Winner! We have a Winner!

Thanks so much to Diana Cosby for her fantastic blog Tuesday. And true to our word, we’ve let the randomizer pick a winner from our commenters. Congratulations to


Contact me (Manda) here with your choice from Diana Cosby’s backlist.

Come by next week when Rachel welcomes lovely and talented Montlake author Diana Miller!


Until then, toodles!

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  1. Congratulations, Deb! Thank you again for stopping by, and I hope you have a fabulous holiday season!

  2. Congrats to the winner
    After reading your bio, I do not think it odd you salt your cantaloupes. I grew up eating cants with salt and pepper on them. When I helped work my way through college, I was a sticker girl in the cantaloupe industry. When you see those small labels on the melon that says the name of the grower, that is what I attached to each melon. it was laborious work that helped me pay for my schooling.
    Happy Thanksgiving

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