy of the first book in her series, In Her Sights, and a signed (and very collectible) ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) of her newest book, Behind the Lies, to two lucky readers who leave comments below!

I wanted to catch up with Robin since the video and asked her what was new.

Robin:  In my ‘writing’ life, I’ve completed two more novels.  The first is Behind the Lies.  I just love Zach Montgomery.  What a hero!  Montlake will have his story out in April.  I also completed another Harlequin Intrigue called Undercover Texas which will be out in June 2013.  This is a Carder Texas connections book and you’ll find out about some of the characters readers met in Christmas Conspiracy.

Diana:  And I “heard” there is more good news about the first book in your series?

Robin:  Yes, In Her Sights, came out in audio this past December.

Diana:  <sighing>  Most of us are waiting for books to get published in digital format and pine for print.  You are already in audio.  Can I rub your book for good luck?

Robin: <blushing– pushes her enormous stack of published books toward me>  Thanks so much for having me on Kiss and Thrill.  I’m so very blessed and thankful for all the readers who have stopped by, too.

Diana:  Our pleasure Robin.

Now, don’t forget to leave a comment and tell us who your favorite hero is.  Two lucky people will win a copy of either In Her Sights or Behind the Lies (an extra special ARC not available to the public for a book that doesn’t come out until April!  So if you like to get things before your friends leave a comment!  <G>)


About Diana Belchase

I am an author, who won the Golden Heart for my suspense novel "The Spy in the Mirror" and was a Golden Heart finalist, once again, for my second novel, "The Spy in the Harem." I am also a triple Daphne Du Maurier finalist for three other books. Please follow me at my website:, or friend/follow me on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter or on my YouTube Channel: See you there!

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  1. My mom is my hero.

  2. Diana I always love your video interviews! And Robin, welcome to Kiss and Thrill. Good luck with your latest release!

  3. Thanks, Lena. I’m SO honored to be here today.

    I’m SO excited about this new book. And, for those who stop by, just so you know, I’ll be back on at noon and then later this evening to respond to questions or comments. I have to bug out to the day job soon! 🙂

    See you around everyone!

  4. Diana, I agree with Lena–I always love your video interviews. But I especially love this one which includes two of my Golden Heart sisters!
    Robin, you are truly my inspiration. Between your teaching and published books, you always remind what is possible if I persevere. I am so happy for all of you success. You deserve it!

    • Hi Sharon…Diana is awesome! She made it painless! Thanks so much for the kind words. I feel very blessed…more for the friends I’ve made than anything else. Everyone has been so supportive and wonderful to me these past two years (two years ago I got THE CALL…Oh my goodness. What a two years!).

      Thanks SO much for being here. You made me smile!

    • Between the two of you, I’m blushing to my roots. And what an incredible two years it’s been Robin!

  5. Great interview, ladies. Robin, I’m so excited for all of your success! I know it took a long time coming, but it looks like the wait was worth it.

    My hero is my husband, and not because he’s in the military (though I admire that too). Or because he’s a fabulous father and husband. He just quietly does the right thing. Always.

  6. I would love to be picked as a winner!! My husband is my hero. He is retired military, so that alone makes him my hero, but when my mother recently passed away my husband was so perfect. He knew just what to do and say and when to step up and when to step back. I don’t think I could have made it thru everything without him.

  7. Robin is my superhero because of her willingness to share her knowledge and talent with others. The real heroes and heroens are those of you who put words on paper struggle to complete the manuscript and are brave enought to send it out for possible publication,

  8. One of my heroes is Dr. Paul Farmer, co-founder of Partners In Health. Our paths crossed briefly in college (by that I mean we were both in Duke’s Wallace Wade Stadium for commencement) He went on to Harvard med school and his quest to provide first world medical care to people living in third world countries. I highly recommend MOUNTAINS BEYOND MOUNTAINS if you’re looking for an inspiring read about a real life hero.

    Robin, congrats on such a successful launch from GH winner to bestselling author. Diana, thanks for another fun video interview. Do you have your own YouTube channel yet?

  9. Real life – My father 🙂
    Book wise – what ever current hero I am reading.

    I still remember reading In Her Sights when it first came out. It left a lasting impression. I’m so happy to see the next book in the series is coming soon 🙂

    • What a nice comment about your father. My dad’s my hero, too! He just celebrated his 50th with my Mom.

      And thanks for the kind words about In Her Sights, Cindy! I hope I’ve done the Montgomery’s justice in my latest. You’ll definitely see a new side of Zach…and of Mama Montgomery…

    • What a nice mention of Robin’s book. I always know the book is great when the characters seem real enough for me to remember long after reading.


  10. Great interview Diana! Robin, the rest of us fled when we caught even a glimpse of Diana wandering the conference with her video camera…you’re a brave woman!

    How exciting and bright your future is, and you deserve it! For those of us still struggling, your persistence and positive attitude are reminders of what it takes to succeed.

    Hero: anyone in the U.S. armed forced deployed somewhere.

    • I’m with you, Sarah. Our brave military personnel are truly heroes — just like anyone, is a lesser hero for getting in front of my camera. LOL. I’ll get you yet, my pretty!
      ::: rubbing my hands with malicious glee:::

    • LOL…yep, she’s pretty scary! Not sure I’m brave…she’s just faster :-). Seriously. she made it painless.

      Thanks for the kind words. I truly believe things happen in their own time…that being said, waiting was HARD!

      Love you calling out the armed forces. They sacrifice so much for us. I hold them in awe!

      Thanks for stopping by,

  11. Great interview, Diana! Thanks so much for joining us, Robin! It’s inspiring to see someone whose talent is being recognized and to know that her hard work has paid off. Congratulations on all of your success!

    Although my mom will always be my greatest hero, I want to mention some other heros today. My day job is pediatrician, and I have so many patients who do not have the benefit of a mom and dad at home. For whatever reasons, their parents are not around. So a real hero is someone, an aunt, a grandparent, a neighbor who steps in and raises these kids as their own. These are the true heros I see everyday, so a big shout out to them all!

  12. Great interview, Diana! Robin it’s great to have you back on the blog – so excited for your success!

    Hmmm… I have heroes on so many different levels. Eleanor Roosevelt comes to mind. But a different type of hero is the founding fathers – who risked everything in a great act of treason. Then there is Lincoln. And I can’t think about the passengers on United Flight 93 without feeling a huge emotional punch.

    On a personal level, my husband.

  13. All great heroes, Rachel. I especially agree with the UA Flight 93 passengers — it’s never easy to be a hero, but doing it on the spot, without a moment to consider your actions, has to be the hardest.


  14. I don’t know that I can point to one specific, stands tall among the rest heroes. Many in the protective services: law, fire, etc. But all too often my “real” heroes are the ones who quietly go about helping others: teachers, good clergy, nurses. And those who have chosen to foster or adopt special needs children, working so hard to eliminate that “special” label.

  15. Nice interview. Batman

  16. Who’s my hero? Does Channing Tatum count? Nah, didn’t think so. That’s such a tough question. The hero of my favorite WIP is a sports reporter who moonlights as a male stripper (insert “Magic Mike joke here). My favorite real-life hero would have to be the authors who have persevered through countless rejections to get their book on the shelves. I’m working on it.

  17. Great interview ladies! It’s such a small (writing) world! I didn’t even know you guys knew each other.
    Diana is my GH sister from last year and Robin is my sister every Thursday night at crit! (Lucky me! )
    Don’t enter me in the giveaway, I’ve read these wonderful books and can tell you there are more great ones coming! ;0) Just wanted to say congrats to both of you on all your successes!

    • The GH world is a small one, isn’t it. 🙂 And I don’t know what I’d do without my amazing critique group, everyone! They are my rock! Thank you for every week, Tammy :-).


    • Sending a great big hug your way, Tammy. I’m so lucky to have sisters in both the 2011 and 2012 Golden Heart classes — that way I don’t have to pick between you and Robin. And yes, you’re super lucky to have Robin as a CP! So glad to see you here and thanks.

  18. I have one major hero in my life and that is my grandfather. He is a WW2 vet and even though he now suffers from alzheimer’s, he never fails to remember some sort of story to tell my kids, just like he did when I was a kid.

  19. Wow – ten books – I’m completely floored and greener than Kermit the Frog!

    Thanks for sharing this awesome interview, Diana.

    Oh, and my vote for unsung heroes are split between those of us in the ‘sandwich generation’ (you know who you are and what you’ve sacrificed for parents etc) and the volunteers who cheer up patients at the local hospitals and rehab centers.

    • Hi Mara. Love the Kermit image. 🙂 I will admit it’s been a crazy year, and I’m enjoying almost every minute of it. Sometimes those deadlines are tough. I can tell you that I wouldn’t be here without amazing support from the writer community. Friends, mentors, Romance Writers of America, my local chapter, my critique group, my agent, my editors…I could go on an on. The lesson…you gotta have friends.

      My advice: Read, Write, Study, Revise, Submit. And then do it again! And again. And again. If it happened for me, it can happen for anyone!

      Thanks so much for visiting today. I really appreciate it!


    • Kermit would be in the sandwich generation, too, by now — if he weren’t a muppet. LOL. Great choice of heroes.

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