Brenda Novak Struck by Lightning

Brenda Novak was struck by lightning — but don’t worry she’s okay.  It’s the kind of lightning that wins Rita awards, not the kind that puts you in the hospital!  Her new book, When Lightning Strikes, is coming out in one week, August 28th.  To celebrate, she is here, via video interview, to tell us about it, how she researches her books, and her fantastic work raising money for diabetes.

Even better, two — yes that is right TWO — readers who comment below will win prizes.  The first prize is a Brenda Novak tote with an autographed copy of When Lightning Strikes inside, AND the second prize for another lucky reader is an audio version of the same brand new book!

So don’t be shy, let us know what you think, a great prize may be waiting just for you!

And on Thursday, August 23rd, not only will we be announcing the winners, but posting a fourth video in which Brenda tells us about some of her most embarrassing moments and whether she’s wearing anything under her skirt.  <G>

First up, Brenda tells us about her new book and what success means to her.

Brenda discusses her research method including a trip to a very scary prison cell

Diabetes Research is extremely important to Brenda.  Here, she talks about how she raised over 1.6 million dollars and the son who inspired her to do it. (Click here if you’d like to find out more, and  here if you’d like to make a donation.)

Please leave a comment below to join in the conversation and automatically enter the prize drawing.  Just click on the link that says “Leave a Comment” (below, next to the tags).   Stop by on Thursday to see if you’re one of our two lucky winners  and to find out just what Brenda is wearing under her skirt!  (Winners are chosen randomly and must live in the U.S.  Chances of winning depend upon numbers of entrants.)

See you there!  

About Diana Belchase

I am an author, who won the Golden Heart for my suspense novel "The Spy in the Mirror" and was a Golden Heart finalist, once again, for my second novel, "The Spy in the Harem." I am also a triple Daphne Du Maurier finalist for three other books. Please follow me at my website:, or friend/follow me on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter or on my YouTube Channel: See you there!

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  1. Diana, awesome video interview of Brenda Novak. Thanks so much for sharing! And Brenda, as always, it is such a pleasure to have you here on Kiss and Thrill. As a mother of a child with Type 1 diabetes, I thank you deeply for all that you do to fight this terrible disease, and I hope your son is managing his diabetes well and living a full life. As a fellow romantic suspense author, wow – you are an amazing author and your books have brought so much entertainment and true joy to my life. Thank you! I also enjoyed your workshop at nationals in Anaheim this year. Okay – there is probably a ‘gush’ limit in one comment so I’ll stop now. Thanks for being here today!

    • Lena, there is no gush limit when it comes to Brenda!

    • Lena, thank you for your very warm welcome! it was great to wake up to. And thanks to Diana for being such a fabulous hostess.

      My son is doing his best to control his numbers. As you know, it’s a daily struggle. I hope you’re having more success at it than we are! LOL I want a cure for diabetes more than anything else in the world. Maybe someday, we’ll both get to see that happen.

      So glad you enjoyed the workshop at national. I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned–and am grateful to all the other authors who have helped me along the way.

      • Brenda or Lena-
        Is there evidence that the whole stem cell phenomenon might help cure diabetes?

        • There is definite hope there. The problem is stopping the body’s immune system from killing the newly transplanted cells. Once we conquer that, we’ll have a cure (but easier said than done).

  2. Great interview, Diana! Thank you for spending the day with us, Brenda. You are such an incredible role model not just for aspiring authors, but for busy moms as well. I’m sure you’re asked this question all the time, but how do you do it all?

    • I know, Sharon, isn’t she amazing? I keep wondering the same thing.


    • Hi Sharon! I’m happy to be visiting with you today! As for getting it all done–I’m not a very good juggler. i constantly struggle with the myriad details that need to be done (I’m a hard worker but I like one big task and not a ton of smaller ones), but my assistant has an inspiring quote in the signature line of her emails, and we exchange many emails per day. It’s from LITTLE NEMO, and it’s Dori saying, “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.” That’s become my motto! LOL

  3. Great videos, Brenda and Diana! I even helped: I pushed PLAY on the camera. 😉

    Brenda: Your keynote speech at the Kiss of Death AGM was great, and I also took tons of notes from your Emotion workshop. Thanks for all of your help and inspiration, and for being with us again on Kiss & Thrill!

  4. Thanks for such an enlightening interview. Most of all, I liked hearing Brenda’s thoughts on success. I love that she doesn’t look at it by money but by how she has a balance in ALL areas of her life and with peace in her heart. What a great way to live life! Thanks!

  5. Thanks for sharing with us and I love Brenda’s definition of success!

  6. Great interviews! I really enjoyed them. I’m a huge fan of Brenda Novak’s books and her workshops from Nationals are ones that I find I listen to again and again.

  7. Great interview Diana! – I love Brenda’s books, I already have When We Touch and can’t wait for the rest of the Whiskey Creek series to come out!!!!

  8. Love Brenda’s romantic suspense, can’t wait to read her contemporaries :). As a person in a family with many diabetics, I really support all the work she does on that front as well.

  9. I became aware of Brenda through her work with the Auction for Diabetes Research. It was so much and for a great cause. Great interview.

  10. Hey Brenda!
    Great courage to be interviewed by Diana! She was trying to hunt ALL of us down last month. (I got very good at blending in with the Starbucks biscotti display.)

    LOVED the first of your series, INSIDE. The prison scenes were so realistic I would viscerally get anxious for the h/h’s safety in every chapter! Can’t remember a novel recently that’s made me feel such a wide range of emotions…excellent, excellent book!

    I SUCK at research. I get lost in all the sites Google throws at me. I’m horrified to ask busy professionals to stop and help me, AND I really don’t know where my story is going, ergo…what questions to ask. I know you are also an organic writer. When you do get professionals to answer questions?

    • Hi Sarah! Diana did a great job–made me very comfortable despite all the distractions going on at national.

      So glad you enjoyed INSIDE. It was one of those stories that wrote itself. I love the easy ones, because they are definitely not all easy!

      I’m also not someone who feels comfortable calling up the FBI or the LAPD or whatever. I try to do as much research as possible through other avenues (online, books, people I know, etc.). I find that research for me is most effective when I do a little bit before starting a book. This gives me general information to draw from and the ability to write with more confidence as I go along. It will often also give me an idea for a plot twist or red herring. But I don’t overdo it. I read enough to feel as if I have something to offer on the subject. Then I push through to the end of a manuscript, flagging all the things I need to double-check or learn more about. Sometimes, if I can find the answer easily, I’ll stop to take care of it. But if I don’t have a source or a way to check something, I leave it until the end. Then I make a list of these items and that focuses any interviews I do or calls I make. It basically means I’m not wasting someone’s time with something I’ll never use.

      Fortunately, we live in a day and age where research has become far easier than ever before. I remember the days of waiting until my husband would get home so I could hand off the kids and run down to the Sac State Library. It closed at 9:00 p.m., so I’d have a bag of change and stand at the copier, trying to get chunks of information I could use in my writing the next day. The Internet is such a boon to writers!

      • Ha ha, Sarah, is that why you wore beige so much at Nationals this year? Blending in with the woodwork?

        You should have seen the comedy of errors that Brenda’s interview became. If you see our eyes darting away from the camera now and then, it’s because hoards of people — literally — kept coming by and started talking to Brenda while she was being filmed. Don’t know how people could miss a camera on a tripod, but they did. LOL. We had to keep starting and stopping our interview.

        Brenda was a real champ and never lost her cool or her sense of humor.

        Thanks so much for putting up with this amateur!

        Great question re research, Sarah.

  11. How cool is a video interview! It felt so personal to hear it rather than read it (although reading Brenda Novak…or Diana Belchase, for that matter! Is never a hardship 🙂

  12. Great interview. Your auction is so wonderful. I hope your son continues to be healthy and well. It has to be so frustrating.
    I’m a big fan I read Inside plus the other two in the seriesIn Seconds and In Close. My husband enjoyed reading your books also. Take care and I hope the new book When Lightning Strikes sells a billion copies. Thanks for writing such great books.

    • I agree, all 3 books in the series were fabulous. So interesting to read up on what characters from one book were doing in the next one. (And how their distinct character traits would jump right back out!)

      Note to Brenda: I think Rex should have his own story. Adored that flawed, forlorn darling.

    • Thank you, C.K. I’m really glad you liked the Bulletproof trilogy–and you even shared them with your hubby! It’s great that the two of you can enjoy the same books!

      Thad is hanging in there, constantly checking his blood. It will be nice when that is a thing of the past (for him and all diabetics).

  13. My husband was a type 2 and combined with kidney disease and heart disease it wasn’t fun. I know he’s at peace and all that but I have to admit I miss him and i hope your search and auction for a cure brings one soon.

  14. We had 40 years together and he lost his fight at the end of November. But it still bites that others have to suffer these diseases. How nice it would be to wave a disc or something over someone like in Star Trek and cure them. Hugs and best wishes to your son.

    • That’s so sad. You have a great attitude after going through something so difficult, though. You’re an inspiration to others!

    • C.K. Great big hugs go out to you. So sorry you’ve had to suffer through all that. It takes so much courage to keep going on. Thanks for sharing your story and for being here.

      One day, we will have that Star Trek disc. After all, we all have communicators in our purses, with tricorder capability (GPS and all those aps), right? With help from people like Brenda, a cure for diabetes can’t be that far behind.

      The truth is, we’re closer to curing diabetes probably than any other serious illness out there — which is why we have to make this final push to get it solved. Another reason I put in the donate now link up in the article. 😉

      Every little bit helps make a big difference.


    • God Bless, C.K., what a horrible tragedy.
      A giant cyber hug to you and your family.

  15. Thanks to each of you. I have days where I feel lost and miss him so much then I have days where I am fine. I figure that is normal.

  16. Hi Brenda, Thank you so much for being here today! I apologize for the tardy comment but I just got home from the office. It was such a pleasure to meet you (and Gail) at the Desert Dreams conference. Please give her my best.

    I love your definition of success. “Peace in your heart and knowing you’ve made a positive contribution.” I’d say you are a successful woman.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. Brenda,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on balancing life, writing, and novel research.

    Most of all, thank you for encouraging and supporting Diabetes research. As anyone dealing with type 1 or 2 knows, a cure would change all our lives.

    Looking forward to ‘Lightening Strikes’!


    The q&a was awesome and the audio wasn’t bad here either. Fabulous job as always.

    Oh, and Trekkies, take heart. Life tends to mimic fiction. If someone imagines it, medicine can discover a way to make it work. I’m sure today’s doctors would love to be able to give their patients a pill to regrow a kidney like ‘Bones’ did in The Voyage Home!

    • Oh heck yeah, My husband had lost one in Hawaii and when his second one began to fail he had to go on dialysis. All the dialysis paitents would love that one. Hey I vote for one to grow new teeth too.

    • I’m all for that pill, KittyMom. I agree that fiction is essential to scientific discovery, too. If not for Jules Verne, who would have ever thought about going all those places and doing those things? Writers and scientists are often two sides of the same global brain — one imagines and the other makes it come true.


    • I’d be happy even with an artificial insulin pump–as long as it monitored blood and continually adjusted. Just think of how much more someone with diabetes would “be in the zone.” It would stop the wild swings and highs and lows–at least bring *some* relief until a real cure could be found.

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