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Next week’s special: Lamb! (Joyce Lamb)

Join us next Tuesday when Diana and Lena fight over, uh, work together to present 3-time RITA-nominated author Joyce Lamb in two formats! That’s right. You get a double-header with an interview and a video. If you don’t know about Joyce, the creator of the USAToday Happy Ever After blog, you’re missing out, so be sure to check back on Tuesday.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Find out why Publisher’s Weekly gave TRUE SHOT a coveted starred review, and why RT Book Reviews said the following about TRUE SHOT, by Joyce Lamb!  

RT Rating

Lamb brings readers full circle with the third installment of her True series. Cleverly written with a steady pace of action and despicable bad guys, this book can stand alone, but you’ll want to discover what happened from the beginning. Don’t miss out on this one.

How my passion for writing led to another kind of book deal

Unexpected things sometimes happen when you follow your passion.

It wasn’t my passion for writing romance that brought unanticipated good fortune. It was my passion for my writing software, Scrivener.

Yes, I’m the kind of girl who goes gaga for apps and gadgets, and I have a long history of writing how-to manuals to teach others how to do my job. So, through a series of blog posts, and later my online classes, I accidentally and somewhat unintentionally established myself as a Scrivener expert.

Word got around, and when the publisher of the For Dummies line of books went looking for someone to write Scrivener For Dummies, the Twitterverse served up several names, including mine (thank you!). During our initial call, when the acquisitions editor at Wiley asked if I’d like to submit a proposal I bit back a girly squeal and calmly said something like, “Yes.”

Apparently they liked it—and possibly also my platform of former students and current blog followers—and I got the job.

Found it!

Last week, my book finally hit store shelves. No, it’s not what I expected to create when I started writing more than three years ago. I thought my first published book credit would be an emotional, exciting romantic suspense with a blurb from my favorite author and a hot guy on the cover (hey, if you’re gonna dream, go big).

Instead I have the pointy-chinned Dummies Man on the spine. Not exactly an alpha male, but he has his own appeal.

Scrivener For Dummies may not be a romance, but my love for my subject is still on the pages. My voice is still there in every paragraph. And my heart still does flips when I spot the black and yellow cover on the shelf at Barnes & Noble.

I followed my passion and something unexpected happened. It’s not the path I expected to take—and I haven’t given up on my dream of publishing romantic suspense—but I’m certainly not complaining about the detour.

Has your passion for something ever taken you in an unexpected, but positive, direction?

Winners from Brenda Novak and Breast Cancer Posts!

Congratulations to Cris (from August 22nd 6:25AM post), you’ve won the THREE WEDDINGS AND A MURDER and FIRST DO NO EVIL giveaways in our fight against breast cancer!

Congratulations to Kitty Katz Mom.  You’ve won a Brenda Novak tote with an autographed copy of WHEN LIGHTNING STRIKES inside!

Congratulations to C. K. Crouch. You’ve won the audio version of WHEN LIGHTNING STRIKES from Brenda Novak!

To claim your prize, please email us here with your preferred email (and snail mail if you are the winner of the tote). Snail mail winner must have a USA address. 

Brenda Novak Attends Conference Sans Panties (and Other Embarrassing Moments in the Life of a Bestseller)

Being a bestseller isn’t all champagne and roses (well, there is champagne, just not all the time). What happens in those frantic moments trying to get to the airport, packing from trip to trip, and living the life of celebrity on tour?  Well, darling Brenda Novak reveals all to her readers in the video interview below!  I wanted to thank Brenda for stopping by and remind everyone that in a few short days, When Lightning Strikes, will finally be out.  I absolutely cannot wait! Please keep the conversation going by posting a comment below.  Once again, Brenda will be stopping by to say hello and answer your questions.  Sending you hugs and hoping Brenda puts the same smile on your face she put on mine. The winner of an autographed copy of When Lightning Strikes in a Brenda Novak tote bag is Kitty Katz Mom  and our second winner of an audio version of When Lightning Strikes is C.K. Crouch.  Enjoy! And see you all here next Tuesday when our very own, BESTSELLING, Gwen Hernandez, talks about writing that massive novel you’re all dreaming of — with the help of a program called Scrivener.  Can’t wait to find out more about it. Once again, Brenda Novak will be stopping by to join in the conversation.  What are some of your most embarrassing moments?  How do you deal with life’s little curve balls? In the meantime, sending all of you hugs!


Later I’ll be giving away books, and updating you on our team, THE BODICE RIPPERS, and the upcoming Avon Breast Cancer Walk. But First things first!

Courtney, Tessa, Leigh, and I want to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to our wonderful honor roll donors! These are folks who have made a direct donation to team Bodice Rippers. With only a month left until the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, We’d love to add you to our honor roll. Please consider making a direct contribution. We love big donations of course, but small donations add up. If you can spare the price of a movie, we’re grateful! I never post amounts unless specifically requested. You can donate to our team here.

We are so very grateful for each one of you who has purchased THREE WEDDINGS AND A MURDER, helped us spread the word, or made a direct donation.

The Avon walk for breast cancer takes place September 22, 2012. We’ll be putting our tootsies where our mouths are and walking nearly forty miles for a cause close to our hearts. We’d love to reach our goal of $10,000.

Here’s how things are breaking down so far:

From THREE WEDDINGS AND A MURDER: Royalties received as of August 16th, 2012 $1,655.01 Remember, ALL PROFITS from TWAAM go to the walk.

From Private Donations- $835.00

Actual funds in hand and applied to Avon Breast Cancer Walk=$2,490.01

However, we also are due (but have not yet been paid) estimated royalties from TWAAM-$3,500

Including these royalties our total fundraising efforts as of August 20, 2012= $5,990.01

On the personal side, Team Bodice Rippers has had a wild year.

Courtney has continued to blaze a trail for independent authors everywhere with her New York Times and USA Today best-selling books, and she’s relocated across the country and purchased her first home!

Leigh released her debut novel to critical acclaim. But the big news is she has been blessed with a soon-to-be blessed event! She’ll be cheering us on from the nursery with her newborn bundle of joy! We will miss her terribly on the Avon Walk, but she will be there in spirit and is an integral part of our team. We’re pretty sure delivering her new little guy will be harder than walking forty miles, and we are sending her every wish for a safe and happy delivery.

Tessa…she just won a RITA!!! Can you hear our collective heels clicking in glee? Oh, yes, and she also hit the USA today list and the New York Times list!

Carey released her debut novel to critical acclaim, but her big news is she married the man of her dreams and became a “new mom” again to a fifteen-year-old sweetie-pie!

Where does the money for the specific Avon Santa Barbara Walk go? We think you’ll be as impressed as we are. Check out this link for more info on where the money goes.

If you’d like to help us meet our goal, you can purchase THREE WEDDINGS AND A MURDER here,  or you can make a direct donation here.

Thank you all for being part of our journey. We cherish our community.

What’s your favorite way to stay healthy? Or just say “Hello”. I’ll be giving away one e-copy of THREE WEDDINGS AND A MURDER  and one e-copy of FIRST DO NO EVIL to one commenter today. 

Brenda Novak Struck by Lightning

Brenda Novak was struck by lightning — but don’t worry she’s okay.  It’s the kind of lightning that wins Rita awards, not the kind that puts you in the hospital!  Her new book, When Lightning Strikes, is coming out in one week, August 28th.  To celebrate, she is here, via video interview, to tell us about it, how she researches her books, and her fantastic work raising money for diabetes.

Even better, two — yes that is right TWO — readers who comment below will win prizes.  The first prize is a Brenda Novak tote with an autographed copy of When Lightning Strikes inside, AND the second prize for another lucky reader is an audio version of the same brand new book!

So don’t be shy, let us know what you think, a great prize may be waiting just for you!

And on Thursday, August 23rd, not only will we be announcing the winners, but posting a fourth video in which Brenda tells us about some of her most embarrassing moments and whether she’s wearing anything under her skirt.  <G>

First up, Brenda tells us about her new book and what success means to her.

Brenda discusses her research method including a trip to a very scary prison cell

Diabetes Research is extremely important to Brenda.  Here, she talks about how she raised over 1.6 million dollars and the son who inspired her to do it. (Click here if you’d like to find out more, and  here if you’d like to make a donation.)

Please leave a comment below to join in the conversation and automatically enter the prize drawing.  Just click on the link that says “Leave a Comment” (below, next to the tags).   Stop by on Thursday to see if you’re one of our two lucky winners  and to find out just what Brenda is wearing under her skirt!  (Winners are chosen randomly and must live in the U.S.  Chances of winning depend upon numbers of entrants.)

See you there!  

Lyle and Gerard Winners!

Congratulations to Jaquie Biggar and Misty Helms you’ve each one an electronic copy of WORTH DYING FOR from Cindy Gerard!!

Congratulations to Jackie Griffey. You’ve won a copy of RUN TO GROUND from DP Lyle!!

To claim your prize, please email us here with your preferred email and for Jackie Griffey, we need your snail mail too. 

This week on Tuesday and Thursday, Diana Belchase brings us a series of interviews with Best-selling author and all around lovely person, Brenda Novak. You really won’t want to miss this. I hear there’s talk of missing panties and also giveaways! 🙂

Welcome back Cindy Gerard!

Carey says: I’m triple delighted today because the wonderful incredible fantabulous Cindy Gerard is here today to answer questions and comments… and...she’s going to tell us about a two-for-one rerelease of her classic early titles (I’ve never read them and now I get to!! ) and …we get to see the cover for her upcoming release- Killing Time- the first in her new series, ONE EYED JACKS! Let the fun begin! 

Cindy says: First things first, a big thank you to Carey and everyone at Kiss and Thrill for inviting me back to blog with them again today.  I’m so thrilled, I could kiss them.  Okay.  Bad pun (but I love a pun) and you get the gist of what I’m sayin’, right?

Second, thanks to all of you who support all of us writers.  I don’t think that gets said often enough.  It’s not that we don’t think it.  We do.  We know that if not for our loyal readers who go out and spend their hard earned money on our books that we would be out of a job – and a job is a precious thing.  Especially a job that you love.

Third – just for the record.  I love my job. :o)  I love writing.  I love the business of writing.  I love the fans.  I love my author friends.  My editorial team.  My agent and her staff and I LOVE seeing my work in print.

And finally – fourth – I love seeing new life breathed into old books and finding them on the shelves again or available as e-books.  So many of my fabo authors buddies have been having fun reissuing much of their backlist.  Well, I’m super excited to let you all know that I’ve joined the ranks.  Two of my classic romances – INTO THE NIGHT and MAN AROUND THE HOUSE are now available in e-book format in one volume titled: WORTH DYING FOR.

It’s a bogo!!  Buy one, get the other one free.  Only thing better is a bogo on shoes. LOL!

Here are the blurbs for each book.

INTO THE NIGHT (National Reader’s Choice winner)

….It began as a gimmick to promote their new radio show, but the spirited sparring between Jessie Fox and Tony Falcone soon has listeners demanding to know more about their steamy romance – and sets loose a crazed stalker. Jessie swears that the fire burning in Tony’s eyes can’t be real—until he sets a seductive trap she can’t escape. Can Tony persuade Jess he’s never letting her go?


….Answering his neighbor’s cry for help, Matthew Spencer finds himself rescuing a sassy blue-eyed temptress. Katie McDonald is a walking disaster who falls off ladders into his arms and awakens his hunger with the speed of a summer storm, and her infectious spirit has him rediscovering the joy in life.

Matthew makes her feel too much, want more than she can have, and dare to dream of being loved, but Katie knows she’s all wrong for a man with a child. Despite the passion between them, Matthew needs someone nice and normal, not wild and reckless – and Katie’s passion for her work has placed her in grave danger. And once Matthew learns her deeply buried sorrow, can he love her for all time?…

As I’ve stated in other blog posts,  do NOT expect these to be the high octane, high risk, adrenaline rushes of my Body Guard or Black Ops, Inc. books.  They are absolutely not.  I like to call them ‘suspense lite’ ) with a lot of fun and a hot love story at the heart of each book.  I really hope you’ll enjoy them to.  You can buy them here:  B&  or here:

Speaking of high octane, high risk, adrenaline rushes … check out the cover of KILLING TIME, book one of my NEW series One-Eyed Jacks (release date 1-19-13).  Swwwweeeeettttt!  And for your reading pleasure, here’s a link to an excerpt from KILLING TIME. Excerpt.

Mike – Primetime – Brown showed up in With No Remorse and again in Last Man Standing and basically demanded he get his own story.  And wow.  What a story he has to tell :o)

Okay – Back to WORTH DYING FOR.  I love that e-book technology is making it possible for me as a writer and a reader to have access to out of print titles that we would otherwise not be able to find.  I like it so much, in fact that I’m giving away 2 e-book copies of WORTH DYING to someone who comments today by answering one of two questions:  1) How do you feel about reissues in general?  2) Is Mike Brown HOT or what???



Carey says: Cindy thanks so much for being here! And thanks for the giveaway! Commenters, I’ll be posting the Cindy Gerard winners along with the DP Lyle winner on Monday, so stayed tuned. 

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