Freaky Friday Ghosts and Giveaways Winners!

Drum roll please! The winner of the multi-book prize from Kiss and Thrill is Dana Mason

The winner of the multi-book prize from Just Romantic Suspense is Janet Kerr




The winners of FIRST DO NO EVIL for kindle or nook are:

Maureen, Cris, Trish J, BN100, Colleen C, Jane, Na, Deb, Kai, 

Mary Preston, Erinf1, DeniseZ

I’ll be contacting winners via email to confirm their prize preferences so please be on the lookout and check your spam folders. Emails will go out by Monday night.

Thank you all for your great comments! 


Gwen Hernandez hosts the fabulous Laura Griffin! Tues, Oct. 30th.





About Carey Baldwin

Carey Baldwin is a mild-mannered doctor by day and an award winning author of edgy romantic thrillers by night. What's a nice girl like Carey doing writing scare-you-silly romantic thrillers? When you are a former clinical psychologist, writing about psychopaths comes naturally, and when you are a hopeless romantic, well, you do the math! Look for Carey's upcoming release, CONFESSION, coming from Harper Collins this spring. Learn more at

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  1. Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you for participating last week, that was a really fun blog.

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