Terri Molina’s Dark Obsession

Terri Molina

Today Kiss and Thrill welcomes Romance Suspense author Terri Molina!

Terri has penned 3 novels: Her Will His Way,  Forget Me Not and her newest release Dark Obsession. She resides in Arizona (but also calls Houston ‘home’) and is active in RWA chapters in both states.

Sarah: Welcome Terri, we’re glad you stopped by today! Who are your favorite authors? 

TERRI: I love a variety of authors. Those filling my bookshelf right now are, Lee Child, Robert Gregory Browne, Robert Crais, Allison Brennan, Lisa Gardner and Nora Roberts.

 Sarah: When did you start writing?

TERRI: I think I’ve always written, but I didn’t get serious about being published until around 2003, when I finished my first two novels.

 Sarah: How did you know this is what you wanted to do?

TERRI: When I finished the drafts of my first two novels. Haha!  Actually I always wanted to be an actress, but that didn’t quite work out the way I’d hoped. I’ve always enjoyed telling stories so I thought I’d move to that area of entertainment instead.

 Sarah: I don’t know about actress, Terri, but I could see you kicking some a** on Survivor! 🙂 Who is your Personal Hero?

TERRI: I think I’d have to say my daughter Amanda. She’s had to deal with so much in her life–born with Cerebral Palsy, was diagnosed Type 1 Diabetes her junior year of high school and now she’s dealing with other (hopefully minor) illnesses. But she’s never once let it define her. She’s brave and strong and believes strongly in her sense of self. When she wants something, she goes for it and doesn’t think about whether she’ll succeed or not. I wish I had half her strength.

 Sarah: What a wonderful personality! I wish Amanda all the best and attitude is half the battle. Tell us about Dark Obsession! It sounds fabulous!

Ramon (Ray) Chavez, a farmer from the Rio Grande Valley, doesn’t believe in visions or omens or the mysticism of his Mexican/Indian heritage. When he’s awakened by the spirit of this great-grandmother with a message that something is coming, Ray passes it off as a bad dream. But he may just reconsider his position when he finds Lexie Solis stranded on the edge of town, in search of a new life. Ray feels an instant attraction, as well as a connection, to the skittish young woman. But what Lexie doesn’t tell Ray or his family is that she is on the run from an abusive ex-boyfriend and he may be more powerful than even she wants to believe.

When Lexie is assaulted by an unseen force, they learn that the man she is hiding from is a master of the dark arts and his obsession with Lexie goes beyond his need to control her; he wants to possess her soul as well. As their past lives parallel, Lexie’s only hope for salvation is in Ray’s hands. But can he accept his destiny in time to save the woman he loves as well as his own life?

TERRI: Dark Obsession is the second novel I wrote and it’s based (very) loosely on an incident I went through in my early twenties.  

Sarah: OH REALLY?! (Furiously rehashing the story to try to figure out the incident!) How and when did you get ‘discovered?’

TERRI: Uh….have I been discovered??  Haha!  I think my first taste of…shall we say ‘vindication’….was back in 2004 when I signed with my first agent. That didn’t quite work out as I’d hoped. Long story short…I wrote a novella for a publishing house (which fell through) and sold it to an online publisher–Cobblestone Press in 2008. A few years later I sold my first novel to another online publisher, Decadent Publishing, and most recently I sold book three–Dark Obsession to Crimson Romance (another online publisher).  See a pattern?

 Sarah: Yeah…it’s called writing and selling…and I’m not at all jealous! 🙂 What’s in your writing future? 

TERRI: I just completed my third full length novel called House of Cards. It’s more or less on submission, so I’ll let you know when that one sells. In my opinion, it’s my best work yet. I’m also at work on a follow-up to Dark Obsession.

 Sarah: Cool! I look forward to hearing more about House of Cards and I’m thrilled to hear there’s a follow-up to Dark Obsession! Name a book that changed your life.

TERRI: It was more an author that changed my life. After I started reading Nora Roberts’ works I began to realize, ‘hey, I can do this too’, so I took the time to learn the craft and business and set to work writing.

 Sarah:  Er…that was my answer too. Wonder how many authors out there pinpoint the great Nora Roberts and how “easy” (snort) she makes it look as their inspiration. What’s your writing habit? (How long each day? Are you a plotter/pantster?)

TERRI: I’m a pantster. I can’t, for the life of me, plot a novel.  My writing days vary, sometimes I’ll write for a few hours, sometimes not at all. I’m very undisciplined. And when I start a new book, I have to have a title first, otherwise I’m lost at where to begin.

 Sarah: Your plots have great suspense–what scares YOU?

TERRI: Hmmm….I would have to say Bugs!  They really creep me out and I hate watching movies or reading stories with bugs! John Saul wrote a book back in the eighties called The Homing….gave me nightmares!

 Sarah: I have to laugh given you live in AZ with scorpions and Black Widows! What food can you never say no to?

TERRI: Chicken!  I love chicken cooked any way you can cook it!

Thanks so much for being here today, Terri. I hope our readers enjoyed getting to know a little more about you and your work. For more information on Terri and her romantic suspense novels:

ANY QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS FOR TERRI?  One lucky winner (chosen on Thursday) will receive an e-copy of her newest release Dark Obsession.

About Sarah Andre

Romantic Suspense That Keeps You Up All Night! I live in sunny FL, love daydreaming, reading and chocolate. I write in the wee hours of the morning before my helpless hubby and 2 male Pomeranian pups awaken with their demands. :) My debut LOCKED, LOADED and LYING is available now.

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  1. Welcome Terri!
    Do you get inspiration from TV shows or the news to help develop a nugget of an idea? How much (besides the title) of your plot do you have when you begin writing that first sentence?

    For me, I may have the title….but do have the hero and heroine’s jobs and major flaws (and looks) and the basic romantic suspense black moment. Most of the time, though, I don’t know who the villain is or their motivation until later in the story!

    Thanks for being with us today and good luck on sales!

    • Thank you so much for having me here today, Sarah! Love the blog. I’m sorry I’m late to the party, I’m out of town visiting a friend who lost her son in a drowning accident.

      As for your question….Yes, i sometimes get inspiration from the news or TV shows like Forensic Files. For Dark Obsession, I didn’t have to look too far for inspiration, I just spoke to my Uncle Ramon, who loves to tell me stories of Curanderas and brujas in Southeast Texas. haha

      But, yeah, I generally always have my character’s internal conflicts in place as well and those are usually what make the story flow.

      • Oh, and I wanted to add, I will also throw in a copy (print or e-book) of my novel Forget Me Not to another commentor (of which I will let Sarah choose too.) 😀

  2. Great interview, ladies.
    Terri, I can’t plot either. I just bumble along and halfway through, I’m like, “yeah, that’s it. Oh look, subplots, too”LOL

    Dark Obsession sounds wonderful. I love books that have that touch of mysticism. It gives the story an overall creepy tone. (sans bugs, of course)

    Good luck with your release. I wish you many happy sales!


    • lol…Thank you, Jenn. Yeah when the subplots are pointed out to me (by my CPs) I get that whole surprised look too. In fact, most of the time my cp, Helen, will point out where my arcs and black moments are (don’t ask me) haha

  3. Hi Terri!
    Thanks for bringing this interview to us today about Terri. I loved reading about your daughter and what a strong young woman she is- I’m always striving to have that kind of courage and come up woefully short some days! (She must have a really good mom.)
    Your stories sound like they are right up my alley- although I’m with Sarah trying to figure out what part could have been loosely based on your life….hmmmmmmm
    Can’t wait to read the whole story!

    • Thank you Stacey. Yep, Manda is amazing (and if she sees this blog she’s going to rub it in to her brothers and sisters..haha)
      Good luck figuring out the ‘real life’ parts of the story….I’ll never tell…heh Although I will admit, the part with the dogs….did happen. 😉

  4. New book sounds awesome. Thanks for the great interview.

  5. Thanks for joining us today, Terri! I spent a lot of time in Tucson in my youth, and I was just telling someone yesterday how I had a scorpion in my bed when I was three. Found two more in my apartment in college. Don’t miss that part of the desert at all. 😉

    I can totally relate to your pantsing ways. As much as I want to have the story figured out, the good ideas don’t come to me until I start writing. Good luck on submission.

    Great interview, Sarah!

    • Thank you Gwen.

      As fpr the bugs, we’re only bothered by crickets occasionally. I’ve yet to see any spiders or scorpions in or around my house (knock on wood). heh

    • Thanks Gwen!
      I remember around age 5, having to take a nap at a summer casa in Spain (friends of my parents.) A cockroach crawled out from under my pillow and after I screamed bloody murder my mom and the lady who owned the casa came racing in.

      They couldn’t find the bug (really? It was as large as my 5-year-old hand!) Stripped the bed, looked around the tile floor and they finally gave up. I refused to stay in the room and my mom refused to let me skip the nap. So the Spanish lady had a brilliant idea and brought in her ENORMOUS German Shephard to sit there and make me feel safe.

      5 years old…knowing there’s a cockraoch still in the room…eyeing that monster 2 feet away and having him eye me right back. No nap that day. Huge scars from the whole event, LOL!

      So…for me it’s cockroaches. 🙂

  6. Hey, Terri! Great to see you here…:) I can’t wait to read OBSESSION. I remember the first go-around, it was great. This one has to be even better….:)

  7. Great interview. I’m in awe of you pantsers. Don’t know how you tie the pieces together. But I’m glad you do. 🙂 Look forward to reading Dark Obsession. Good luck with your sales.

    • Thank you Marsha. I feel the same way about plotters. How you can get the bare bones of your story written down on ten sheets of paper then turn it into a full length novel! If I try to plot I start to feel like I ‘have’ to follow it and that totally stops me because my characters have other ides. haha

    • Believe me, I would do anything to be a plotter! I’ve read the books, I’ve taken the workshops and I am absolutely stumped having to sit down and think up a story. Every single idea ends with my inner critic laughing hysterically until she hiccups.

      Thanks for stopping by, Marsha!

  8. Apparently, the TV and movie people have it all wrong when they show writers drinking expensive wine and eating fancy food. Why haven’t I ever seen Castle with a bucket of KFC drinking a Bud? Haha!

    Fun interview!

    • Oh no, I drink expensive wine (at least $10 a bottle) and eat fancy food (we go to Cheesecake Factory)….so I think Castle is the most realistic show about writers out there.
      (barely kept a straight face through all that!)

      Thanks Nina….miss your wit. (we’ll chat soon)


    • ‘Secret Window’ with Johnny Depp is more how we writers are. Snarly hair, filthy robes, crumbs from empty potato chip bags down our t-shirts…and oh those naps! 🙂

  9. Hi, Terri, I’m intrigued by the the Native American mysticism twist to DARK OBSESSION. How did you go about researching that part of your story?

    Another great interview, Sarah! 🙂

    • Thank you Krista.

      I actually started out researching the Mexican culture (since I’m Mexican) and learning about the curanderas and brujas and what the border towns believe. I even spoke to a man in west Texas who knew a lot about them and as I went deeper I noticed a correlation between the two heritages and just kind of blended them together. I’m re-researching more of it now for my current wip–which is a follow-up to Dark Obsession (the sister’s story).

  10. Terri! Hello and welcome! We are so excited to have you today. I am also terrified of certain bugs, so we’ll have to make sure to avoid them together at the next Desert Rose RWA meeting. Guys, Terri is our former chapter president, and in addition to being an awesome author, she is an awesome all around gal! I can’t wait to read Dark Obsession, Terri.
    Sarah, great interview!

    • Thank you, Carey you’re such a doll. 🙂 Hopefully there aren’t many scorpions around Montis haha
      Looking forward to seeing you at a meeting soon.

    • AND Terri is a former Northwest Houston president! I was on her Board…

  11. Thank you for spending the day with us, Terri. I can’t wait to read Dark Obsession! It sounds wonderful. Will you be signing at the RWA Literacy signing? I’d love to get an autographed copy!

    • Hi Sharon, thank you.
      Unfortunately, I won’t be signing at the literacy signing, although I ‘will’ be there (I’m chairing it) Also, sadly, Dark Obsession is only available in e-book right now. :/ But….one of these days…. 😉

      • Really? I figured you’d at least sign “Forget Me Not.”
        I have that in paperback.

        • Well, I had been tagged as the chairperson for the 2012 conference before Forget Me Not went into print. Maybe next year….if I’m not still chairing the signing lol

  12. Hi Terri, thank you so much for joining us today! DARK OBSESSION sounds fantastic – and now I’m totally curious about the part with the dogs that really happened.

  13. Very nice interview. The book sounds good. Nice covers.

  14. Thank you again for spending time with us today, Terri. We look forward to hosting you again in the future!

  15. Terri, Hugs to you and your daughter about her diabetes, and her other medical conditions. My daughter has type 1 also and it’s such a struggle sometimes. It drives me crazy that so many people think there is just one kind of diabetes – type 2 – which is typically brought on by a sedentary lifestyle. Type 1 is different and not caused by that at all. And it’s a chronic disease that impacts every aspect of our lives. It’s like a chain around your neck – always having to think about infusion sets, insulin, cartridges, IV prep pads, sugar pills, test strips . . . the list goes on and on. Okay, yes, this is my soap box issue. I just really understand that struggle and feel for you and your family. It sounds like your daughter is dealing really well. I hope that continues and that she stays on top of it.

    I enjoyed the interview and wish you much success with your latest novel!

  16. Thank you, Everyone for stopping by. Thank you Sarah and everyone here at Kiss & Thrill for the wonderful time I had here. I look forward to seeing many of you at nationals and visiting again. 😉
    Have a terrific week!!

  17. I love that your daughter is your hero, Terri. She sounds like she’d be mine, too!

    Can’t wait to read the book.

    Great interview, Sarah!

    Diana Belchase

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