Americans love an underdog. Whether it’s the downtrodden hero in a movie, the come-from-behind win of a loser team or our kick-ass attitude in the Revolutionary War, we root for the small guy! Especially if said guy is unassuming, passionate and relentless in the face of horrible odds.

   Meet the 2012 literary version of an underdog: Murder By The Book Bookstore in Houston, Texas. Their website states it’s one of the oldest and largest specialty bookstores in the nation, having opened their doors in 1980 and stocking over 25,000 books.

   Despite that formidable pedigree, MBTB is unassuming. Situated in a tiny strip center the interior is dim and cozy, jam-packed with new and used hardbacks, paperbacks, T-Shirts with cool literary sayings and comfortable old armchairs. At MBTB you are welcome to hang out, read, explore and not feel like you have to keep buying expensive lattes. (But if you want one–the coffee shop is next door.)  

   Passionate? You bet. Ask about any book and the staff can lead you to the exact location in a far corner bookshelf. Want to know when Author X is coming out with Book Y? They’ll know and chances are they’ve already booked Author X for a book signing.

   Last year alone MBTB hosted more than 200 of America’s favorite mystery, crime, suspense, science fiction, fantasy and romantic suspense authors. And I mean BIG names. Lisa Gardner, Tami Hoag and Lisa Scottoline all appeared within 6 weeks of each other (I know this because I went to all 3!) How about P.D. James? Sue Grafton? Harlan Coban? Yep, all have signed books in the little Houston bookstore. Many times.

Relentless? Check. Murder By The Book is one of the most aggressive ma & pa bookstores to take on the giant e-book sites and has no plans to surrender. In fact they keep coming up with ingenious ways to stay competitive and capture reader attention, even if you don’t live anywhere near Houston!

   Meet the leader of this scrappy underdog team: John Kwiatkowski, Publicity Manager for Murder By The Book.

   Welcome, John and thank you for being here! If a reader has a Nook/Kindle e-reader and loves the convenience of the click-to-buy read, how can an “Indie Bookstore” like MBTB stay afloat in 2012?

   It’s easy with a Nook.  You can purchase eBooks from the Murder By The Book website and load them onto your Nook. 

   With Kindle it’s a little bit trickier.  The Kindle Fire will allow you purchase eBooks from other retailers, but the original Kindle does not.  

   In most cases, we’re selling our ebooks for the same price as most other retailers. 

   We’re always happy to walk you through the process.  More info about how to use Google eBooks with different types of eReaders can be found on our website. 

   How does the resell work with e-Google? (Meaning where do readers go to shop and how do they get it downloaded to their specific e-reader?)

   With Google eBooks, customers can purchase and download eBooks directly from the MBTB website. 

   In the bottom left-hand column of our website there’s a box that allows customers to search or browse for eBooks that are available from us. 

   Google eBooks work with just about any kind of eReader and we have the instructions for each type of reader linked on the website.  http://www.murderbooks.com/gbook/help

   I know most of our suspense readers would love to browse in your store or buy from you online. But they also enjoy other genres (ex., historical romance.) Is that something they could still buy from you?

   One of the wonderful things about our partnership with the ABA and Google eBooks is that any book that is available as a Google eBook is available for purchase from our store.  It doesn’t have to be a mystery. 

   We’re also always willing to order any book (regardless of genre) for our in-store customers.  We may require prepayment if it’s not something we would stock on the shelves, and we can usually get it within a week. 

   How is the American Booksellers Association (ABA) helping indie bookstores like MBTB?

   The ABA has helped us out immensely.  Without the help of the ABA it would be almost impossible for small stores like us to get into the eBook game.  They’ve set up all the infrastructure that allows us to be able to compete in the eBook business. 

   Without their help, we would have had to find a reseller and develop a high maintenance website that would allow us to deliver the books to customers.  Thanks to the ABA, we’re able to focus on selling books and not the logistics of being able to do so. 

   Tell us about your idea to Skype during book signings.

   We’ve done several Skype events this year.  Our first was with Alan Bradley, the author of the Flavia de Luce mysteries.  Bradley lives in Malta, so a tour wasn’t possible at the time.  It was wonderful to welcome him into the store even if it was just through a webcam. 

   Our most successful Skype event was with Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.  We had Preston in the store, and Child was able to join via Skype.  Since Child doesn’t travel, it was a unique opportunity for fans to see them together. 

   When possible, we’ve also tried to arrange for signed copies of the author’s book when we’re hosting them for a Skype event. 

   Do you have e-book signings?

   We haven’t started doing eBook signings yet.  Realistically, the profit margin on eBooks is so low that it would be tough for us to sell enough eBooks at a signing to warrant the additional cost of staying open and staffing the store.  It’s not something that we’re ruling out, but not something we’re actively pursuing right now. 

   Tell us why buying novels (either hardcopy or electronically) from MBTB and other indie bookstores is more customer-oriented than large brick and mortar chains or online sites?

   We spend a lot of time getting to know what we have in the store.  It doesn’t stop when we go home for the night.We’re still reading new releases or discovering old gems that might have slipped by us. 

   While we might not have read every book in the store, we can usually offer some insight about most titles, whether it’s from trade reviews or other customer feedback. 

   Each staff member has their own “Staff Picks” shelf, and the remaining shelves in the bookstore are filled with handwritten recommendations.  We really strive to get the right book into the hands of a reader that will love it. 

   We also host a variety of events in the store.  We have a series of luncheon events and have hosted authors like Lee Child, Charlaine Harris, Michael Connelly, and Anne Perry.  The luncheons offer a more intimate feeling than our regular events at the store. 

   We host evening events at the store for a wide range of authors from established bestsellers to debut authors just starting out. 

   We also have two books groups that meet here in the store. 

   In addition to author events, we also host Murder By The Book Recommends events where the staff talks about their favorite recent reads. 

   Earlier this year we hosted an eBook open house where we encouraged customers to bring in their eReaders and we would walk them through the steps of purchasing eBooks from us.

   Basically our goal is to provide an experience, whether it’s meeting your favorite author or discovering someone who could become your favorite author.  That’s missing when you’re just ordering a book from a website. 

   Whew! That’s really creative! Online sites have discounts and specials. Tell us how you fight that?

   We have several promotions that we run throughout the year.  We typically have a used book sale during the summer and the last week of the year. 

   In recent years, we just started offering gift bundles.  We take some of our favorite books from the past year and create gift sets to satisfy any type of reading tastes.  We try to pick lesser known titles that people might not have picked up on their own. 

   Last year some of our giftsets had themes like Private Eyes Are Watching You, Southern Gothic Gems, Supernatural Cozies, Excellent Espionage, Southern Humor, and more.  We love helping pick out books for gifts!

   Can a reader download an e-book from you if they do not have a Kindle/Nook?

   They can.  If you still want to read eBooks or eOriginal short stories but don’t want to invest in an eReader, there is a program called Adobe Digital Editions that allows you to open and read eBooks on your desktop.  The program is free and can be downloaded here: http://www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions/devices/

   Who’s the most amazing author to have held a book signing and why?

   It’s so hard to pick a favorite.  We hosted over 200 authors in 2011.  Our biggest surprise lately was being able to host Anne Rice in the store.  Her publisher was extending her tour and we were thrilled to be one of the stores that was asked to host her. 

   We had over 500 people in the store over the course of the evening and had such a great time!

   Huge events like that are always fun because everyone is so excited about being here.  It’s impossible not to have a good time when you’re surrounded by that many people who can’t wait to meet an author that has meant so much to them. 

   A huge percentage of your clients are in other states and countries. Why is that, given that there are certainly bookstores in those places?

   A large part of it is because of the signed books that we’re able to offer.  With so many authors visiting the store, we offer a chance for customers to order signed books from us.  We can get them inscribed. 

   As long as a copy of the author’s newest book is purchased from us, we even allow people to send in other books by an author to get them signed as well. 

   What question should I have asked that you want readers to know?

   People always want to know how our in-store signings work.  For large events, (famous author names) we give out first-come-first-serve line numbers with the purchase of the author’s newest book.  (The line numbers become available the day the book goes on sale.)  And the number you get is your actual place in line after the author-talk and Q&As, when the actual book signing begins.

   The talks are always free to attend, but to get anything signed the author’s newest book has to be purchased from us. 

   We’ve got a complete listing of our signing policies on our website.  http://www.murderbooks.com/signing-policies

   Well America, summer is here and books abound! Why not take a chance on an Indie Bookstore and electronically download some great reads for the same prices as the giant e-sites? Permission given to pass the blog interview or information to everyone in your social network. Let’s get the word out and do our part to help the cozy ma & pa underdogs!

Receive a $25 gift card to Murder By The Book, to use in-store or electronically!

Simply leave a question or comment for John anytime today and you’re automatically in the our Kiss and Thrill drawing. The lucky winner’s name will be posted on Thursday, May 31st, so check back!

Visit John and the rest of the MBTB staff at www.murderbooks.com

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About Sarah Andre

Romantic Suspense That Keeps You Up All Night! I live in sunny FL, love daydreaming, reading and chocolate. I write in the wee hours of the morning before my helpless hubby and 2 male Pomeranian pups awaken with their demands. :) My debut LOCKED, LOADED and LYING is available now.

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  1. Thanks for being here today, John!
    Who are your top 3 fav authors and have you met them at the book signings?

  2. MBTB was the *first* bookstore I found when I moved to Houston way back in 1982, and it was always a dangerous place for me to go unsupervised..:)

    This Sunday, June 3, I’ll be signing there with Raymond Benson, author of The Black Stiletto and the 007 continuation novels.

    Talk about full circle…:)

  3. It’s great to see an indie bookstore that’s find a way to not only survive, but thrive. Great interview, Sarah, and John, thanks for joining us today! Hopefully one of these days I’ll be able to check out MBTB in person.

  4. Gwen when that day comes, I’ll warn you of two things: 1) you’ll lose your heart to the store in the first 17 seconds…:) and 2) leave your wallet IN you car! (laughing)

    • He may be laughing, but he’s kind of not kidding, especially when you come across old books/authors we all read and loved years ago: like Victoria Holt and Phyllis A Whitney.

  5. Agreed, Sarah! It was thanks to MBTB I finally completed the entire series of The Saint by Leslie Charteris, after starting when I was 11 or so. The Collector’s Section is especially dangerous…:)

  6. Great interview. Love MBTB!! It’s just a couple blocks from my house so I consider it a neighborhood gem. And the signings are wonderful! Great authors and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere!

    • Thanks for commenting, Lark! Even out-of-town people will benefit–just email your book/author questions. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and generous with their time.

  7. I absolutely love this store. Went for Kim Harrison signing last year and feel in love!!!

    Now I go whenever I’m down that way.


    • Thanks for stopping by, Ashley (love your profile name!) The surprise to me when I heard about their ebook abilities is that now I don’t need to be there in person to take advantage of what they offer. The sheer number of authors (even out of print books) boggles the mind.

      I hope more Indie bookstores are changing how they do business!

    • Thanks Ashley! Kim is one of my favorites too, and I was thrilled to get her for that joint event. We’ve got a lot of really great paranormal events coming up this summer and fall as well!

  8. I’ve never been to Houston, but now I can’t wait to go! Great interview, Sarah and I loved hearing about your store, John. I wish I had something closer than a boarded up Borders and an understocked B&N. I really miss independent bookstores.

  9. Hi Sharon!
    We’re lucky, there are about 4 active Indie bookstores that I know of in Houston, but this is also the 4th largest city, so the number is paltry all things considered. Thanks for stopping by!

  10. John, I absolutely love the gift bundles idea! What a great idea! Are the gift sets listed on the MBTB website? What are your thoughts on adding Print on Demand technology?

    Here in DC we’re so lucky to have Politics & Prose. Another of my favorites is RT Julia’s in Madison, CT. I think the indies have a very important niche to fill for people who want to read beyond the bestsellers lists.

    Great interview, Sarah. I’m bookmarking MBTB!

    • Hi Krista, we typically do the gift bundles around the holiday season and the end of the year and we do plan on having them all listed on our website this year.

      We’re watching the POD technology closely. At this point, we’re not sure if the cost of the start-up would be worth the investment, but it’s definitely something we’re curious about.

      We’ve started to see publishers utilize POD more with backlist titles. It’s a great way for them to keep books in print without having to sit on a lot of inventory.

    • Thanks for your comments, Krista. I hope all the Kiss and Thrill hosts have an opportunity to sign their novels at MBTB…soon. 🙂

      • How about a Kiss and Thrill gift set? Wouldn’t that be awesome, Sarah?! Something to aim for 🙂

        • Rachel Grant

          LOL – that sounds great, Krista! 😀

          John, thanks for joining us. Living in the Pacific Northwest, I’m lucky to be able to make regular pilgrimages to Powell’s in Portland. If I’m ever in Houston, I know where I want to go! In the meantime I will enjoy exploring your website.

  11. John, does MBTB have plans to continue ebooks after Google pulls out? I understand that they will be doing their own selling instead of through the Indie bookstores.

    • In theory, the ABA (American Booksellers Association) is working towards finding another source for eBooks once Google pulls out. We were really disappointed in Google’s decision, but I’m confident that the ABA will find another solution for us.

  12. Do you have a favorite author that you’ve met?

    • That’s a tough question, because they’re all pretty wonderful. Meeting Louise Penny was definitely a highlight because she’s just as wonderful as you would expect her to be from her books. Meeting Anne Rice in March was a thrill because I’ve loved her books for so long, and she was so gracious.

      One of the things I never expected when I started working at the store was the friendships and relationships that I would build with the authors that visit.

  13. I’m thrilled to see an Indie bookstore working the e-book angle; the Pew Research Center study on ebooks found that about 25% of Americans now have e-readers, and it’s going up. We NEED Indies–the stewards of creativity–so figuring out how to deal with ebooks is critical. Thanks, MBTB (my favorite bookstore for decades)!

    • Thanks Rae!

      It’s been tricky, but I think we’re finding the right balance. We try to look at eBooks as a way to enhance what we’re selling in the store rather than replacing it. I think there’s definitely room in the world for both, and from my experience people like a mix of eBooks and physical books. We’re just trying to find a way for them to coexist and be beneficial for everyone.

  14. My wife and I have been ‘with’ MBTB for almost their entire exixtence, regardless of where we are!

  15. Sarah, I’m so thrilled to see your interview of a much deserved indie bookstore. Congratulations to MBTB for hanging on and reinventing itself to stay in the fight!

    I was dismayed to hear that there is so little profit on ebooks that it didn’t even warrant an author event. This kind of thing must change if bookstores, big or little, and publishers of any kind are going to stay in business. We will go back to the dark ages before Gutenberg if we don’t produce content to go with our new fangled e-press. Everyone thinks the format is the key, but distribution and creation are equally important.

    I also urge people to pay a little more for a book from an indie — although their books are usually the same price. I once was “invited” to go to a discount buying chain where you had to purchase a membership and then got things wholesale. I realized, there was no showroom, everything was purchased out of catalogues. I couldn’t touch, or feel the merchandise, there were no trained sales people to help answer my questions. That kind of service comes with a cost. I want someone to put out midlist authors as well as best sellers, I want a sales staff who can make recommendations that aren’t generated by contractual stuff I don’t know about behind the scenes. That is something I’m willing to pay for and I urge others to do the same.

  16. Hi, Krista-

    Yes, that’s me! I hope you enjoyed “Spider’s Tango”!

  17. So interesting to find out about the eBooks!

    I love Murder by the Book and can’t say enough about John. He is just the best. I’m so happy we met on Twitter. 🙂

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