Welcome back Cindy Gerard!

Carey says: I’m triple delighted today because the wonderful incredible fantabulous Cindy Gerard is here today to answer questions and comments… and...she’s going to tell us about a two-for-one rerelease of her classic early titles (I’ve never read them and now I get to!! ) and …we get to see the cover for her upcoming release- Killing Time- the first in her new series, ONE EYED JACKS! Let the fun begin! 

Cindy says: First things first, a big thank you to Carey and everyone at Kiss and Thrill for inviting me back to blog with them again today.  I’m so thrilled, I could kiss them.  Okay.  Bad pun (but I love a pun) and you get the gist of what I’m sayin’, right?

Second, thanks to all of you who support all of us writers.  I don’t think that gets said often enough.  It’s not that we don’t think it.  We do.  We know that if not for our loyal readers who go out and spend their hard earned money on our books that we would be out of a job – and a job is a precious thing.  Especially a job that you love.

Third – just for the record.  I love my job. :o)  I love writing.  I love the business of writing.  I love the fans.  I love my author friends.  My editorial team.  My agent and her staff and I LOVE seeing my work in print.

And finally – fourth – I love seeing new life breathed into old books and finding them on the shelves again or available as e-books.  So many of my fabo authors buddies have been having fun reissuing much of their backlist.  Well, I’m super excited to let you all know that I’ve joined the ranks.  Two of my classic romances – INTO THE NIGHT and MAN AROUND THE HOUSE are now available in e-book format in one volume titled: WORTH DYING FOR.

It’s a bogo!!  Buy one, get the other one free.  Only thing better is a bogo on shoes. LOL!

Here are the blurbs for each book.

INTO THE NIGHT (National Reader’s Choice winner)

….It began as a gimmick to promote their new radio show, but the spirited sparring between Jessie Fox and Tony Falcone soon has listeners demanding to know more about their steamy romance – and sets loose a crazed stalker. Jessie swears that the fire burning in Tony’s eyes can’t be real—until he sets a seductive trap she can’t escape. Can Tony persuade Jess he’s never letting her go?


….Answering his neighbor’s cry for help, Matthew Spencer finds himself rescuing a sassy blue-eyed temptress. Katie McDonald is a walking disaster who falls off ladders into his arms and awakens his hunger with the speed of a summer storm, and her infectious spirit has him rediscovering the joy in life.

Matthew makes her feel too much, want more than she can have, and dare to dream of being loved, but Katie knows she’s all wrong for a man with a child. Despite the passion between them, Matthew needs someone nice and normal, not wild and reckless – and Katie’s passion for her work has placed her in grave danger. And once Matthew learns her deeply buried sorrow, can he love her for all time?…

As I’ve stated in other blog posts,  do NOT expect these to be the high octane, high risk, adrenaline rushes of my Body Guard or Black Ops, Inc. books.  They are absolutely not.  I like to call them ‘suspense lite’ ) with a lot of fun and a hot love story at the heart of each book.  I really hope you’ll enjoy them to.  You can buy them here:  B&N.com  or here: Amazon.com

Speaking of high octane, high risk, adrenaline rushes … check out the cover of KILLING TIME, book one of my NEW series One-Eyed Jacks (release date 1-19-13).  Swwwweeeeettttt!  And for your reading pleasure, here’s a link to an excerpt from KILLING TIME. Excerpt.

Mike – Primetime – Brown showed up in With No Remorse and again in Last Man Standing and basically demanded he get his own story.  And wow.  What a story he has to tell :o)

Okay – Back to WORTH DYING FOR.  I love that e-book technology is making it possible for me as a writer and a reader to have access to out of print titles that we would otherwise not be able to find.  I like it so much, in fact that I’m giving away 2 e-book copies of WORTH DYING to someone who comments today by answering one of two questions:  1) How do you feel about reissues in general?  2) Is Mike Brown HOT or what???



Carey says: Cindy thanks so much for being here! And thanks for the giveaway! Commenters, I’ll be posting the Cindy Gerard winners along with the DP Lyle winner on Monday, so stayed tuned. 

About Carey Baldwin

Carey Baldwin is a mild-mannered doctor by day and an award winning author of edgy suspense by night.

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  1. Hi Cindy! Thanks so much for visiting us again on Kiss and Thrill – in spite of the bad pun (kidding). I haven’t read about Mike Brown yet, so I can’t really answer that part of your question. But as for reissues, I LOVE being able to re-read old favorites that are out of print, so I’m all for reissues. However, I think it’s really important for authors to make sure readers can tell it is a reissue, so they don’t end up buying a book they already have. Again, thanks for joining us and good luck with YOUR reissues!

  2. As both a bookseller and a reader I have a love/hate relationship with reissues. There are some reissues that perhaps should be re-issued as they are books that could have been novellas inside of another story and hard to find. That being said there is a certain major publisher that will reissue reissues! The only thing that gets changed is the cover. I take in many returns because a customer will buy a book which has a new title/cover from a mainstream author only to discover that they have already read the same book under another cover or title. I think for me, I do not have a problem with an author reissuing something once; I do have problems when the same book has been reissues five and six times with new cover/titles.

    • Misty – 5 or 6 times? Wow. Seems a bit excessive to me!
      And BTW – THANKS for what you do. I mentioned in my post how much we love readers but should have mentioned booksellers in the same breath. You guys make things work for us and we really, really, appreciate it!

  3. I love reissues (particularly of the digital variety, so I don’t have to worry about whether I’ll have to give up my bed to accommodate more books!). Often, I’ll discover a new-to-me-author quite far along her/his booklist, and since I’m a bit of a streaker [in the reading sense, of course! Mostly :P], I immediately want to get my hands on the entire backlist. Often, these backlist titles can be hard to get a hold of, but reissues solve that problem– all I have to do is click away at my computer and, voila, they magically appear on my Kindle.

    As for question #2… um, yes! Can you send him my way??

  4. Welcome and kisses right back, Cindy!
    How great that you’re taking advantage of the digital opportunity to get your back list into circulation. There are novels I recall enjoying waaaay back in my teens and gave up thinking I could ever find copies.

    And I agree with Cris. When I discover a fabulous new author I’m delighted to be able to get my hands on all of her works immediately.

    I also agree with Misty- I’ve bought novels that sound like new releases only to find I’ve been tricked and read it before. I don’t return them, but I’m much more reluctant to buy that author when I see a ‘new’ cover in the future.

    Is Mike hot? Uh, yeah. Ridiculously so. Your covers continue to be top notch…where do you find these men? 🙂

    Thanks for joining us again, Cindy, good luck on sales!

  5. Ooh, Ooh, I know! Yes Mike is ridonculously hawt!!

    Reissues: As a reader, I love the fact that I now have the chance to read material that was not accessible or not known to me before. From the other side, I love that authors are getting their rights back and now have a chance to take control of material they created that may have been languishing.

    But I’m in total agreement that reissues have to be clearly labeled as such. The good news is most booksellers are good about accepting returns, but no one wants the disappointment of realizing they don’t have new-to-them material in their hands when they’ve been looking forward to reading a book.

    Cindy I’m really jazzed to read your classic romances! Thank you so much for being here today!

  6. Jacquie Biggar

    Hi Cindy, love your books and would be Thrilled to win a copy of these two great reissues. I love that authors are able to bring back some of their older books through e-reads, makes it nice for filling out our libraries. Can’t wait for Mike Brown’s story, yes he is HOT! Lol

  7. Cindy: So glad to have you back at K&T. Mike is totally hot and I can’t wait for his book! He definitely intrigued me in Last Man Standing–one of my absolute favorite books of yours, BTW. Love, love, love Joe and Stephanie. 😉

    I’m in agreement with everyone else on reissues. Thanks for being here today!

  8. Mike Brown: Hot. Reissues: Hot.

  9. Omg!! I CAN NOT wait until Mike’s book comes out!! There are 3 of us that read all of your books and then “kabitz” about the books and characters!! So excited- I also like reissues of early books. When you find an author that’s 10 books ( or more) into a career- it can be very hard to find the early issues so that you can read all of their writing!
    Keep up the good work Cindy!!

  10. Cindy, I have loved all your books, you mean there are some I haven’t read? I will need to fix that…I would love to win your give away…thanks.

  11. heather huffman

    I am so ready for your NEW series that starts wiith Mike!!!!!!!!! HOT! And on the reissues, I agree with the love hate relationship. I enjoy getting 2 for one, but sometimes its confusing. I absolutely LOVE your books! I really enjoyed the Bodyguard series and the BOIs. Again ready for the new one!!!

  12. Cindy –
    I have never read Into the Night and Man Around the Houseand would love to win a copy! I have read all of the Bodyguard and Black Ops series and absolutely loved them!!!! Can’t wait to read Mike’s story and the rest of the One Eyed Jack’s series!!!!

  13. I agree with Gwen–Mike is one of my favorite heroes ever and Last Man Standing was probably one of my favorite books. And I’m so happy about your reissues and all of your success. Thanks for visiting today!

  14. I LOVE reissues, especially as when some favourite authors were making names for themselves, I was still celebrating reaching big school with a sleepover and ice-cream cake! I was far too young to appreciate their books the first time round!

    Oh, and I might – just maybe – already have a little Mike Brown currently set as my desktop wallpaper. Just maybe

  15. To answer question number 1, I think every author should reissue their novels. There are people who haven’t read your books. Number 2 …hummm? Does Mike Brown go commando, briefs or boxes? Yes, he is hot….but going commando make him hotter…(smile).

  16. Cindy, I cannot wait to get this book… I have not read either of these stories when they were out the first time. So I will so enjoy them now… Your books are always on my auto buy list..
    Am so looking forward to your next series…I am thinking that Mike Brown is going to be one Sexy Hunky Flyboy to have around..

  17. I like reissues. Sometimes I miss them the first time around. I also like the uopdated cover. I have not read any of cindy’s books. She is a new author for me. I love to read and always looking for new authors.

  18. After reading all the comments, LAST MAN STANDING is moving to the top of my TBR list. It will be my reward for getting through the next two weeks of back-to-school madness. I like ebook reissues as long as I know that’s what I’m purchasing. It’s always fun to discover somebody with a backlist of fantastic stories available at a push of a button. Instant gratification! Great to have you back at K&T, Cindy!

  19. LOVED Mike from the first time we met him in Luke and Val’s story. Here’s hoping his brother’s gonna get his own story too!

  20. Hi Cindy! You are at the top of my favorite authors list!! I am ok with reissues as long as it is very prominently stated that it is a reissue. There is nothing worse than buying a book thinking it is new only to find out that you’ve already read it!!
    I LOVE Mike and cannot wait these long 5 months to read his story!!!

  21. Hi Cindy, Mike is HOT!!!! As for re-issues I don’t mind them as long as it tells me it’s a reissue. One of the biggest thing I hate is getting a book home only to find out that I’ve already read it.

  22. Cindy! I am so excited for this book! Looking forward to January.

  23. You asked about book remakes and I am all for them. Sometimes they need updating from when they were first written, but a good book is a good book.

  24. 1) I generally like re-issues so long as they are marked that way. With some ebooks, authors have changed the titles and it’s not clearly stated they are re-issues.

    For example, I bought many of your Harlequin Treasury titles as I didn’t discover you until your Bodyguard series. I love being able to have an author’s entire backlist in digital. Much easier than the days before internet writing to used bookstores all over the country to try to obtain out-of-print books when I discovered a new author I liked.

    2) So happy Mike will be getting his own book!

    • Thanks Library addict. Yes – Harlequin released a ton of my older books – but they kept the same covers so there should be no mistaking they were older titles. Some of them make me laugh – and groan

  25. Cindy so glad you stopped by. Loved the post almost as much as your books!


  26. Isabella Voltolini

    I love reissues!!! They give me the opportunity to read books I wouldn’t be able to read otherwise since I only startet reading in english in recent years. Unfortunately for me many of theese books aren’t available for sale in my country. Personally I can only encourage Cindy to keep writing since I’ve loved everything I’ve read so far. Can’t wait for Mike’s story!! Thanks you for your dedication!

  27. Hi Cindy
    I love love your books!! I also love reissued book because it give me a chance to read the books I can’t find but I also get the whole changing of title and book cover. The book should say reissue on the cover.
    And as for Mike LOVE him!!

  28. LOve reissues.. espically if i missed the first time around… havent met Mike yet…but looking forword to

  29. Whew! Thanks Cindy! What an awesome blog and as you can see we had an enthusiastic response. I think you may be nearly as popular as Mike “Primetime” Brown.
    Many thanks, and many hugs!

  30. I like reissues. Especially if its an author I have found fairly recently. It makes it easier to catch up on their backlist and get the older titles that may be out of print. And yes I think hot is a pretty good term to use.

  31. These books sound good. I think reissues are a good idea.

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