Brad Meltzer & The Fifth Assassin

Bestselling author, Brad Meltzer, sat down with Diana Belchase on the night his newest novel, The Fifth Assassin released at Politics and Prose bookstore in Washington, DC.  Find out how Brad came up with the idea for a Presidential serial assassin, the scoop on his TV show, Decoded, and how he ended up consulting for the Department of Homeland Defense.

Share with us your favorite President and why, and you’ll be entered to win a signed copy of Brad’s new book, The Fifth Assassin!  Just leave a comment below.  Check back at the end of Manda Collin’s interview on Tuesday to see who won!

For a look at the Everybody Hates Brad Meltzer funny video The Fifth Assassinstarring his grandmother, her friends and his kids’ Little League team click here.  Buy the Fifth Assassin everywhere, preferably at your favorite independent bookstore.  And to see a truly heartwarming surprise Brad received at Politics and Prose Bookstore last week in another video I shot, please click here:  Brad Meltzer’s USO Surprise.  I guarantee there won’t be a dry eye when you’re done.


Be sure to join us next Tuesday when Sarah Andre interviews our very own Manda Collins about the third and final novel in her Ugly Ducklings trilogy, HOW TO ENTICE AN EARL.

When Maddie’s brother becomes prime suspect in a friend’s murder, she’ll do whatever it takes to find the real killer. Even work alongside the newly elevated, Christian Monteith, Earl of Gresham, who poses a real danger…to her heart.

About Diana Belchase

I am an author, who won the Golden Heart for my suspense novel "The Spy in the Mirror" and was a Golden Heart finalist, once again, for my second novel, "The Spy in the Harem." I am also a triple Daphne Du Maurier finalist for three other books. Please follow me at my website:, or friend/follow me on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter or on my YouTube Channel: See you there!

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  1. Welcome to Kiss and Thrill, Brad. And Diana, thanks for the great interview. The Fifth Assassin sounds right up my alley, exactly the type of book that appeals to me. Awesome premise. As far as my favorite president and why, it’s Abraham Lincoln, because of his intelligence, love of country, and love for the common man. He had a strong moral code and convictions about right and wrong, something I don’t feel is present in many of today’s politicians.

  2. Wonderful interview, Diana! My husband and I usually listen to Brad’s books together on our long trips to South Carolina while the kids complain in the back seat. And The Fifth Assassin is what we’re going to listen to when we go down for Easter. The hardest part is waiting until then!

    My favorite President is George Washington. He is the perfect hero. Strong, smart, moral, courageous, yet humble enough to know that two terms is more than enough for one man to serve as President.

  3. Wow! Fascinating interview! I love hearing how Brad came up with his idea for The Fifth Assassin and I can see how Homeland Security wanted him on their team! Can’t wait to read the book!

    • Oh! Forgot to answer- My favorite Prez…has to be Abraham Lincoln. But, I have a second “modern” fave. Yes, you are looking at one of the only people on the planet who voted for Jimmy Carter TWICE. His first (and only) term was my first time to vote, and my admiration for him continued to grow long after he left office. He’s a wonderful humanitarian. Plus you gotta root for a peanut farmer who becomes President.

  4. Welcome to Kiss and Thrill, Brad. Great interview, Diana! Books with thriller titles like The Fifth Assassin grab me immediately, I’m excited to read it!

    Fav president…Lincoln. Not very original, but he faced the worst conflict in our history, IMO.

    Off to view the USO video.

  5. What a great interview! I’ve been a fan of Brad since my husband and I listened to an audio book of The Millionaires on a trip. Absolutely agree with his definition of success. Thanks, Diana!

  6. Diana, I LOVE your video interviews. Looks like you had a great chat with Brad and thank you for bringing him to us this morning!

    • I forgot to answer the question! My favorite president is George Washington for being the first. It’s always hardest to go first. And, living in Northern Virginia, I cannot tell you how cool it is to be driving down a state highway and see signs that say this was a trail George Washington used to travel on. I just love that! Thank you for having this generous giveaway.

  7. A few years ago my husband, who is a non-fiction reading political junkie, came home from work with a hard cover copy of THE ZERO GAME and proceeded to read it in one sitting. Then it was my turn. I’ve been a Brad Meltzer fan ever since 🙂 I’m looking forward to THE FIFTH ASSASSIN, especially since one of my new favorite presidents is Garfield. Candice Millard wrote a really interesting book about the Garfield assassination. I had no idea Garfield was such an amazing man. I’ll be interested to read Brad’s take on Charles Guiteau.

    My favorite president is George H.W. Bush. I was a political appointee in his administration. What I admire most about him is his decency, integrity, and love of country. And how many presidents can you think of who jump out of airplanes on their 75th, 80th and 85th birthdays?!

    Diana, fantastic interview. The other video clips were terrific too!

  8. Great interview, Diana. And despite the reviews, the video is adorable.

  9. Thank you, Brad!
    Diana, you are a regular anchorwoman.
    Great interview!
    I’ll say my favorite president is William H. Taft. He got a lot of flack for his large stature (and his lack of Roosevelt charisma), but he believed in America, and peace, and I respect that he went on to serve as Supreme Court Justice after his presidency.

  10. I’ve been a fan of Brad’s work since DEAD EVEN, and this looks to be another great page-turner. My favorite president is Teddy Roosevelt, a real “teddy bear” of a man. Anyone who let his kids run wild (along with a menagerie of assorted pets) gets my vote. That said, if/when Diana runs for office, she’s definitely got my vote. 🙂

  11. That was such a great interview, Diana and Brad! I also enjoyed the Everybody Hates Brad Meltzer video. The Fifth Assassin sounds fascinating, and I am looking forward to reading it. Best of luck!

  12. Nice interview! I want to borrow those kids in Malaysia, lol 🙂

  13. Rosemary Barone

    George Washington is one my favorite Presidents. He held the revolutionary army together by force of character, until he was able to overcome the British. He served as our first President and willingly relinquished power after 8 years. He grew up as a slave owner but saw that slavery was wrong and freed his slaves and provided in his will that they would have enough property to survive after their emancipation. Plus, he looks great crossing the Delaware!

    Final comment, this was a very nice interview.

  14. Enjoyed the video with the talented Brad Meltzer, and the prolific Diana Belchase!

    Big Fan

  15. Wonderful interview. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Nice interview. Lincoln because he accomplished so much.

  17. Great interview I liked how Reagan stood up to the Russians and built up the military to counter their threat. I think he set the foundation for the Berlin Wall to fall. Even though it wasn’t on his term as president. Former military and a military spouse I believe we need a strong military to keep America strong.

    • How could I have forgotten President Reagan when I mentioned my favorite president? I agree. He was another man I greatly admired because of his morals and strength. I come from a military family too (dad, brother, sister, brothers-in-law) and agree the military should always be a priority. And it makes me angry when budget cuts affect the military. They should NEVER be laid-off or have their salaries and benefits cut. They put their lives on the lines for us. We should keep the promises we make to them when we hire them. Okay, off my soapbox. Thanks for stopping by C.K.

    • Yes, C.K. and Lena, Regan did so much to change the way the world worked — effectively ending Russian domination and helping free so many people in the Soviet Block. Have you seen some of the letters between him and Thatcher? Absolutely amazing the team effort between them. And he did value our military — something that we need to do today, Lena, you are absolutely right.

  18. Diana and Brad,
    What an interesting interview. I’ve always enjoyed hearing how authors find their ideas for books and why certain subjects interest them. I’ll definitely have to read this book. It sounds great!
    My favorite president would have to be Bill Clinton for many reasons. Although I think he accomplished a lot during his actual time as president, I admire him more for his humanitarian work in recent years–his work toward alternative energy, AIDS research and global issues. If we could change the laws, I would vote for again in a heartbeat. 🙂

    • Yes, Kim, I agree that Bill has done a lot for this country since he left office. It was nice seeing him partner up with Bush in raising funds for all kinds of causes. Thanks for stopping by!

  19. Enjoyed the interview very much and am looking forward to reading Brad’s latest book. It sounds fascinating!

  20. Thank you for your candid comments and your cool video, Brad. I’m reminded of this quote: “Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.” – Andy Warhol

    I look forward to reading your books, Brad. Cheers! Rolynn Anderson

  21. What a great quote, Rolynn! I’ll make sure to remember that.


  22. Interesting interview with a local writing star! Hurray for Diana!

  23. I really enjoyed this interview with Brad Meltzer. Thanks, Diana, for being such a terrific hostess, too. Though I don’t often read these kinds of books, ‘The Fifth Assassin’ has intrigued me very much. Good luck in your endeavors, Brad.

  24. Glad you enjoyed it Ann!

  25. While all the Presidents named so far are great for their contributions, I need to add another one. I admire Theodore Roosevelt for all he did in bettering and/or adding National Parks. Plus, how can you not like the person that gave us “Teddy” bears?

    …speak softly and carry a big stick…

    Brad Meltzer will be a new to me author … but definitely now on my TBR list. Thank you.

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