Tara Janzen’s Crazy Fun World: Bad Boys, Hot Cars & Big Guns

Tara Janzen, New York Times bestselling author, is the creator of the acclaimed Steele Street series of romantic suspense novels about a hotshot crew of former juvenile delinquents and car thieves in Denver, Colorado who grow up to become one of the U.S.A.’s most elite black ops forces. The eleven book series begins with CRAZY HOT and CRAZY COOL and finishes up with LOOSE ENDS. Tara has won numerous awards for her writing, including a RITA from RWA, and nine 4 ½ TOP PICKS from Romantic Times magazine, with seven of the TOP PICKS awarded to the Steele Street series. Two of her books are on the Romantic Times ALL-TIME FAVORITES list:  RIVER OF EDEN and SHAMELESS. Tara is giving away an e-copy or print copy of the Steele Street thriller of your choice to one lucky commenter. Be sure to check back on Thursday for the winner.


A few years ago while browsing in Barnes & Noble, I discovered CRAZY HOT and proceeded to race through the Steele Street series as fast as a 1967 Pontiac GTO on a Saturday night at Midnight Doubles. So I’m sure you can imagine how excited I was when Tara accepted an invitation to join us on Kiss and Thrill to talk about her wild world of bad boys, hot cars, big guns, and crazy fun thrillers.

Welcome Tara! I love the role the cars—Jeanette the Jet, Roxanne, Corinna, Charlotte the Harlot, to mention a few—play in each of the Steele Street stories. Which came first, your passion for American muscle cars or the Steele Street series?

Tara:  Steele Street came first, but because of what I wanted the stories to be, the chop shop boys came already muscled up with their cars. There was no way to write the books without Jeanette and Corinna, and the mighty Roxanne. We all love American muscle, the roar and rumble of those iron beasts from the late 60’s and early 70’s, but I didn’t know much about them until I started writing the books. Then I fell in love. When I started writing CRAZY HOT, I was positive that a 1969 Camaro, Jeanette the Jet, was the ultimate dream car—until I met Angelina, Creed’s 1970 Chevelle SS 454 LS6, the toughest muscle car to ever come out of Detroit. I’m still in love with her.

Krista (pauses to read from her copy of CRAZY WILD):

Angelina? Cody thought. Now the car had a name? Well, name or not, he was wrong. This car was not going to—Oh, sweet Jesus. The car started. No, that wasn’t right. The car came alive, the whole thing, all at once, from the floorboards to the roof. It turned over, lifted its head, and roared. She could feel the rumble of the engine shimmying through the passenger seat and up her spine, and when Creed pumped the gas, the chassis rocked.

Then asks: What inspired you to give the cars names?

Tara: I had seen a movie that I loved – Gone in Sixty Seconds and it featured a Shelby Mustang named Eleanor.

Krista: Is that Charlotte the Harlot with you in the photo above?

Tara: Nope. Charlotte is a 1968 Shelby Mustang Cobra GT-500KR (stands for “King of the Road” 🙂 ) and I had my picture taken with a 1969 Mustang GT CJ 428—be still my beating heart if I ever get “cheek to cheek” with a Shelby Cobra!

Krista: Do you own your dream car? Does it have a name?

Tara: My dream car is Angelina, the Chevelle SS 454, and no, I don’t own anything like her—darn! For practical purposes, I like something easy to drive with either All Wheel Drive or 4WD and room in the back, and I’ve never named a single car I’ve owned.

Krista: What is it about the street racing culture that appeals to you? Have you ever raced?

Tara: This may not be what you expect, but what really turns me on about the street racing culture is the mechanical ability of the people who build and tweak the cars. I am so mechanically inept, I tend to be super-dazzled by mechanical skills. And about my own “racing.” Well, I do drive a Subaru Impreza WRX that drives like a dream at 120 mph, handles beautifully. In my own defense (which I’ve only sold a cop on once!) from where I live in the middle of nowhere, it’s not unknown to drive for forty minutes without seeing another car. That stretch of road is my own “Midnight Doubles” drag strip.

Krista: DC has the worst traffic in the nation so even ten minutes of driving without seeing another car sounds like nirvana to me, especially if I could do it in my dream car: a 1968 BMW 2002 aka Whispering Bomb…The Steele Street chop shop boys and their kick-ass women pack some pretty impressive weaponry. Have you ever fired any of the weapons they use? How’s your aim?

Tara: Oh, yeah, and dead-on 🙂  I’d never even seen a handgun, except in the movies and on TV, until I started researching the CRAZY books. Now I own Kid’s rifle, a Remington 700 .308 with an amazing Schmidt und Bender 4-16×50 PMII Klein scope that helps me hit a 10 inch circle at 1000 yards (that’s ten football fields – me at one end with my amazing rifle and my dope book, and a 10 inch circle at the other). I also have Skeeter and Red Dog’s shotgun, plus a 20 gauge, three semi-auto pistols, one each in .45 (Dylan’s pistol), .40, and my new baby, the Springfield XDM 9 mm, and three revolvers, a pair of dead-on Colt “six-shooters,” and a Ruger .38 Special. I’ve also had the opportunity to shoot a .50 caliber sniper rifle—totally awesome, and a few AR-15s—which the guys and girls at Steele Street own in abundance.

Krista: Yowzer! Even clay pigeons are safe from me. You’ve created an amazing home for the Special Defense Force operatives at 738 Steele Street: gothic freight elevator on the side of the building, multi-story indoor rainforest, granite lap pool in the basement, firing range on the armory floor. What real-life structures influenced your vision of their urban fortress?

Tara: There’s an alley in Denver between Wynkoop and Wazee, on 17th Street, across from the Oxford Hotel (featured in LOOSE AND EASY), where I always imagine the Steele Street garage. I love that corner and the whole area called LoDo, the historical district. So the whole district influenced my vision of Steele Street.  The rail yards are down there and the baseball stadium, and it’s not too far to a lot of industrial neighborhoods. Every time I wrote another Steele Street book, I learned something new about the building.  Every character opened different doors, and the readers and I got to peek inside.

Krista: Do you have a favorite chop shop boy?

Tara: You know I love them all 🙂  But there were three that really became the heart and soul of the stories for me – Christian Hawkins, Superman, he’s the heart of SDF.  J.T. Chronopolous, hands down he is the soul resonating through all the stories, and Creed Rivera – so flesh and blood, the purest heart (for all his bad boy deeds), the moral compass of the team.

Krista: In addition to bad boys, wild women and hot cars, you’ve written some memorable secondary characters. (CRAZY COOL’s Alex Zheng, the double espresso-drinking, Prada-wearing, former cop with a black belt in tae kwon do, is one of my favorites.) Which quirky secondary character was the most fun to write?

Tara: Alex was great fun to write, and so was Cherie Hacker, the geekazoid. And I loved Scout.  All the bad guys were fun to write, even though I felt like Franklin Bleak from LOOSE AND EASY really took me for a ride, and I have to admit that Dovey Smollet, the dumb bad guy in that book, was another one who was great fun to write.

Krista: LOOSE ENDS is on Amazon’s list of Top Ten Romances of 2011. Congratulations! How did it feel writing “The End” for the final book in the Steele Street series?

Tara: Thanks! The vitally important thing for me while writing LOOSE ENDS was that the book be great. I didn’t want the series to end poorly, with just a “let’s wrap it up” mentality.  I felt I owed it to J.T. to give him a great story, to not slack off, but to really look for what happened and tell it to the very best of my ability. It has been immensely gratifying to have gotten the response to the book that I have—that the ending left readers feeling satisfied, that all was well, that they’d gotten the whole story.

Krista: Count me as another satisfied reader. I loved the emotional resolution you wove for this “band of brothers.” Looking back from LOOSE ENDS to CRAZY HOT, which characters surprised you by taking the series storyline in unexpected directions?

Tara: Well, again, that’s J.T. and how he shaped everything from CRAZY HOT to LOOSE ENDS without even being on the page until BREAKING LOOSE, except for the flash back in CUTTING LOOSE—that was very very poignant for me to actually “see” him. And then there’s Zach Prade. Alejandro Campos surprised even me when I realized he was the long lost chop shop boy Zachary Prade.

Krista: What was on your playlist when writing LOOSE ENDS?

Tara: I’m in the process of having my website revamped and updated, and I’ll get all the playlists up to date, but for LOOSE ENDS, it all started with Dylan in Chapter One, and the song was Knocking on Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan. That really set the mood for what was about to unfold.  For Jane, her song was Second Chance by .38 Special, and for J.T., his song was Extreme Ways by Moby.

Krista: What’s on your playlist now?

Tara: Yikes! What a confession you’re pulling out of me! It’s a heavy song, Bartholomew by The Silent Comedy and a little Patsy Cline, Chris LeDoux, and Concrete Blonde.

Krista: What’s sitting in your TBR pile taunting you to make time to read it?

Tara: A book about the western hemisphere before Columbus came calling, titled 1491, and the rest of SEAL of My Dreams. I haven’t finished all the stories in there yet.

Krista: I recently read that SEAL of My Dreams raised $46,000 in the first month of publication for the Veterans Medical Research Foundation—Wow! Tell us a bit about how you how you got involved in the project. Does the short story you wrote—PANAMA JACK—tie in to the Steele Street series?

Tara: PANAMA JACK was so much fun to write, and the cause is one so dear to my heart, so when we found out how much SEAL earned in just one month, the authors were elated!!  I got into the SEAL book via my good friend Cindy Gerard who was involved pretty early on. When she found out they still had room for one more writer, she contacted me. Thank you, Cindy!!

PANAMA JACK does have a tie-in to Steele Street. The hero of the story, Jack Corday, is a SEAL friend of J.T.’s.

Krista: Will we be seeing more short stories/novellas from you in the future?

Tara: I’m definitely planning on writing more short stories, especially a collection for the Steele Street crew titled CRAZY HEARTS.  I hope to have the book out in e-format by the end of the year.

Krista makes a note to pre-order: What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Tara: I go out to the gun range at least once a week to kick around in the dirt and throw lead downrange with my buddies.  I love going to the movies, and I cook a lot. I also spend a lot of time running around with my kids, even though they’re in their early twenties, and my husband and I both love to travel, especially to Europe.

Krista: Tell us about one of your guilty pleasures.

Tara: Ammo. I reload for my XD .40, but I’m shelling out $$$ cash for all the other “toys.” And going out to breakfast. I am the “Going Out To Breakfast” Queen, even though it’s usually lunch when I get there. I have a list of favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurants a mile long.

Krista: Ammo! LOL! I was expecting mango mousse filled cupcakes with pineapple cream cheese frosting 😉 Any New Year’s resolutions you’d like to share with us?

Tara: Resolution #1:  Get all my Loveswept romances online as e-books by the end of February.  So far I’ve got AVENGING ANGEL and DATELINE: KYDD AND RIOS up on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. I should have the first six up by the end of January, and then seven more by the end of February. I’m hoping to have the web site revamped by then to showcase the hot new covers on the books.


Resolution #2:  Get organized!!! It’s the same every year, and I have never managed it. My daughter cleans my office and gets everything ship-shape after every book, and I have the place in shambles again inside of a month. She knows more about where stuff goes than I do.

Krista: Excellent resolutions! Be sure to check out Tara’s website at TaraJanzen.com. Any other good news to share with your readers?

Tara: I received some great news this week. I’ve just gotten the rights back to RIVER OF EDEN, an adventure/romance on the Amazon River called by Romantic Times “One of THE most breathtaking and phenomenal adventure tales to come along in years!”  I’m very excited to be getting that book ready for its new e-book release. I’ve got new material for the book that wasn’t in the original publication, and I think readers are going to love getting to know Will Travers and Annie Parrish a little bit better. For any readers who fell in love with the Steele Street crew in the CRAZY/LOOSE books, RIVER OF EDEN will be fabulous fun.

Krista: High praise indeed for RIVER OF EDEN. I’ll be looking forward to adding that title and your other re-releases to my Kindle library! Thanks for joining us today, Tara!

Tara is giving away an e-copy or print copy of the Steele Street thriller of your choice to one lucky commenter so tell us about your favorite CRAZY/LOOSE characters, dream cars, weapons, songs for chop shop boys, or any burning gotta-know questions for Tara. What’s on your mind?

Be sure to visit us on Thursday to find out if you’re the winner!

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Author of RWA Golden Heart ® Award for BROKEN PLACES

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  1. Krista- Great interview and fabulous title! You had me at BAD BOYS, HOT CARS!

    Tara, welcome and I am absolutely entranced with your coolness! I did not know this series was out there but (as a certified chick-in-a-mid-life-crisis) I will be buying and zipping my way thru the Steele Street series asap. I enjoyed ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ too, but the ‘Fast and the Furious’ is what changed my opinion of hot rods, speed demons, road races and how they connect with their cars. (Paul Walker…sigh.)

    Have you heard of World Class Driving? My husband got me the ‘experience’ as a present last year. WCD travels all over the US and in Feb ’11 were in north Houston. The experience is 3 hours driving 5 exotics on the back country roads of Hempstead, TX. Audi R8, Ferrari 599, Lamborghini Superleggara, Jag XKR and a Bentley 500 Convertible! (Pics in my FB Album.)

    The Ferrari 599 was such a Beast the only way they would let you drive it was if a former Indy 500 racer was in the passenger seat instructing you. (In the others my husband was the passenger, and a quiet one at that, although I’m sure he needed Pepto when we got home!) Anyway- the Ferrari instructor’s the one who pushed me to scream down the road at 130mph, a thrill I will never forget!

    http://www.worldclassdriving.com Cannot recommend it enough, especially for you! Thrilled to have met you and CAN’T WAIT to sink my mid-life crisis into your novels!

  2. Tara, what’s a dope book?

  3. Tara, thank you so much for joining us! Your books sound like a fun ride – I can’t wait to dive in. Do yo recommend starting with the Steele Street series, or one of your other titles? RIVER OF EDEN sounds very tempting…

  4. Hey Miss Tara. Great to see you here at Kiss and Thrill. I’m so glad to hear you’re stepping up your time table of getting your Loveswepts up and available as e-books. I know that all your readers and going to LOVE these books. That’s how I fell in love with Tara’s work … when I read he Loveswepts. Amazing!

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Cindy! Reading Tara’s e-books will be a great start to the New Year!

  6. Brenda Evanetich

    Tara- being from Denver myself, that gives me another link to your books, which I absolutely love. I’m curious about the “hole in the wall” restaurants you mention. Would you like to share the names of any?

  7. I have to confess that Tara created my favorite character ever! Superman is the man of my dreams! I have shared all the Steele Street books with all the women I know and we all have our favorite guy, but Christian Hawkins remains #1 in my heart! Congratulations on all your success!

  8. Twitter Question of the Day

    What do @tara_janzen and #NavySeal snipers have in common?

    A. Dead-on aim
    B. Ammo is guilty pleasure
    C. Serious appreciation for a hearty breakfast
    D. All of the above

    And the answer is….

  9. Ooh another series to get into. Can’t wait. Is it necessary to read in order? Out to get the first few books. Can’t wait.

    • Welcome to K&T, Jennifer! IMHO I’d recommend starting with the Crazy titles for the backstory that continues through the series, even though each book can stand on it’s own. Happy reading!

  10. Wow, how have I missed this series? It wasn’t until I read (and loved) Panama Jack in SEAL of My Dreams that Steele Street made my radar.

    Thanks so much for joining us today, Tara! My latest dream car isn’t a classic, it’s a Fisker Karma. It’s an all-electric sports car that’s gorgeous.

    Tyson’s Galleria mall has the Karma, a Lamborghini Aventador, a Maserati, and a Ferrari on display right now. I was drooling over them on Sunday. Even took pictures like a total goofball. 😉

    Sarah: Fabulous interview. Such great questions! That WCD sounds like so much fun! BTW, the car show is going on at the DC convention center through Sunday.

  11. Tara, I LOVE your Steele Street series and I can’t wait to read River of Eden. Now all I have to do is steal my daughter’s e-reader. I really enjoyed the interview and Krista–you asked great questions!

  12. Wow, I have never heard of this before and followed the post on Twitter to discover you. Fantastic!

  13. Ahh, Krista – the Whispering Bomb 🙂 What a perfect name for a perfect car – you like the luxury models 🙂 and there I am, lusting after old iron with bad suspension! And Sarah, World Class Driving sounds like a blast! A scary blast 🙂 I drove my brother’s Corvette once, and the whole time, I felt like that car was actually driving me. It was hard to handle, took a strong grip on the wheel and a soft touch on the pedals!

    • Hi Tara, it’s not so much the luxury part–the 2002 just looks like a car that would make you feel happy driving it. In my fantasy world, there are skiis strapped to the roof of my red 2002 and I’m heading up to Tahoe for some spring skiing! So much fun!

  14. Welcome Tara MacQueen! great name! and Hello Jennifer – to answer your question – it is better to read the Steele Street Series in order, especially to watch the characters unfold and get full emotional impact of the ending!! But, lots of people have written me to say they started somewhere in the middle and then went back to fill it all in, and had a wonderful time reading the books. Since all the books are now written and published, there’s no waiting for the next book anymore – which I love!

  15. Oh man, Those chop shop boys are all so smokin’ hot! I love every single book! I think Tara Janzen must be a genius! I will buy everything with her name on it! Now, I love all the boys but Dylan Hart is my main squeeze. Him and Baby Bang….sigh! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these books!

    • Hi Johanna. I agree with you–Tara dreamed up so many great heroes to love. It’s hard to pick a favorite.

      And then there are the villains…Randolph Lancaster and MNK-1 in LOOSE ENDS really reminded me of Victor Frankenstein and his monster. Tara, were you channeling Mary Shelley?

  16. The Dope Book question – well, Krista, I’m looking right at mine, and yes, Sarah, it is very cool 🙂 but it’s also verrrrry technical – pages of charts for relative humidity corrections, and range corrections and initial velocity corrections, and pressure and temperature corrections – all so you can hit your target at long distances. I have a handheld weather station that lets me check all these things and the wind, and make a bunch of calculations, so that when I dial everything into my scope, I can hit the targe exactly where I want to hit it – exactly – even at 1000 yards. i think these range books were called Dope Books back in WWII, and the name stuck.

  17. Tara,
    We really appreciate this wonderful, and FUN interview (Great job, Krista)! Thank you so much for being with us today. I will admit, I don’t know a thing about muscle cars, and this has revved up my interest. Going to start with the Steele Street series. Can’t wait to read my first!

  18. Hi Carey – Oh, you’re in for a good time 🙂 and I wouldn’t be at all suprised if you didn’t end up loving all those American muscle cars from the late 60’s! And YES, Krista, I did actually start to feel that Mary Shelley vibe about halfway through the book – when I realized how fixated “Monk” was on Lancaster.

  19. And now for the drumroll for Brenda’s question 🙂 my favorite “Hole-in-the-Wall” restaurants in northern Colorado: Vern’s (love it! lots of taxidermied animals hanging on the walls, great food, great price, and the world’s best coffee, barring Sant ‘ Eustachio il caffe in Rome), The Silver Grill, Dillard’s in Galeton 🙂 fabulous pie and coffee, The Hereford Bar and Grill for pizza or a grilled cheese or just whenever you’re desperate to get off the north forty.

    • I think I’ve heard of Vern’s, but that’s the only one. Now I have some new places to try! Thanks! If you are ever in Westminster for lunch or dinner, try Los Arcos for some great Mexican food, and Amici’s for Italian.

  20. Hmmmm, I know I took Cindy Gerard to the Silver Grill, but I think I took her over to Vern’s, too!

  21. Love these books! My favorite character is Skeeter Bang! Can’t wait for a new book!

  22. I love all the guys but still hold a special place in my heart for Quinn – the most overlooked hero in the series!

    Of course then Cougar – uh, Smith – is the other one I’d not kick out of bed. He and Honey together are just too funny!

    • Hi Sonya, welcome to K&T! I think you’re right about Quinn–it’s hard to be first in a series of 11 books. What a great reason to go back and re-read CRAZY HOT!

      Here’s a refresher: “He was unmistakable, his eyes dark green and deep set beneath black lashes and the straight dark lines of his eyebrows. His hair was longer than on the framed Newsweek cover…but it was him, Quinn Younger.”

  23. Tara, I love your Steele Street series! But if I were forced to pick a favorite it would be…Kid Chaos. Tough to be JT’s younger brother but he does all right 😉

    Here’s to bad boys, hot cars, and big guns!

  24. Had to run into town, ladies, and it’s 100 miles roundtrip, but am back now and…ohmigoodness Brenda, be forewarned, those favorite Hole-in-the-wall restaurants probably don’t match up to Los Arcos or Amici’s – but I do love them and eat at Vern’s every week, Hereford is a once every few months, literally when we haven’t been into town for awhile – the food is not what you’d drive 100 miles to get11

  25. And about the best bad boy 🙂 Tasha and Superman – when Kid went to see him in CRAZY HOT to ask about Nikki helping him find his feminine mystique – well, when Hawkins said “Let her.” that’s when I fell in love 🙂 Karyn and Kid – oh, wow, I love Kid so much, I bought his rifle 🙂 Trust me, Karyn, there really is something especially cool about a sniper! Johanna and Dylan – he was the sleeper, so self-contained that he really was hard to get to know. I really knew who he was in CRAZY SWEET when I figured out what being the BOSS of the SDF team really meant – and make no mistake, he is the Big Boss – which really came through in LOOSE ENDS. and Sonja and Quinn – I always figured Reagan really swept him away for awhile, before he came back into the fold in LOOSE ENDS, and for the record, C, Smith Rydell “Cougar” is based on a for real guy 🙂

  26. http://sealofmydreams.com/wordpress/
    Just want to mention the fabulous SEAL OF MY DREAMS anthology. I wrote “Panama Jack” and 17 other wonderful romantic suspense authors wrote stories all to raise money for Veteran’s Medical Research. In November, we were able to donate $46,000 to this vitally important cause – and the stories rock! So go and get a copy and help our soldiers while you’re reading a great book!

  27. What a wonderful interview! While I loved every single Steele Street story, I absolutely hated to see the series come to an end. Do you have another series in the works, once you get your earlier works set up as e-books? Thanks for providing so many great hours of reading.

  28. Hi Karen – YES! As soon as I get all the Loveswepts up, I’m going to return to Steele Street. CRAZY HEARTS will be an ebook, and I’ll definitely post more as I have information. I’ve also started a new book that isn’t part of Steele Street. I’m revamping my website, and will have more info on the new book there.

    Also, for Rachel, hmmmm, start with Steele Street or River of Eden – I’d suggest Steele Street, only because when I release River of Eden myself, I’ll be adding new material that I think readers will love. This story has always entranced me, and I’m really looking forward to putting in the extras!

  29. Oh my goodness, what a great interview Tara and Krista!

    I, too, love cars and told one of my friends that if I ever sell big the first thing on my wish list (after paying the bills) was one of those defensive driving classes that teaches you how to swerve into a tight parking spot out of a tail spin.

    Well, I can dream, can’t i?

    In fact, one of my favorite cars is on my website — the Benz S600 Guard. Now that’s one sexy promo — check it out (http://www.dianabelchase.com/links-a-fun-stuff)

    Sarah, that car course sounds like a hoot and a half. Can’t wait to read the next books in the series, Tara.

    Hugs, and thanks so much for coming,
    Diana Belchase

  30. What a great interview. I have never read any of these books but after reading this I am going to start the series. They sound like a lot of fun to read.

    • Hi doubleaa45 🙂 I’m grinning because I’ve gotten sooooo much mail saying all sorts of things aren’t getting done around house, because of the chop shop boys at Steele Street – the laundry piling up, everybody living on macaroni and cheese, and the kids running wild! Of course, I love this 🙂 Hope you love the books!

      And thanks, Diana! I had a great time here 🙂

  31. Thanks to the speed of my kindle I have already downloaded the first book. The problem is I have things I need to do this afternoon but now am finding myself pulling out my kindle every chance I have to read a little more. I hope I will have the will power to go to sleep tonight and not continue to read through the night.

    Thanks for introducing me to this series. Well when my family has no food and the kids are wearing summer dresses to school in the middle of winter because I am only reading, I may take the thanks back 🙂

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