Later I’ll be giving away books, and updating you on our team, THE BODICE RIPPERS, and the upcoming Avon Breast Cancer Walk. But First things first!

Courtney, Tessa, Leigh, and I want to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to our wonderful honor roll donors! These are folks who have made a direct donation to team Bodice Rippers. With only a month left until the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, We’d love to add you to our honor roll. Please consider making a direct contribution. We love big donations of course, but small donations add up. If you can spare the price of a movie, we’re grateful! I never post amounts unless specifically requested. You can donate to our team here.

We are so very grateful for each one of you who has purchased THREE WEDDINGS AND A MURDER, helped us spread the word, or made a direct donation.

The Avon walk for breast cancer takes place September 22, 2012. We’ll be putting our tootsies where our mouths are and walking nearly forty miles for a cause close to our hearts. We’d love to reach our goal of $10,000.

Here’s how things are breaking down so far:

From THREE WEDDINGS AND A MURDER: Royalties received as of August 16th, 2012 $1,655.01 Remember, ALL PROFITS from TWAAM go to the walk.

From Private Donations- $835.00

Actual funds in hand and applied to Avon Breast Cancer Walk=$2,490.01

However, we also are due (but have not yet been paid) estimated royalties from TWAAM-$3,500

Including these royalties our total fundraising efforts as of August 20, 2012= $5,990.01

On the personal side, Team Bodice Rippers has had a wild year.

Courtney has continued to blaze a trail for independent authors everywhere with her New York Times and USA Today best-selling books, and she’s relocated across the country and purchased her first home!

Leigh released her debut novel to critical acclaim. But the big news is she has been blessed with a soon-to-be blessed event! She’ll be cheering us on from the nursery with her newborn bundle of joy! We will miss her terribly on the Avon Walk, but she will be there in spirit and is an integral part of our team. We’re pretty sure delivering her new little guy will be harder than walking forty miles, and we are sending her every wish for a safe and happy delivery.

Tessa…she just won a RITA!!! Can you hear our collective heels clicking in glee? Oh, yes, and she also hit the USA today list and the New York Times list!

Carey released her debut novel to critical acclaim, but her big news is she married the man of her dreams and became a “new mom” again to a fifteen-year-old sweetie-pie!

Where does the money for the specific Avon Santa Barbara Walk go? We think you’ll be as impressed as we are. Check out this link for more info on where the money goes.

If you’d like to help us meet our goal, you can purchase THREE WEDDINGS AND A MURDER here,  or you can make a direct donation here.

Thank you all for being part of our journey. We cherish our community.

What’s your favorite way to stay healthy? Or just say “Hello”. I’ll be giving away one e-copy of THREE WEDDINGS AND A MURDER  and one e-copy of FIRST DO NO EVIL to one commenter today. 

About Carey Baldwin

Carey Baldwin is a mild-mannered doctor by day and an award winning author of edgy suspense by night.

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  1. Congrats on all the great news! I like to take walks.

    • Hi bn!
      I like walking with friends and catching up on each other’s lives.
      The older I get the more of an exercise fanatic I’ve become…my own litle midlife crisis, I guess. But I still walk every Sunday with a friend and it’s the best exercise day of my week, LOL!

    • Thank you BN100! Always great to see you!

  2. Whoo! Congrats on the legend fundraising, and all the other excellent news!

    I’m a bit of a health nut and really enjoy exercising. I run 10Ks [used to run track at school], I swim [also used to compete at school], I scuba dive [between May & September ‘cos the North Atlantic is way too cold otherwise!], I do Krav Maga, and I walk or cycle everywhere instead of driving or taking the bus/subway/etc. Basically, I’m always active– being able to exercise is the thing I miss most when I’m ill!

    • Krav Maga!! WOW. I bow to your athletic superiority!!
      Mind-blowingly tough. They used to do that at my gym but it was so popular the instructor opened up his own place.

      I agree with missing exercise when I’m ill. Nothing like the flu to make you appreciate health! And when I have some sort of small medical procedure the first question out of my mouth is ‘when can I exercise?’

      Thanks for commenting Cris!

    • Cris, Thank you! I admit though, that unlike Sarah, I had to look up Krav Maga. Sounds like an awesome workout! I’m also a swimmer- I used to go regularly to a Masters group which I recommend for anyone who doesn’t have access to a group through school. I’ve done 10Ks and 1/2 Marathon’s and two marathons. But my favorite distance for a race is 5K.

      Congrats on all your great health habits! I think exercise is one of the best things in life.

  3. To try and stay healthy I walk on the treadmill. I also watch what I eat. I often read when I walk, kill 2 birds with one stone. I missed getting the kiss and teal this year. I got last year and got great blooks.

    • Tried reading and walking on the treadmill and I either tripped or got that green ‘car sick’ feeling. So if I treadmill it now (the ones at the gym) I’m stuck having to look at sweaty, muscular hotties lifting weights nearby.

    • Hi Chris! Yay for you for killing two with one! I’m more like Sarah on this one- I just cannot read and walk at the same time. I believe the Kiss and Teal program may happen again soon, so I think you’ll get another chance!

    • Thanks for posting this update, Amy! We appreciate all the support, in both fundraising and training!

      Chrisbails, Avon is running the KISS and Teal campaign again this September – it’s just a little quieter, since this is year two. All the same early detection info will be in the September books, and a portion of proceeds will go to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance. Thanks for asking!

  4. Great work on all the fundraising! My sister in law has a treadmill desk so she can write and walk at the same time. I still don’t know how she does that. I’d fall off within the first two minutes!

  5. I have a treadmill desk, and I walk slowly when working, but there is nothing more satisfying than walking 2 miles and writing 1k words in an hour.

    Go team Bodice Rippers! I think it’s wonderful that you are donating your time and money to such an important cause.

  6. Congrats on all accounts and I’m glad to see the numbers climbing. As much as I wish I could do more, I’m glad I was able to help even just a little. We’ll be there in spirit cheering you all on – especially dear Leigh, you may hear a unified ‘push’ ringing in your ears.
    Thanks for doing all y’all are doing, it’s such good thing and we love you for it. : )

  7. unwrappingromance

    Oh, forgot to say – don’t include me in the giveaway – already have ’em both, read ’em both and loved ’em both!!! : )

  8. Allright! Thank you, Anonymous!! Let’s make our new total $6090.01. Your generous gift just brought us over the 6K mark!

  9. Congrats on all the good news!

    To stay healthy my husband and I run for 2 miles every other day and try to eat in moderation. We often take our kids with us too (my son on the bike and my daugher in a stroller) and make it “family time”.

    • Thanks for joining the conversation, Rissa! I love your every other day routine because it gives the body a good rest. And you are right to mention eating right. Hmm. Somehow I always forget that part 🙂 .

      You know rest and relaxation is also an important part of health- de-stressing with a massage for example. Or Yoga. Leigh is a yoga instructor and she is in fabulous shape!

    • Oops and I forgot to say congrats on making it family time! That’s so important!

  10. With two dear friends currently undergoing breast cancer treatment and a host of others who are survivors, unlike my own dear grandmother for whom treatment was still too primitive, I really appreciate the work you and Team Bodice Ripper are doing, Carey. Keep up the great work!


  11. Thank you so much Diana. I hope your friends will have a full recovery. It’s wonderful to know how far we have come. How many more women survive breast cancer than in the past. I can’t wait until we stomp every kind of cancer out. We are so close.

    BTW-I’m really looking forward to the continuation of your fantastic interviews with Brenda Novak, who is a truly amazing woman. I’ll be sure to tune in for that tomorrow !

  12. I love to run outside, preferably with some good scenery. I enjoyed running with my 13 yo while he got ready for cross-country this summer, and my dad and I usually go for a jog when we’re visiting each other.

    If I’m not running, I usually end up in the basement on our cross-trainer reading a good book, or hitting the boxing bag.

    Good luck with the fund raiser and walk, and congratulations on all of your great news, ladies!

  13. I did the Week-end to End Breast Cancer (60 km/42 mile) walk in Toronto, Ontario a few years ago after three of my close friends were diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a truly amazing journey and I was inspired by so many of the survivors who walked (some were still in chemo). I hope that you all find it as rewarding as I did. A couple of tips that I found made all the difference – Wright Socks (they are double layered wicking socks and help prevent blisters), Body Glide, make sure your shoes are well broken in and above all enjoy yourselves!

    • Lynn, thanks so much for stopping by. Congratulations on finishing the walk, and I hope your friends are well. What a wonderful friend you are. Thank you so much for the tips. Wright socks and body glide. Check. New shoes in time to break in….not checked. I better get on that!

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