Cynthia Eden Talks Elite Ops and Shadow Agents!

Greetings, K&T-ers! The very first book Cynthia Eden book I read was her first one from Kensington, Hotter After Midnight. What I loved most about it was that it was a police procedural romantic suspense set in a paranormal world! Two great tastes that taste great together! So when she released her Deadly trilogy of straight romantic suspense, I knew it would be good. And I wasn’t the only one who thought so: she was nominated for a RITA for DEADLY FEAR. So without further ado, it’s my honor to introduce my friend and RWA chapter-mate, Cynthia Eden!

Hi, everyone! It is such a pleasure to be at Kiss & Thrill today—thanks for having me over!

I love the thrills and chills that can be found within the pages of romantic suspense novels. I love the danger. The intrigue. The tense, adrenaline filled life-or-death moments. Whenever I read a romantic suspense book, I fly through those pages, staying up late into the night, and imaging all sorts of scary killers.

Ah…what fun. 😉

I love romantic suspense novels because no matter how dark or dangerous things may seem, I know that my hero and heroine will prevail. They *will* survive and defeat the bad guy.  That’s the guarantee with romance novels. Happy endings will be on the last pages.  In real life? No, those endings aren’t guaranteed. And in real life…well, I’ve always said that real life is far more frightening than anything that I could ever dream up for my romantic suspense novels.

Because not only am I am extreme romantic suspense reader, I’m also a romantic suspense writer. I published three dark and sexy romantic suspense books with Grand Central (DEADLY FEAR, DEADLY HEAT, and DEADLY LIES), and, in 2013, I’ll be launching a four-book romantic suspense series with Harlequin Intrigue. While my Deadly books focused on FBI agents who tracked and apprehended serial killers, my Harlequin Intrigue novels will focus on a group that called Shadow Agents—my Shadow Agents work for a division of the government called the EOD (Elite Ops Division), and the agents are all ex-military: Rangers, SEALs, Delta Force.  The Shadow Agents specialize in hostage rescue and unconventional warfare.

Whenever I prepare to write a romantic suspense novel, I always begin with the research aspect. And, it’s with the research that the whole “Real life is far more frightening!” aspect comes around and hits me in the face.  Because as I research, I read first-hand accounts of some truly horrifying experiences.  When I was researching serial killers, I read stories that had me triple checking every lock and window in my house. When I researched my military heroes, I felt such sorrow for the losses that many families have faced—and continue to face.

In the books, I can give and get happy endings. In real life, well, let’ s just say that I wish real life could end the same way.  But that is why I think romantic suspense novels are so appealing to readers. You can get the danger, you can get the fear, you can get the adventure, and you KNOW that you’re safe. You know that the ending will have the bad guy being punished and the good guys and gals riding off into their sunset. Happy endings, guaranteed.

Do you have a favorite romantic suspense book that you’d like to share? I’d love to hear about it!  I’ll pick one commenter to win a $10 gift certificate.

Have a great day!

Cynthia Eden
ANGEL BETRAYED—Available 6/26/12
When you betray an angel, there’s all hell to pay…

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  1. Hi Cynthia, welcome!
    I’m always astounded at your authentic sounding vocab, procedures, etc. Besides reading for research, have you attended any FBI-type academies or the Writer’s Police Academy? Do you have someone in law enforcement read your work and point out where to beef up your lingo?

    To answer your question, there are too many RS authors to be able to spotlight a specific book, but from a stay-up-all-night-with-goosebumps factor it’s still The Graveyard Queen series by Amanda Stevens. Her heroine restores decaying graveyards and comes across fresh corpses shoved on top of old ones, etc. She realizes the gravestone symbols are clues into the killer’s mind. Oh, and she sees ghosts but can’t ever let them know she sees them or they become like parasites, clinging to her forever.

    A pretty original concept, and it made me interested in gravestone symbols and the history of cemeteries, etc., something I never thought twice about before reading her work.

    Thank you for visiting us today!

    • Hi, Sarah! Thank you! My husband is actually preparing to do the Writer’s Police Academy–can you tell we have a family addiction to RS? I do talk to police officers and (with Deadly Heat) fire fighters about the stories so I can try and get the lingo down. There are also a lot very helpful online sites that I visit where experts in those fields will answer questions.

      With Deadly Heat, the best research adventure I had was a visit to a fire station. I got to inspect the fire engines, see the full facility, and, yes, shoot that fire hose. 😉

      And now you’ve got me so eager to try out The Graveyard Queen series. That series sounds fantastic!!!

  2. Welcome, Cynthia! So glad you could be here with us today! As you know (cough) I am a huge fan of both your paranormals and your romantic suspense books. And I am MEGA excited about your upcoming Harlequin Intrigues. Can you talk a little about the difference between the Intrigues and your single title romantic suspense books? Do you have to think smaller in terms of suspense plot for the HIs or condense at all?

    As far as favorite Romantic Suspense books go, I have lots of favorites. One my recent loves was Nora Robert’s 200th book, THE WITNESS. I thought she did a great job of creating a character who was on the run. And as usual she captivated me with her depiction of small town life.

    • Hi, Manda!! Thank you for inviting me over today! 😉 And thanks for asking more about the Intrigues! For the difference between the single titles and the series Intrigues, I’d say the main difference is language. You know that, ahem, some of my characters like to use some rough language. With the Intrigue books, I need to limit the language use to fit in with the line’s parameters. But, other than eliminating some of my more colorful vocabulary aspects, I’ve tried to keep the intrigue elements the same. The shorter length does mean that I can’t have *quite* as many plot twists as I have in the 95k stories, but I still have plenty of turns and deadly events. Lots of action, suspense, and hot attraction between my hero and heroine.

      I haven’t read The Witness yet–but I sure am putting it on my list! I turn in a book on Friday, and it can be a reward read for me.

  3. Looking forward to reading your intrigues about the EOD, Cynthia!

  4. Hi Cynthia – I can’t give you a favorite because I honestly can’t choose. I’ll just say the latest one I read and really loved was Joan Swan’s FEVER. You can tell that the two of you are alike in the respect of doing extensive research. She’s fortunate to have a firefighter for a husband – he gave her lots of info ;).

  5. Hey Cynthia, read your book Deadly Fear, LOVED it. Kept me up all night… needless to say i was a very tired mommy the next morning. Getting the 2nd book soon but really looking forward to Samantha and Max’s story in the 3rd book.
    I can’t really pin point one particular book in suspense that is my fave since there is so many good ones out there, but i find that i can never go wrong with any Sandra Brown books. Have you ready any of hers?
    looking forward to your Shadow agents, sounds like they are right up my alley. 😉

    • So glad you enjoyed Deadly Fear! I hope you enjoy the other Deadly books, too. It’s been a while since I’ve read Sandra Brown’s stories, so that means I need to check out her work ASAP!

  6. I loved Deadly fear as well, Cynthia and can’t wait to read the second book. Thanks for being here today and telling us about your next series–it sounds wonderful.
    As far as RS books, I have to admit that my all-time favorite author is Suzannne Brockmann. If I want an instant emotional hit, I go to her!

  7. Hi Cynthia, one of my suspense favorites is Tami Hoag’s DARK HORSE. It’s edgy, fast-paced and full of skullduggery–a great combination of mystery and suspense. And I just started reading GONE GIRL by Gillian Flynn which promises more of the same. Your new HI series sounds terrific!

  8. Hi Cynthia,
    I’m so happy that you’re writing more romantic suspense novels. I’m excited about your upcoming Intrigue series. I have so many favorites including Pamela Clare’s I Team series and Laura Griffin’s Tracers books.

    • Oh, Jane, there are LOTS of RS stories coming from me (more news on that later). I love RS, so I’m very happy to be staying busy with those stories. And thank you!!

  9. Cindy Overton

    Loved your Deadly series. I am happy see you will be coming out with a new rom/suspense series.. Humm.. I have to say Karen Rose is one of my fav sickest villians written authors 🙂 Rom/Sus didnt start off as my books of choice but after many years of reading ALL genre’s its now my favorite.. So write them villians for me to read 🙂

  10. I’m only starting to get into romantic suspense, so no favorites, just plenty of TBRs.

  11. Wait, you mean I’m supposed to pick just *one* RS? I don’t think that’s possible– I currently have ~160 on my ‘Read’ Kindle collection, and ~200 more on my TBR queue! [Yes, I’m well aware I’m never going to get caught up, especially since that excludes the print books I borrow from the library, and I keep acquiring new books all the time! I really should make getting caught up my full-time job :D]

    I swear this isn’t to suck up, but if I had to pick just one, it would probably be Deadly Fear– that book is sheer RS perfection! I’ve read it so many times that if it were a print version, it’d probably be falling apart. Monica & Luke are fantastic characters, and the villain is one heinous wanker. So excited to hear there’s more RS coming!

    [Anything Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb, Pamela Clare’s I-Team series, Laura Griffin’s Tracers series, Allison Brennan’s entire backlist are also favourites… and, I could go on :)]

  12. Hi Cynthia! Thank you so much for joining us today! Hmm. I absolutely cannot pick a favorite RS book, because I would wind up rattling off a ginormous list of 1st place ties. So I’ll just mention that the first RS that I read was Jane Eyre- all that crazy stuff happening in the attic- shiver….

    Made a lifelong reader of RS out of me.

  13. If I had to pick something it would be Deadly Heat 😀

  14. Romantic suspense isn’t something I read too much of, but I do make a point to read all of Cherry Adair’s books–they’re so much fun! Penny McCall also has some great ones with lots of action to keep me entertained.

  15. I love happy endings, too, Cynthia. Without the romance, and the promise of an HEA, suspense can sometimes be too hard to take. So keep writing them! Looking forward to reading your books.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  16. Hi Cynthia,

    Great post! 🙂 I have a confession – I say I’m not much of a RS reader. And… I’m not. Really, but it’s just some of my favorite authors write romantic suspense novels. So it’s really how they’re written. I have to find them believable, instead of falling to the scary pit of TSTL that so many unfortunately do.

    Although, on the plus side, I’m seeing that less and less, so yay!!!

    Some of my favorites? Shannon McKenna hands down. Especially “Out of Control” or “Standing in the Shadows.” Or Pamela Clare’s I-Team books… and Shiloh Walker’s Ash Trilogy. Those would be my recommendations to anyone who is looking at RS. 🙂

  17. Thanks so much for the comments! I had a great time hanging out at Kiss & Thrill today!

  18. Cynthia, so nice to see you here. I’m so excited that we’re both going to be Harlequin Intrigue authors next year. Can’t wait to read your series. As for favorite romantic suspense novels, I love KILLJOY by Julie Garwood. The hero is so bad-a** and super sexy. But believe it or not, my favorite part about this book is the villain. Monk is so well developed and fleshed out. A truly unique bad guy who was so clinical and methodical about his jib as a hitman that I had goosebumps. Then Garwood humanized him and showed his faults and motivations so well I actually kind of felt sorry for him. Which is terrible, because he really was bad! Loved the book. Highly recommend it.

  19. Congrats on your upcoming release and new series~!! I cannot wait to hear more about them. 🙂
    My pick is not a book, but a series…Lora Leigh’s Tempting Seals. LOVE them! I have not read too many romantic suspense stories, but am looking forward to adding some suggestions from the others to my TBR.
    I already have your Deadly Series on ther. 😉

  20. I dont have one favorite. Its too hard to pick. But one of my favorites are Cindy Gerards series.

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